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  1. What's granting teleport? I thought only the deceiver could teleport a hero? Or we talking grinder teams to 9" away? That doesn't really help the warpfire. I guess I'm missing it, what makes the batallion so good?
  2. Demons get bonuses for having units of 30? I like bloodreavers and plaguebeaters. Bloodreavers have several ways to give them lots of attacks AND make them immune to battleshock, and you can't beat that many bodies with rend for such a low cost. Plaguebearers are great for sitting on points iwth build in feel no pain and -1 against shooting.
  3. He seems pretty good. Nice shooting attack and sources of mortal wounds. Has a bit of random chance mixed in. Comes in at 200 points while heavily resembling the Chimera that comes in at 240 points. https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/PDF/fw_warscrolls/aos-warscroll-warpfire-dragon.pdf
  4. I'm having the same issue. Currently, I'm gearing up with units that do mortal wounds from range to take out their heroes turn 1. I feel that once the heroes that grant the "feel no pain" fall, the rest of the cards crumble. Currently getting the foulrain formation, a hellcannon, and stormfiends up and going to try against Death. Death has little range to answer this as well.
  5. Bronouns

    2000 Points Nurgle

    I've only played a handful of games, but it's been my experience that the tallyband isn't as good as it looks on paper. Mainly this is due to the possibility of the opponent potentially having back to back turns and denying all of your healing
  6. When should the best chaos shooting units be used? Can they be splashed into other chaos melee/synergy armies to give a bit of a ranged punch?
  7. Plaguebearers seem very nice and resilient as far as battleline goes. Flies, Feel no pain, and high bravery. Blightkings are nice elite infantry. Throw in some good shooting from other places or the foulrain to take out problematic heroes on the backlines. SO what makes The Glottkin bad? Too expensive? Too Squishy?
  8. Khorne just seems so fragile, maybe I'm missing something. What synergies are Skaven using, or are they just good in general?
  9. Nice collection, it looks like your jezzails are converted? I"m pretty sure I converted mine very close to the same manner as yours. Surprised at how big the pit abomination is. I assumed he would be smaller.
  10. Sayl is legacy? Thought he was just Forgeworld. Yeah, i think sayl plus stormfiends is sort of like Thanquol plus deceiver at a fraction of the points. Maybe there's something in skaven that can make them run and shoot? That would eliminate the need for Sayl.
  11. That's sort of what i'm getting at with "undivided" or "good stuff". I don't feel that doing foulrain with epidemus in the hellcannon/stormfiend slot packs as much of a punch. But yes, it is more synergy. I'll call it "good stuff" going forward as I had forgotten that "undivided" had fluff connotations. As for the burrowing to 9" away, I want to be able to shoot something my first turn with fiends and their range is 8. Also the burrower to me means one less guy that can shoot. Is an alpha strike not that important in AOS? I do realize that I remove them from any screen options if I throw them across the board.
  12. I'm looking to build on the models I have and create the best "undivided good stuff" chaos list for the points. My collection includes pretty much all the demons I could want, all the heroes from rotbringers, 3x khorne from starter, several conversions including a hellcannon, and a smattering or rats. 4x Plaguebearers 2x Blightkings 1x hellcannon 1x sayl the faithless 3x stormfiends with warpfire projectors 1x the glottkin The idea with Sayl is to put the stormfiends in range, and throw the slow moving nurgle guys around. Alternatively the StD sorc would be good with the hellcannon. I'm worried I have a low model count here for book missions, but seemingly some good staying power?
  13. Do skaven have superior melee to say daemons or StD? If not afraid of mixing is it generally better to.combine skaven shooting with other chaos? Or do skaven stand alone better? That bravery worries me.
  14. Are these guys worth their points with and/or without the harbinger of decay? They look great on paper, but I seem to people prefer the putrid blightkings. The major pros being movement and resilience. I see the cons as mainly the cost and unit number for holding objectives. What had been your experience?
  15. Hmm, I suppose I was cross referencing these two pages, and looking at the top Chaos players who aren't exactly mono-khorne http://www.warscore.net/event/293/view.html http://www.heelanhammer.com/SCGTdownloads/SCGT16Lists.pdf Is mono-khorne really the only way to go and all other Chaos sucks post handbook? I'm just not a fan of the bloodbound playstyle or aesthetics. Nor do I own Wrathmongers/Slaughterpriests.
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