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  1. Unless I’m missing something, the Bastilodon is no longer immune to rend. That’s the trade off for the 1+ save.
  2. I think a lot of it is that you’re investing nearly half your army in one model when the faction already struggles a bit with board control- Nagash is undeniably powerful but I think bringing him is putting a lot of eggs in one basket which might make people hesitate
  3. It’s because of how damage and attacks are allocated in the core rules, it isn’t a fault of the bonereaper Battletome. The process works this way because each attack sequence is rolled and resolved one at a time per the core rules, fast rolling is just to expedite the process but as far as order of operations goes each dice happens one at a time.
  4. Oh good to know! Might keep my eye out on eBay, that really looks great!
  5. Those wings are incredible! Are they from the Corvus cabal?
  6. If you’re talking about the spell, the word directly before 5+ is *ummodified*, so that is pretty clear. if you’re talking about the spears on the Cavalry it is a little less clear, but I would agree with the above reasoning for it being only unmodified 5s and 6s
  7. How do people feel about taking the Mind Blade on a liege if you’re not running Katakros?
  8. Looks like I missed that! interesting, I wonder if that was intentional or an oversight, I guess we’ll see when the faq drops. Though it does seem weird for the unit to have different keywords to the model (while it’s alive)
  9. Both Shieldwall and Deathrider Wedge only require the unit to include a Hekatos
  10. I keep seeing this “keep the hekatos in The center so his unit is within 6” of him” warning for using the command abilities, but it doesn’t matter where he is since the abilities read can trigger if you are either wholly within 6” of a Hekatos OR if the unit includes a hekatos.
  11. If anything I think the consensus I’ve heard is the opposite. If you’re running sword guard it’s only a slight mathematical boost that myself and most people I’ve talked to aren’t going to bother with.
  12. I think the design logic for still having Look Out Sir (which is supported by the warscroll in his kit instructions) is that Katakros himself is only ten wounds, while the remainder of his wounds are each his individual retainers
  13. That looks great! I'm planning on the same I think, those legs we're my least favourite part of the model.
  14. I’m going to build mine with first rank swords, and then the second and sometimes third ranks spears for the look, but I’m probably just going to end up treating them all as swords for simplicity
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