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  1. 11 hours ago, Uvatha said:

    ...aaah thank you!

    So, we are not even authorised to ally the factions part of our own allegiance.

    So many reasons to grief! Now I understand the name 😅


    yeah mate we are a VERY weird army, we have no battalions, half as many traits and artefacts as everyone else, an incredibly barebones allegiance ability and yet the army is still in the upper bracket of the international scene. Testament that nighthaunt warscrolls are well designed, but the nighthaunt allegiance rules weren't. 


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  2. 12 minutes ago, Uvatha said:

    Based on "Core rules' Designer's Commentary" from July 2019, Page 9:

    What would prevent a 2000 points Legion of Grief army to escort its Lady Olynder general with:

    - one "Nighthaunt Warscroll Battalion - The Dolorous Guard" (120 points)

    - the 2 required associated units of 5 Hexwraiths (2*140=280)

    = ...for a total of 400 Ally points?

    Would it be legit and would this army get as well 1 extra CP + 1 extra artifact?

    If yes then: new NH battalions, despite being not in Legion of Grief, would still offer an interesting way of shielding Lady Olynder and exploiting more her potential?

    Simple, Legion of Grief has no ally choices and can't be allied by anyone.

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  3. Personally I attend events to learn more and improve. I started off playing in my country's first ever matched play event back in 2016 and I've played nearly every event within 200km for Age of Sigmar since. When I started out I was losing every single game, then I slowly started to win. Now I never lose more than 2 games, and the goal for 2020 is to make that 1 or less. My 2019 goal was to be the top player in all 3 armies I played (Skaven Pestilens pre-Skaventide, Slaanesh and Legion of Grief) which i achieved.

    I hear a lot of negativity about the tournament scene oversees, but I have a feeling these are preconceived notions and not based on (repeat) experiences.

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  4. 4 hours ago, EnixLHQ said:

    Remember that you only lose an objective if an enemy can claim it, so if you're preventing your opponent from coming within range you can leave your objectives and still count them. Except for that one battleplan that requires the heroes within 3"...

    What if i told you you can capture the objective in Duality of Death with a unit of Chainrasps, then teleport them off the point to a far corner of the table with a Dreadblade general.

    They are still holding the objective, and will not lose it until they are killed. The unit has not "moved" in so far as Duality's rules hold, and until they move they hold the objective, even if the enemy puts their whole army on said point.

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  5. 2 hours ago, EnixLHQ said:

    Since most armies in his meta have Bravery 7 or higher, I can see why he'd want to shelf the girls. It takes a CV 8 spell to lower a unit's bravery enough to matter for that.

    In my local meta I think they're still super solid for that -1 to hit. I'm supposing that he's figuring an equal points worth of Chainrasps would hit more and wound more than the Dreadscythes overall, while costing the same CP to get them swinging.

    He brought 20 and 15 Dreadscythes (35 wounds, 105 attacks, likely a fraction of that actually being used) = 520 points = 40 + 30 Chainrasps (70 wounds, 140 attacks, more likely to get a bunch actually attacking).


    couldn't be more spot on there mate, it's never a good look when an expensive threat unit ends up being less effective than the wee Chainrasps. My meta really doesn't reward the slashing lasses so they'll ride the bench for a few games.

  6. 27 minutes ago, Ferrus65 said:

    AldenNicol great battle report, thank you for sharing. It’s always interesting see what happens on the table. I saw your army list in previous post, may I ask your opinion on single units? Which one worked good, and which not? Something you will change for the future in your list?

    Sir you've motivated me to do an entire follow up post to my previous one going over what worked and what did not. I'll get that up in a few hours 

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    1 minute ago, phlp said:

    question regarding the knight of shrouds on foot and his command ability:

    If this model is your general and uses this command ability, then in the combat phase of this turn, add 1 to hit rolls for friendly Nighthaunt models while they are wholly within 9" of it.

    is there an errata which removes the part "is your general"  - or why do a lot of people use dreadblade harrow as general and still use KoS as normal hero.


    You're looking at an outdated version of the warscroll there chief, that's the Malign Sorcery era KoS well before the Nighthaunt book came out.

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  8. Just now, Keith said:

    The Harrowing Shriek only works against a bravery "characteristic"  of 5 , so if they have bravery 6 or more it doesnt work.

    I don't think the debuff for being legion of grief modifies their "characteristic" on the warscroll ?

    Respectfully, you understand how modifiers are meant to work? Because that's the whole point. The LoG (and Nighthaunt if you're that way inclined)  debuff makes it so you can tage Bravery 7 (Aelves, some Stormcast, the odd Chaos non-daemon) with -1 to hit as well as the more cowardly races (orks, skaven, litigation lawyers). 

  9. 1 hour ago, Aaranis said:

    Hey quick question, with the Invigorating Aura ability from the gravesites, is it ONE unit healed per turn or one unit per gravesite healed ? 

