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  1. They don't do massive damage, but it does enough so that they lose models while we gain them from our splits.
  2. 1) It explicitly stats that Kairos ability cannot ve rerolled or modified 2) A casting roll is all the dice unless its an explicit exception.
  3. They should be essentially unaffected since they have 2" reach.
  4. You can only bring 1 endless spell per wizard, so take the Cauldron.
  5. It's primarily useful on getting extra damage out of a unit that already needs to be in combat. It gets less useful the more you want the unit out of combat, and the more expensive the unit is. LoC is a particularly bad candidate for it because its an expensive unit that you don't need to have in Melee to do damage, and don't want to have in there because they are very fragile. Even that aside, it loses value because almost everything in that army has the ability to do D3 mortal wounds. It's only practical if you can wipe out a hero, but the edge cases where it's going to be safe to do that makes me reluctant to even bring that up since it's a good chance your opponent is going to try to bait you out with that.
  6. Ok Senpai, but you're robbing Peter to pay Paul. You're cutting into your Infernal Gateway when something breathes on the LoC.
  7. LoC loses out on MWs when he gets bracketed so why would you put him in Melee to deal a measly D3 mortals?
  8. I wouldn't pay points for a Lord of Change anymore unless they got another cast; and if they get summoned in you take the one that's right for the job(Sword if your target's save is characteristic is 4 or higher). You're never going to get efficient out of a LoC in Melee Combat. He's got the output of 1 Rockguts Troggoths model and less than 2 Fellwaters at almost triple the price without any sort of durability.
  9. I don't think there are any rules interactions. The only exception to the max size limit is SaSA. You can still use resurrection mechanics on edge cases like instant model death or if you choose to use Petty Vengeance. Also the Icon Bearer still is useful because it lets you autopass Battle shock tests.
  10. The more I think about it, the more I think there are no interactions. SaSA is the only exception to the size limit, and the only point in using the other rules is to recover models from edge cases like auto-slay mechanics, if you choose to use Petty Vengeance, or in the case of the Icon Bearer just to autopass battle shock with DD.
  11. I think what I would try would be: Kairos 435 Blue Scribes 135 Fatemaster 135 20 pinks 430 10 Pinks 215 10 Tzaangors 195 Geminis 80 Lifeswarm 60 That puts you at 1685 And I would either go: 3 Flamers 1 Exalted Or 2 Exalted Flamer Sub Ogroid for Scribes Or 3 Tzaangors Skyfires Minstealer Spyranx or Cockatrice EDIT: I actually dont think Emerald lifeswarm has much use so its probably better to just brink a second 10 of pinks rather than the Tzaangors.
  12. You're better off with the Broken Realms box since it comes with Blues and Brims. Tzeentch is going to be top tier unless they push Horrors up to like 400 points for 10. Destiny Dice are always going to be powerful too.
  13. That is some good info, but i am going to point out that save stacking hurts armies that dont have wide access to -1 rend than an army that does.
  14. Probably wait until the Stormcast and new Warclans book comes out. Now, when you say competitive do you mean you plan on bringing your armies to tournaments; or are you just playing meta chase with your buddies? Because if you're bringing your army to tournaments, you get the best results over time by sticking with one army. If youre just trying playing meta chase with your buddies, you probably already lost because they picked the armies that GW have consistently had the hardest time keeping their power reigned in. Personally I think your best bet is to do something with big bench like CoS and sticking with it.
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