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  1. It’s not speculation, it’s specifically stated in the FAQ. I do speculate though, that the line is BS to deflect from the spectacular nature of the ****** of that rules implemention.
  2. I can’t think of anything it’s done to lower play time in actual practice.
  3. Sounds like stacking Beacon of Sorcery and Mass Conjuration on top of Destiny Dice was what they were trying to avoid.
  4. Aside from the fact that “being scary” is a terrible reason to nerf something, 8 mortal wounds is not even that scary for a 380 point model with no shrug. The truly bizarre thing is that this ability was never nerfed when you could take 1 destiny die with it and it was obscenely more powerful.
  5. I’m honestly not even sure the LoC is worth the points outside of Changehost(or non-cost in Guild of Summoners) anymore. I only succeeded in 4 spells through a full 5-turn game last night.
  6. I have a hard time justifying anything except Blood Priest or Great Bray-Shaman in anything except Untamed Beasts because that pull is just so good.
  7. I have not considered it as much as the Arcanites. But I think I’d do a Pyrocaster, a Screamer and then fill the rest out with Blue Horrors. I don’t think I would ever consider running a list lacking a withdrawal denial ability if there is one available. It has proven to be critically important in every assasination or CtF objective.
  8. The Sigil and the Tome are both good. The Simulacrum is a liability unless you are running a Lord of Change.
  9. If you stack 2 to-hit debuffs onto the threatening units it’s pretty safe to do Guided By the Past. Loss of Fold Reality is not nearly the deathblow people assume it to be.
  10. Ummm people have been bowling over their pinks with endless spells and then bringing them back with 1’s on Destiny Dice since endless spells came out. What’s baffling about this and the Master of Magic ruling is precisely that these things were common practice well before this book came out.
  11. So you believe that when the Core Rules were written the intent was to create a situation to spawn more Pinks? Because I’m speaking of the intent of the wording in the Core Book, that being to count Battleshock-removes models as slain for the purpose of counting them as kill points. Frankly though, I’m just trying to go by intent in what is clearly an abysmally written book. The FAQ literally cast shade on Tzeentch players for playing Destiny Dice on Battleshock against intention when there was literally no reason to conclude that was against intent and every reason to assume it was the intent to play as written.
  12. I’m inclined to agree with this. It’s clearly against intent to generate more models from Battleshock.
  13. They gain almost 50% of their footprint whenever they split. Don’t play with the assumption that the player put their splits within the range Locus of Change or Inspiring Presence. Make them check whenever a set of attacks resolve.
  14. I think we’re just disagreeing in degrees. The point is, calling 20 pinks a hard 100 wound check isn’t conveying what they actually are, and it’s pretty easy to get them down below point efficiency if you don’t allow your opponent to place splits by intent. Which I’m pretty sure any other honest Tzeentch player would encourage someone playing against pinks to do.
  15. The reason I say it is because Tzeentch players have always used Destiny Dice to bypass Battleshock modifiers as their 2nd most common use(through Pinks Icon Bearers).
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