    Each gravesite can only heal one unit each per turn sadly. But one unit can receive healing from multiple sites, should they be eligible. 

  10. 33 minutes ago, Grimoriano said:

    Nice tips about graves. Now I have a question, is a good point mix deathrattle and nighthaunt? Or is more competitive focus on Nh with shroudknight...etc. thanks.

    Not a lot of point. All of the heroes we have that we pour the CP our army generates into require the NIGHTHAUNT keyword. The only non-nighthaunt units worth looking at in Legion of Grief are the Necromancer and Mortis Engine, depending on your play style.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, EnixLHQ said:

    Would these 3 be close to a main objective? Or the big ol' unit will be?

    I'm imagining a triangle where the point is on your side. The rule is "within 9" so a large blob need only have enough models inside each grave's buff zone to trigger (taking into account losing a few models and not shrinking too much to be outside one).

    That center is close to a major objective, or at an area one you know a lot of fighting will take place. The two away from you will be used for healing more than resurrections. The third one, the point that's close to you, is your resurrection pool.

    Screen off that triangle point so that it's not easily overrun from a flank.

    Throw everything else at the enemy and other objectives like a mad person.

    Meanwhile the 4th grave in the opponent's back yard will make them paranoid not to move too far into the field lest you teleport for the flank.

    Sound about right?

    well the clever thing about my strategy is rather than trying to pick where you think the most fighting will take place, you actually get to decide EXACTLY where that will be. You put down those 3 sites dead close to one another and you're making a statement the enemy can't ignore.

    Given how objectives work you're not going to know where the fighting will happen (Starstrike, Shifting Objectives etc.) so pick a central point and commit to that. Put buff heroes like Necro and ShroudKnight here to keep the unit as deadly as it is durable.

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  12. 6 hours ago, Bayul said:

    Quick questions:

    Do you have a strategy to place your grave sites efficiently? I had a game today and really messed it up again by putting them to close to objectives.

    If I play without the GHB 2019, what do / should I use my remaining command points for besides Endless Legions?

    I do. Point one, if your general isn't the Dreadblade Harrow, make it the general. 

    Point 2. You want 3 of the objectives reasonably close together so that one unit can benefit from all three. This unit has been relegated as "extremely durable unit to soak threat targeting", for this role I reccomend 40 Chainrasps or 30 Grimghast Reapers, anything buffable with an ethereal save really. The other units in your army have been relegated to "bring back when dead". The fourth point goes behind the enemy army, 9 inches from the enemy table edge. This means that should they not commit forces to protecting this site, your general can instantly warp there and bring back a unit you threw into an aggressive fight earlier. 

    Always be spending your units. Be as aggressive as you can. Your opponent isn't likely to be getting their stuff you kill back, but you will.

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  13. 1 hour ago, EnixLHQ said:

    Are gravesites really why LoG is considered better than NH? Enough for some people to say NH is C tier and LoG is A?

    Absolutely. Nighthaunt offers Wave of Terror which gives you a 13% or so chance to fight twice. 

    The Unquiet Dead grants you a 100% chance to bring back a unit of 30 Grimghast Reapers with no dice roll. Also if you play it smart you can resurrect dead models on 32mm bases (i like Dreadscythes for this) in a conga line outward to expand your zone of control and set up charge moves or retreat moves to cop objectives.


    As an aside i recommend you take Aetherquartz Broach off your general and give it to a different hero, currently all your eggs are sitting in a very fragile basket that can potentially die to only 2 D3 mortal wound spells.

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  14. On 11/16/2019 at 8:44 AM, EnixLHQ said:

    Q: Can I spend 2 or more command points to allow the same 
    model to use the same command ability more than once in the 
    same phase?
    A: Yes, unless specifically noted otherwise.

    Per the most updated FAQs, you're right. That changes things a bit.

    I think I need to buy more Harridans.

    I bought 4 boxes when i started playing Legion of Grief and got them painted immediately. Harridans always seem to pull through for me even when seasoned tournament units like Grimghast Reapers and Bladegheist Revenants come up short.

  15. On 11/16/2019 at 11:46 AM, EnixLHQ said:

    Looks like we might need a judge ruling on this, with citation.

    The FAQ I sourced says the ability can be used more than once, but not that the effect can overlap. And the ability itself does not specifically say, nor contain words like "any", that would prevent the effect stacking.

    However, both the raging wars over similar abilities on this very forum in other threads, as well as my own local GW's certified judge, all cite that the current "Rules of One" prevent the stacking. Specifically, "a unique named ability cannot affect a unit more than once". But, that judge couldn't find the specific passage. He thinks it's in the GHB. I'm currently trying to find it.

