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  1. If youre going for not-squishy Horrors are much more durable than the S2D models; assuming you have a Daemon hero to provide Locus and Inspiring Presence. Ungors are an ok alternative but you'd be going for a different kind of durability. Just absolutely flooding the board with them an maneuvering them so that your opponent can only kill so many units per turn.
  2. I think the problem with shooting seems to be more about powerful shooting combined with movement shenenigans, and just that some armies have no way to deal with that. The game, without any shooting, would just be melee death stars vs melee deathstars. Also there is value to internal imbalance, in that it allows you to handicap yourself against people beginning to collect an army or just starting out the game fresh.
  3. No they aren't.Anything on 25mil instantly blows them out of the water on actual tabletop performance. Thats a problem with 32mils in general. Offensive units on 32mils are hideously difficult to balance.
  4. Tuskgor Chariots are actually quite tiny
  5. Horrors are only a "loss" of 420 points max. You gotta pay your battleline tax and your cheapest options is Screamers. Honestly you can get away with only 1 unit of Horrors, especially in casual games.
  6. Ok, I guess I have no idea of what your concept of a general purpose unit is. Do you have an example for me? If having an asset like durability disqualifies it, they don't sound useful at all to me. Im judging Horrors as an aggregate of how they perform throughout AoS' history. Before the most recent incarnation of them they could not anvil because their Splits formed a distinct unit. You could use them fpr just about anything based on what spells you could give them.
  7. One of them is LoC which is probably not worth his points if you aren't going Daemon heavy. Another is Kairos who can't get put into a battalion. The third is Curseling who can't be put into a battalion and also has a much lower footprint. All of them are less durable point-for-point than Karics. And we actually know PRECISELY what to do with those specific unbinds; that is to use DDs to steal or reflect spells when strategically valuable. We get a lot fewer unbinds in an Arcanite list, maybe 6, all on like the most fragile heroes point for point, in a meta where there is absolutely no problem
  8. I'm pretty sure that GW is getting rid of hoard discounts across the board. Also Kairic Acolytes are hyper specialized. They are antimagic bartleline. They deny or punish spellcasting with a ridiculously massive footprint. Which is really useful as long as your opponent is running at least one wizard since we need to use 2 DD to unbind now. Part of the reason they are costed oddly is that Horrors give us options for hyper efficient wound count. They also get some of their cost back through FP generation. If they even contribute 1 FP point to summoning something that's nearly an 8 point di
  9. Him losing access to mortals because he's campaigning against Archaon is asinine both mechanically and narratively. I think he's most likely going to be an updated warscroll an nothing more. If I were a betting man I'd wager him spearheading a new wave of S2D bartleline kits.
  10. Im really not. We got a bunch of models a few years back, Tzaangor units, Kairic Acolyte, new horrors, the Thaumaturge and a new Lord of Change kit. Slaanesh had huge gaps in their line and now they only have one more kit than we do, as far as the GW site is concerned. The only thing we "lack" is a flavored heavy mortal unit and a tradition cavalry unit that gets bonuses on the charge.
  11. Also, if you can find someone to buy the Rubric Marines off of you and you convert Ahriman into a Fatemaster, the Start Collecting Thousand Sons is a really good deal.
  12. If you want to lean hard into Kairic Acolytes you could run Pyrofane Cult as it really boosts their damage potential. You'd still probably want a Changecaster(Herald on Foot) as none of the Arcanites make good use out of the artifact you're forced to take. You can probably find one on ebay for really cheap. You can get him in the Start Collecting Darmons of Tzeentch box which is an EXCELLENT deal,(easily in the top 5 value kits from GW) unless you dont want to buy Daemons. Still probably a good buy just for Summoning stuff. But most games i just summon Screamers and you already have that. Alth
  13. Tzeentch is a pretty difficult army to get into cheaply because the value boxes come with models that can bring other models that aren't included with them into your game. But ill try to give some advice on them. Unless you ABSOLUTELY DON'T WANT the Lord of change; get the Battleforce box from around Christmas if you can find it, and a Fatemaster to support your Tzaangors(Ahriman from 40k with an Acolytes Shield and no gun is a popular Kitbash). Then you'll probably want some Chaos Spawn and either Pink Horrors or Furies to get the most out of your Magister and Gaunt Summoner respectively
  14. Horror spam in Hosts Duplicitous. Im pretty sure people only don't run it because of time constraints. Probably put in one MSU of screamers since we cant summon reliably against Teclis. People win games at tournaments with Ungor spam and its far worse. Although with new DoK it may become nonviable. Apparently they can wipe a horror blob fairly reliably.
  15. Hard disagree. You can bring whatever you want in a changehost list unless "what you want" is more than 1/4 of your list to be not demons or you want to bring Kairos and another unit. We are one of the few factions that can put enough durability on the table not to need damage to win games.
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