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  1. Didn’t catch that the first time. I imagine that Horrors will be the exception to the rule, given they are the only unit that functions like they do. Can only hope for an FAQ to clear this up.
  2. He’s in the StD section (as that’s where his WS is). And he’s 230 points for some reason, which means that the strictly better disk version is cheaper than his foot slogging equivalent. Yeah, that’s an oversight and a half. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally onboard for Tzeentch’s big offenders to get nerfed, but why did they come after a lot of the for fun options as well? Why is the Burning Sigil doubled in cost? Why did Chaos Spawn of all things become more expensive? Tzaangors, a unit that’s rarely used currently and hurt by the new edition quite badly got a 15 point increase? And Horrors went down? Just strange.
  3. No worries, they were posted by Sauriv on the other page. The unit changes look like only a 10 point drop to Thunderscorn units and the Cockatrice. The Tzeentch, Khorne, and Nurgle battalions all dropped to 180. The Thunderscorn Warherd dropped to 150.
  4. Can't say I'm not disappointed by the scale of the points adjustments we got, but frankly I'll take anything. Always loved the Cockatrice model, so any excuse to run them is good news in my book.
  5. Assuming you’re running them as Beasts of Chaos, Ungors work best in one of three ways. 40 man Ungor Herd unit with spears that act as a fast anvil style unit, usually works best when accompanied by some form of battleshock immunity such as the Herdstone. 30-40 man Ungor Raiders unit that can use their long range and high mobility to threaten vulnerable units and score a surprising number of wounds on anything you point them at. 10 man Ungor unit with mauls that can sit next to a Herdstone and get sacrificed by a nearby hero for Primal Call points. After their point reduction Doombulls are generally considered more efficient at this. You can also use them as a screen for your other units as necessary.
  6. Multiple Lords of Change suffer from a lot of their value being tied to Infernal Gateway and Beacon of Sorcery. Perhaps you can do some fun things with Endless Spell spam to take advantage of their new auto dispel to recast them on new targets or use Omnscient Oracles rerolls with some combat buffs and swords to beef up your CC damage output. Is it any good? Probably not. At the very least, an Omnscient Oracles list run as The Guild of Summoners would be hilarious. That’s a whole lot of chicken. As a separate rules question, is there anything stopping someone from casting say, Darkfire Daemonrift, dispelling it, and casting it again with a different wizard? As far as I’m aware Endless Spells don’t explicitly share the usual restrictions for spells, save that you can’t cast it if you already have the model on the field. However I don’t have the book on me, so I might be missing something obvious.
  7. I think the synergies have significantly improved. Our durable powerhouses absolutely love the permanent buffs that Agendas hand out like candy (Marauders trigger Reckless Abandon with ease), and the Fatemaster now grants re-roll hits to all nearby Tzeentch units. Blocks of warriors with shields are also great targets for bouncing wounds off of with Bond of Treachery. Not to mention how good spells like Arcane Suggestion are at swinging combats in our favour. Now if only StD Tzeentch DPs still had casting instead of that abysmal CA, then we'd have a proper stew going.
  8. While I have plenty of complaints about GW’s business model, this isn’t one of them. The updated warscrolls are available online for free (or at least they will be). Tedious? Certainly. But I think it’s a fair trade for accessing units we otherwise wouldn’t. On the other hand, I can’t say I’m thrilled at the overall lack of support BoC have gotten from GW. We certainly deserved some deeper cuts on many of our units during the last round of point changes.
  9. For sure. I’m a little skeptical of how good The Cult of the Transient Form’s gameplan is, as I’m not entirely convinced that your Tzaangor blobs won’t get focused down before your Acolytes start dropping. However, if you manage to reach critical mass (as in, someone actually commits resources to killing a unit of Acolytes that have received the CA bonus) and buff the Tzaangors up with a few Agendas, you’ve got a spicy stew going. Worth a try at any rate.
  10. Tzeentch marked Chaos Marauders might be worth looking into now, as they’re almost guaranteed to activate Reckless Abandon on the charge with Boundless Ferocity. With a Fatemaster in the middle of them for rerolls they could provide a solid first strike at a fairly reasonable price. Saves us from spending Destiny Dice on activating it at the very least. Enlightened on Disks with a Destiny Dice support might still be the better users of Reckless Abandon even with the point increase though.
  11. They both lost the DAEMON keyword, but that’s it. I imagine Enlightened went up because Tzeentch armies have more ways to buff their damage output now with Agendas and the Fatemaster’s new CA. Sucks to get caught in the crossfire though. At the very least we can now access Tome of Eyes with Tzaangor Shamans for some much needed reliable casting.
  12. I can't believe those are the first time I've seen those, absolutely perfect little manifestations of madness and mutation. Got a box in the mail now, so thanks for the suggestion!
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