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  1. Mind sharing the article that suggests this? Not the first time I heard about it and I’m trying to find the source Good analysis @Neil Arthur Hotep. I wonder if the palisade will change to block shooting, or they just need to be in range. Bats were mentioned as a counter to shooting/UH. Could definitely work! If you can only use a CA once a turn as has been mentioned, you can either force its use from your opponent on cheap chaff, or tie them up and charge them with your big unit after, win win
  2. Lol, what? Not sure if trolling, or… I don’t know if you’re making a general statement or targeting that at me? If it’s the latter I question if you’ve actually read what I’ve written? I’m not dismissing anyone’s concerns, rather asking what they find concerning so I can understand? Meanwhile I myself am looking forward to the new edition, so I guess I’m chipper, sure?
  3. Good points. I see how coherency can certainly be a nuisance for several armies. I imagine the change in points (things seem to be going up?) and unit sizes (MSU) might change this. I’m PUMPED for PtG! I don’t think your passive aggressive tone is needed. I'm asking a simple question. For the most part people complain without giving context, without knowing the full story, and without having tried the new system. Some don’t bother to think of new ways to play, or discover strategies. They just complain. I'm curious what people that dislike the new rules have to say, and why they're unhappy and create a discourse. I play a random mix of WE/DE/Empire/Dwarves from fantasy, so CoS, and SBGL, primarily Bloodknights. With the new rules I’ve been taking a look at new list building and synergies, as I find that aspect fun.
  4. Thanks for the reply, man. See my previous (3 min ago) post about coherency. Sure the distance if different, but what about it do you not like? The principle is the same. As for lumineth, I guess your gripe is that they haven’t made shooting weaker, or melee better opportunity to get closer? We might see points increases for them, perhaps not. I agree, shooting is strong, and UH definitely seems to help strong shooting armies even more. I suppose that’s where increased armour saves help. We can also use redeploy to get in a better tactical position? hard to tell how games will play out without actually playing. overall though, as mentioned just above, I love how the player has a lot more decision making power. There’s more flavour for epic monsters and heroes. The game just “feels” mor magical and mighty. Who knows, I might come back in a month or two from now and say the game is ****** and shooting needs a nerf. But right now I’m enjoying the previewed changes oh yeah, I think the lumineth range is more of a lumineth problem, than a AoS 3 problem. Points increases might change this, so don’t lose hope
  5. Cool, thanks for the reply! I fail to see your point about coherency. What makes it bad? Was standing shoulder to shoulder important? See my previous opinion about it, what makes it horrible for you? You mentioned the new battalions make list building uninspired. The old ones legit gave you no option. “Take these things for X buff”. It forced the player to take units. Now they have the option, and can choose themselves what to take, and what battalion to built towards. Every army has access to them and puts the onus on the player to make a decision they want. I think it’s definitely an improvement to the old system. I actually love this CA. If you get double turned and moved close enough to the enemy, you don’t feel cheated and have the chance to retreats and prevent being charged. It’s also a tactical choice the player need to make. Use the CA, that is precious and can now be used in a dozen different ways, and MAYBE move far enough, or hold on to it, get charged, and use it elsewhere. All our defence, perhaps? UH I agree is very strong, I agree. I believe/hope it’s adjusting we need to do and strategize. Similar concept to using CPs wisely, though I feel we’ll see a lot of this. Another good point. Seeing as the reinforcement rules indicate that several armies will be smaller, at least MSU, it might not be as big of an issue. The point arises again where the player needs to decide how to spend their CP. Oh? Not familiar with the wizard thing, seems odd and not intended? overall I think it gives the player more agency, forces them to think and make decisions. I think that’s important and healthy for a game. Yeah, unfortunately they seem to be shifting min unit sizes etc. Which is definitely frustrating from a individual/purchase perspective -.-
  6. I don’t know, so far everything they’ve shown looks awesome. Can people who have gripes with the new rules elaborate as to why they don’t like them, or what makes them awful? Is it simply because it’s change and everyone is frustrated that they need to learn new ways of playing? Or do they genuinely think they’re poor rules because X/Y reason? Coherency seems to be the biggest gripe, it’s a non-issue in 40K. Also, having a single file models spread across to grab territory, deny zones, screen etc. Looks super lame aesthetically, and mechanically is meh, IMO, as it doesn’t feel very “realistic” or the intention of the game. Anyhow, I’m curious why those that are frustrated are frustrated. Cheers
  7. I wouldn’t mind some PMs as well if able ^^
  8. I feel like the smaller MSU armies (because of reinforcement rules) is an indirect buff to the Kasteli dynasty. Easier to wipe smaller units and drink their blood 🩸 I’m glad I bought three boxes!
  9. Hypeeeeeee i mean, that almost 100% confirms that, no? make a normal move, mortal wounds, then charge back in? they can’t mean charge the following turn…. Right? Right?
  10. Oh damn, that’s cool. Yeah, my LGS is full of friends where we play with matched play rules, but also run narrative campaigns etc. With friends I’m not concerned, but from that competitive/tournament aspect...yeah, might be harder to convince the whole state haha
  11. Could y'all ask your LGS/members if they'd allow these types of characters? Or are they rather strict? You seem to be able to use the rules in matched play, as AoA, but with permission
  12. I edited my previous posts with updates *** Seems like most of the exciting new things. Shame that it's really a house rule, thing. Wonder if it would be accepted by TO. I imagine it should be OK at my LGS, and among friends, but who knows if "randoms" will be cool with it.
  13. I'll see Both working atm as well so might be a while. If you're the acrane vamp you can select one spell of three, that's one of the options. Another interesting one is that you increase(decrease) the armour save number by D3. E.g. 4+ save, roll D3, (roll a 4) AS is now a 6+ Third I'm not sure, related to beasts and wounding There are also 16 "unique"? abilities we can choose from. Which sound awesome. Bat/Wolf transformation +1 casting/unbinding rolls Command trait in addition to one being given to your general Making a unit fight directly after your lord/hero after they have fought Pass off wounds on a 3+ to BK/BK/GG 6 = 2 hits Can have a spirirt host as more attacks? That's all teh exciting stuff, I think, rest is similar to AoA, mount/generic modifiers etc.
  14. I have a friend who has gotten his paws on the WD and gave me a bit of into. There doesn't seem to any forum rules limiting what can be said, as long as I don't share picture. Let me know what you'd be interested in knowing until you get access yourself. Some cool things he mentioned: Can turn into a Fellbat/DireWolf once per game, if it dies, change bat/wolf model with your lord again. There's a wicked combo you seem to be able to do that allows your hero + 2 other units fights first in the combat phase! Some pretty awesome spells, 2+ ward save at the cost of a wound, lasts until next hero phase. Standard AoA stuff, +1 save, wound, movement etc. Ethereal is not restricted to models that ahave a 4+ save, so no 2/3+ unrendable. You can have a CA that summons a unit 3" away from an enemy, so cool. ----- If I missread the rules, please remove and let me know, but my understanding is no pictures. For those that have other questions while you get your hands on your own copy, let me know and I'll ask my friend
  15. So, unfortunately they state in Anvil of Blood that it's strictly a house rule model, and you need the permission of your opponent. Same points, 1DP = 10 pts, 20-40 DP.
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