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  1. Kudos for being featured on Warhammer Community again. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/10/02/converting-the-cities-of-sigmargw-homepage-post-3/
  2. I though that looked farmilliar, is this the second time one of your arimes was on WarCom?
  3. Go for it, I have only built the Stalker and not the Sentinel but it is a really posable kit as each body segment is a separate piece. Just don’t do what I did and put the little claws and the legs in the wrong sockets. Maybe also have a look at the Plastic Canoptek Spiders. The body can be built without the large abdomen and the legs can be positioned in such a way that they touch the ground and no flying stand is needed. Might make a good mechanical mount.
  4. Impressive work as always, another interesting project to keep an eye on. While you also be seeking to convert the other demon engines into Skaven tech?
  5. Melcavuk, your work continues to be truly inspiring with your conversions and ideas. Am I correct in thinking that the legs for the Aspirant are Vorax Arms? What knights are you going to use on the Vorax?
  6. For me personally the line, as somebody else already mentioned, is electric/computer level, wild electrics are fine (Tesla coils, mad scientist whatnots), but complicated electronics are a no. Steampunk, magictech, clockworkpunk all have their place. I could even see diesel punk/atom punk levels have their place (especially if it is skaven and the nuclear is wrapstone). The important line I think is does this feel like fantasy with magic and a bit of tech (AoS) or like Science Fiction with tech and a little magic (40k). Now 40k blurs the lines quite heavily, so I cannot see why AoS cannot blur it from the other direction. After all it is an interesting ascetic and lots of us like one element or another of it. For example, I have been trying to find a suitable way of doing Kroot in AoS (short of actually witting my own rules) as I fell they would fit right in flovur and astectic wise.
  7. Good to know that the next one will be even better. Fair point on the Scions, though if you do go for them for any of the units you can probably ebay the special weapons to recover some funds. From your description and the picture the Cogfort is giving me a Howl’s Moving Castle vibe, loving it.
  8. Just popped in to see if you have any new fantastic conversions for me to admire and get inspired by and you certainly delivered. The use of the Iron Circle Domitar is great. My one minute pint of criticism would be that the pilot just seems to hang there with his feet dangling. Other than that looking good. For the infantry, what about Scions? Build them without the backpacks, trim the little lamp of the armour, head swaps and gun swaps could look good. The armour plates might look a bit too good for 5+ though.
  9. That Idoneth conversion is great. Hats of to your other half, and to you as well of cause. It is always interesting to see what your latest conversion or painting update is.
  10. I get the black squares as well, however I think that might be a different issue as I also get them on another forum and closing and reopening the browser makes them go away for a while. For me the black squares also started two or three weeks ago. What browser are you using, I am in chrome.
  11. Will do. I was originally thinking of using either the the Wanderers list or Tzaangors based list but the Deepkin are also looking like they might work, that or I just want an excuse to eventually get that Turtle.
  12. Loving the look and the conversions. No Idea on colour schemes, maybe try out a few different ones you like on some basic squad members and see where that takes you. If you are looking for smaller wings for the two Knarloc Hunters to go back to the Demigriff idea for exampel then have a look at Dark Eldar Scurges. Also from memory the Dweller in the Dark from LToR range might work, they are defiantly smaller than Balrog wings but I can not remember by how much. There are also old metal Bloddthirster or Lord of Change wings that might work, have a hunt on ebay and see if anything shakes. This is really making me wish I could actualise any of my AoS Kroot ideas but alas I have neither the time or money right now, maybe next year.
  13. Jaw-dropping, keep it up. Withe some paint the captive human seems to fit a little better into the scene. Keep going.
  14. How I missed this thread when I replied to the other earlier today I don’t know. Must have been the glaring light of the sun Utterly amazing as always, a great centrepiece. That said the captive human by the neck feels out of place to me, sorry.
  15. To me the Suneater riding Magma Dragon sounds like an interested idea and I would love to see what you do for this. In terms of rules, would it work ok as a count as Stardrake for the Sentinels of Jotungard? Or would this be the start of an entire new army? Squiggoth with cannon and orger drummer sounds interesting as well but the first thing that came to my mind was a 40k Squiggoth with some ork lightning gun thing. I am sure that whatever concept you are working on it will look great and completely different but Dawn of War gamplay just keeps going round my head.
  16. I am glad to see that this project is progressing. Back in 40k 3rd edition when the Kroot had their own list in WD they had a Tracker which was a conversion of a Kroot riding a old style plastic cold one that had its head swapped with that of a Krootox. Quick google for the picture from the WD This might make a much better outrider count as and then the Kroot hounds can be Griffhounds count as again. Edit: Make picture work
  17. Well originally my plan for the banner was just to paint it light brown colours to show that the Orruck just used whatever material they had to hand. However I am now likely to pick something brighter, maybe any cloth of fabric colour I use for any other army I do to show that they plundered the material to make their banner. As I was painting the Ardboys I did consider making the blades of their weapons a grey metal to contrast the red metal I have used for everything else. I might still go back and do this for all the weapons.
  18. @Kirjava13, Hope you are feeling better. You made some progress and your Ratty Harbinger was a very nice conversion concept, kudos for that.
  19. Absolutely stunning work as always, I will be keeping an eye on this thread to see what other wonders you come up with. In particular the combining of Space Wolves and Stormcast parts. I have been toying with doing the same thing but in reverse, using the Vangard as count as Space Wolves with Palladors as Thunderwolfs.
  20. @ Tzaangor Management, Looking good, The Lord Aquila might not be a very big centrepiece but he does stand out nicely. I think the dark blue skin of the mount (and on the Palladors) draws the eye compared to the rest of the army which has only a little of the blue. @ Lord Panther, Waaagh! Really like the look of your Ironjaws, good luck with the remaining few units. @CJPT, I can’t decide if the Manticore is smaller or bigger than I expected it to be compared to the Juggernauts and infantry. I guess the wingspan adds volume as the body seems rather small. Maybe I am just to used to seeing giant mounts in AoS. Also Congrats on the Gold Certificate. Well I finished some of the units. On the Grunters and Warchanter I feel like my scheme worked out quite well but on the Ardboys, as I mentioned before, just doesn’t sit right, I think it is too much armour and to little of anything else. I have never used the Snow effect before so I am not sure how well that worked, whether I should add more or call that enough. Three Gruntas Front and Side Warchanter Front and Back Snapshot of the entire force to date. I will finish these but it may not be soon as I expect to be very busy for a while and I think I want to paint something very different next. Though not necessarily much, just some Thallax or maybe that Clawed Fiend I was thinking of using as a Gorgers (not a fan of the original model) for my Ogors.
  21. Shot of all the Ironjaws (and one goblin) I painted for this event. The ones with Snow on the base are finished, the rest will hopefully bee soon.
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