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  1. Very lack luster article and agree that the most concerning part was the fact we are supposedly getting another one in 2 weeks. I think at least a few of us felt we might be getting pre orders in a few weeks unsure about that now. I understand the world is all over the place at the moment but if the coronavirus is going to impact the release just tell us! I'd be disappointed but at least I'd know where I stood. Plus the teasing has now got to the point of frustrating as opposed to exciting for me. Fingers crossed we do get a full reveal on the weekend however I am going to temper my expectations.
  2. When I first saw the mage I thought far out that thing is going to break easy! And again not so sure about the face sculpt but it has grown on me I've had to come to the acceptance that these aren't the high elves of old. On the other hand the archers are awesome hit the nail on the head with regards to a mix of old and new. I agree with some of the points made above about the really slow drip feeding of information I feel like it may have backfired a touch. However if they release a Tyrion model and really smash it out of the park I can see the hype train quickly rolling back in... I have a feeling some really cool things are yet to come hopefully sooner rather than later.
  3. I've had a crack at my test theme and like it a lot! White and blue is my fav colour combination so love the GW studio theme. I am looking to try out a different colour for the cream/beige of the pant legs but otherwise pretty happy with it.
  4. Lyzel

    Converting Teclis

    My first thought was head swap with the Eidolons but the Teclis model has grown on me and I am generally a purist with the models for good or bad. I made a similar comment on another thread but sometimes the way GW paint faces is odd and for elves this seems to be the case most of the time. I remember when they showed the Kurnothi elves for underworlds and the faces looked odd but once I had them they looked a lot better in person. I might end up getting 2 Teclis models and converting one and keeping the other standard but will see!
  5. I'm in the same boat close to finishing 2k points for my Idoneth but just don't feel like painting them. I have compromised and am using the elf union blood bowl team to help me flesh out my colour scheme for the LRL
  6. So keen for these guys I really like the lore for them so far very Eldar like but thats fine I love the Eldar lore as well. On the topic of the Teclis model when I first saw it I was super excited and also disappointed after a few days to review it (I've looked at it at least twice a day) it has grown on me. My main issue was Teclis face but I will reserve full judgement on that until I can see the model in person. I remember hating the Kurnothi elf face for underworlds when it was revealed but once I got the model it looked a lot better/GW paint faces weirdly sometimes.
  7. All elf bros need to unite in AOS and fight back against the overwhelming hate thrown their way!! Also #Teclisdidnothingwrong!
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