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  1. 1 minute ago, EnixLHQ said:

    I went down the theorypath of Olynder being the General for the Dolorous Guard, thinking the Olynderbomb-of-yore could stand an update. RotSH can return more models to a single unit, and for free, but she could do 1 to any number of units for a CP. What do you think?

    I love the Forgotten Scions. Makes KoSoES almost an autopick, but a unit can't be in two battalions, though, so who's the general the DG protects?

    My take is that I think The Dolorous Guard is genuinely take-able by itself in Battlehost level games, with two units of at least 10 Hexwraiths each. The Forgotten Scions are EXPENSIVE, but they're also cool as ****** and really the only tax there is the extra Dreadblade.

    I think in regards to your Olynder comment you're dead-on, 10 Hexwraiths basically make her a 27 wound murder-machine who can get close to the enemy without fear.

  2. .

    4 hours ago, Ferrus65 said:

    And trying to put all inputs in an army list, would be something like this:

    Dreadable harrow (general, vassal of the craven king) 90

    Necromancer (spell dread withering) 130

    Knight of shrouds on feet 100

    Knight of shrouds on ethereal steed (artefact aetherquartz broch) 120

    40 chainrasps horde 280

    40 chainrasps horde 280

    10 chainrasps horde 80

    12 myrmourn banshees 210

    12 myrmourn banshees 210

    30 grimghast reapers 420

    extra command points 50

    total 1970..

    quite intriguing I must say..

    hahahahahahahhaha that's exactly the list I submitted 2 days ago for my next event 😂😂😂

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  3. 18 minutes ago, EnixLHQ said:

    It all sounds fair to me. I'm glad you had a winning tournament, and I hope future events are a bit more fair.

    Thanks for the write up. I look forward to the more detailed reports later!

    You're gonna LOVE the Stormcast one, my Chainrasps took 3 turns of double-shooting from 9 Longstrike Crossbows and still made it in shape to charge them and take the point.

  4. 37 minutes ago, EnixLHQ said:


    It's things like this that I don't know from never having played a Legions army before. I honestly have no idea what I don't know or am not taking advantage of when it comes to playing LoG.

    When you aren't a top tier army, you've got to really think out the box in order to compete. All that you can do is keep practicing and sharing experiences.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, EnixLHQ said:

    Great write up, thank you.

    -Could you post a picture highlighting your gravesites? I'd love to see how you deployed them, but it's hard to see.

    -When you say you conga-lined your Dreadscythes, how exactly did you do that? It might be because I can't see your graves, but I'm guessing you returned D3 from one grave and D3 from another?

    Absolutely, I'll get that done. For now, the small bases with the gravestones on them are my grave sites, and the ice bases being shattered by grasping hands are Regan's.

    Due to both our Gravesites working for each other my Dreadscythe Harridans were in range of no less than 5 Gravesites over the couse of that phase. I started with the 3 (2 of mine, 1 of Regan's) near them and restored 8 in a line over the central terrain piece, bringing me into range of another 2 Gravesites which then returned another 4. These triggers are stackable as the "check to see if you are within range of gravesites" cause and the "return d3 models" effect both take place at the start of the Hero Phase.

  6. 11 hours ago, Ratcliff said:


    It would be my first time running Horticulous too, literally only want him for the tree. I used to run 160+ monks regularly, which was good, but had issues with mobility. I'm hoping the threat of running and charging Monks will make my opponent play a little differently too.

    Have definitely been considering a Screaming Bell, just have to build one first. Will be nice to be able to create two battleshock immunity bubbles, maybe split one of the 40s into smaller units and take an endless spell

    yeah back in the ole day I ran maybe 130-160 monks, but I backed them up with at least 2 furnaces, 3 priests and 80 allied clanrats (this being pre skaventide). 

  7. Definitely interested to hear how this goes, as it doesn't seem like many people have actually run the whole 150+ plague monk list no matter how much chatter I hear about it. I've never ran Horticulous, but if you find he underperforms you could always swap him out for a Grey Seer on Screaming Bell, make it your general to keep the plague monk battleline per the Skaventide restrictions and then you'll have access to the infamous "Death Frenzy" spell that lets you force your plague monks to work overtime.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Tronhammer NZ said:

    Great read, and you've inspired me to restart my blog also. I'm also starting a new army and the process is a lot of fun! Only one game down with them so far but I put the beat on one of NZ's top players (and would also have won if he hadn't won 4 out of 4 priority rolls).

    Grief looks really cool, looking forward to seeing your battle reports!

    Me and you m8, constantly getting beat on by our region's finest Death-playing human computer. May you defeat him and i defeat my own demon in Matt B.

    No Gods No Masters! (Except Nagash who is eternal and in all of us)

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