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  1. I just think it’s a shame that a proud warrior of Sigmar in the public eye feels the need to resort to Snapchat filters. She’s beautiful in her own way… even if she does look like a reforged Jimmy Savile
  2. Thinking the winged reptilian horses could be Kirin or Qilin from East Asian mythology. Basically dragons horses.
  3. The 1000pts AoS one is 57mins and the 2000pts 40k one is 64mins
  4. I signed up this morning and had no problems. Sorry to hear you are. I think they did explain that you get the voucher after a mouth of being subscribed. So we should be getting it in late September or early October.
  5. My first thoughts on Kragnos was that he was an Ogorid with a horse butt. He doesn’t look like a Kurnothi to me seeing and he hasn’t got the woven armour. Plus he says his people are gone. There are very few Ogroid but the Kurnothi appear to still be very much around.
  6. We could be hopeful and suggest a Kharadron scenery piece? 😅
  7. Looks like the Lumineth are going to be taking over the realms with the use of brainwashing, gentrification and violent calligraphy. Plus they destroyed the ozone layer in Hysh 😅. Have to say the though, I kind of like the faux utopian grimdark vibes.
  8. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/01/26/how-well-do-you-know-the-spirits-of-hysh/ Generic wind spirit shown Edit: I see it’s already been posted 😅
  9. I’m going to hazard a guess that what appears to be two Lumineth hero’s on one base will be based on the idea of the magic clones discussed in the battle tomb. Furthermore, one has a sun crest on their helmet and the other a moon, representing both Teclis and Tyrion. I forget which of the nations has the clones, but I’d wager they’re from that one.
  10. I also liked how the structure that’s shown is a complete form of the ruins of the base of Teclis’ miniature.
  11. Could the earth tearing be Beast Grave waking up? 🤔
  12. The Core book is like the D&D players handbook. It’s the starting point with the all the basic rules, races, classes, items, spells etc. There are some monsters in there to tide people over while the game is new but not really enough. All the other planned books are expansions to the core book not replacements. There’s also a lot of cool lore in the Core book for the Great Parch and due to the inclusion of Har Kuron in the Anvilguard book it appears the game is going to keep up with all the advancements in the main Age of Sigmar plot. Which is why people are speculating over the Champions of Death book and its implications. There is a starter set coming https://www.cubicle7games.com/product/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-soulbound-starter-set/ . It gives you the very basic rules to use and set characters with a newbie adventure, but the core books goes into a lot more detail and has the character creation rules.
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