    With regards to the query of whether or not it is legal, as currently it has NOT been FAQ'd to be illegal and no specific ruling exists against it, with the only detractors against it ruling from how they "think" it should be, it has been allowed in my local meta as it's hardly gamebreaking as only two threats that are commonly run that can benefit from it (Dreadscythe Harridans and Grimghast Reapers) actually hit on 4's, and it's detrimental on Reapers anyway due to "rerolls before modifiers". 

    With regards to the questions on Grimghast being worth it, you'll find that extra range really brings them into their own. There is a very good reason why they specifically catapulted Legions of Nagash to being the top army alongside Daughters of Khaine in late 2018.

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  16. 1 minute ago, EnixLHQ said:

    I don't quite agree with the Bladegheist assessment.

    I'm still playing around with different compositions, but I'm finding that smaller multiple groups, like 2x10, with heroes that bubble buff, like GoS and KoSof, not only allows you to still deal impressive damage but also protects the unit from being completely wiped on the counter. With their 8" move and thinking ahead you'll probably have a gravesite and your general not too far away to replenish either unit that's lost.

    I agree that they're good, i just prefer having a single unit of 30 Grimghast Reapers that just doesn't need any support do achieve the same results. As i said, if i was running Nighthaunt I'd be taking my 2 units of 10 with Reikenor and Shroudguard, but in Grief i want value (and numbers) for points.

  17. 5 minutes ago, Keith said:

    Looks interesting , no Bladegheists ? Any reason?

    how do the Chainrasp Horde perform ? I have 80 of them painted but they sort lack the killer punch I want, and tend to die easy ?

    Chainrasps dramatically overperform every time I use them. Personal favorite is stringing them out in front of my force to ward off alpha strikes against Slaanesh/Daughters of Khaine/Khorne, then immediately resummoning the unit in the following turn. Bladegheists in their current state really aren't doing it for me. The unit of 20 (which you want to maximize footprint and efficiency with the resurrection) just doesn't contribute a set role that Chainrasps (retreating over units to tag objectives), Grimghast Reapers (threat removal, high value threat unit) and Dreadscythe Harridans (body clearers) can't do better. Bladegheist are definitely better when you're Nighthaunt with the Shroudguard, but in Legion of Grief they're too overcosted and undersupported.

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  18. 5 hours ago, Aaranis said:

    What are you guys thoughts on Black Knights, be it in LoG or any other Legion ? Their damage on the charge is not too bad and they have mobility. Compared to Hexwraiths they're cheaper and hit harder, although not in MWs, but those are reliant on luck anyway. The -1 Ld banner fits the theme nicely too. 

    I'm asking because I have 5 painted Hexwraiths and 5 mounted and I'm considering adding the Black Knight parts, as with their current warscroll I don't see myself playing 10 Hexwraiths anymore. 

    Have done a similar thing with my black knights where i made them as the knghts but have them swords and axes instead of lances and painted them ghostly. However as cool as they are I'd rather have 30 wounds of Grimghast Reapers than 40 wounds of Black Knights.

  19. 1 hour ago, Aaranis said:

    Ah can't we have them in Allies ? I must be confusing with NH, my bad. Then yes it's Mounted Wight King if we want to buff them and follow.

    Sadly the only way to get Vampire Lords into LoG would be the mercenary company, which both requires at least one unit of Blood Knights (super good just not here), and costs us our turn 1 CP (uh oh). Ultimately not worth it

  20. Sup all,

    Name's Aiden, been running Legion of Grief since i discovered it had more (in my country's meta at least) playing power against other stronger armies than Nighthaunt and have essentially switched to LoG until Nighthaunt get some kind of update or draw for me to play them.

    Finished in the top 20 for my country (New Zealand) so I've been invited to the masters tournament which is in 2 weeks, thought you might like to see the list I've been running.

    Allegiance: Legion of Grief
    Mortal Realm: Hysh

    Dreadblade Harrow (90)
    - General
    - Trait: Vassal of the Craven King
    Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)
    - Spell: Dread Withering
    Necromancer (130)
    - Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch
    - Spell: Dread Withering
    Knight of Shrouds (100)

    40 x Chainrasp Horde (280)
    10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)
    10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)

    20 x Grimghast Reapers (320)
    12 x Myrmourn Banshees (210)
    20 x Dreadscythe Harridans (280)
    15 x Dreadscythe Harridans (240)

    Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs
    Extra Command Point (50)

    Total: 2000 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 1
    Allies: 0 / 400
    Wounds: 147

    It's your standard CP farm army that just care's about denying space and ramping out CP in the midgame to close out the game by heavily pumping up units with the stackable buff from the KoS + Reroll 1s to hit command ability added in GHB2019. The goal is less to kill and more to abuse massive durability tied with the ability to restore losses to hold objectives.

    The masters pack leans extremely heavily towards packs that favor high numbers, so I'm confident I can do well with it. I've got a blog on here where I'll post all the matchups and how the games go.

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