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  1. 40K Custodes, what unit I don't know. I'm not too familiar with that system (just got back into AOS before SHTF). Looks like that faction has a few varieties of plume bits. Don't go buying up Ebay on me now...
  2. I can get behind the cow motif, but I think the iconography of the horns reads a bit overdone. I think this is PURELY because we don't have the complete range of castes for them to fit in with. IE. Wind, River, Zenith. Future expansions may smooth this out so they arn't just considered 'cow elves'. Here's my attempt to tone down the horns while keeping pretty true to the original model and fit in with the standard troops.
  3. Tragically, this is Eckhardt Tresca’s last work. In a mysterious twist that he would have appreciated, he was found in his locked office in the Azyrheim Cryer building, with no blood to be found despite several wounds. The Order of Azyr investigated and decided there was no foul play. I read it as a cover-up...
  4. Tokens can also be duel sided... 🤗
  5. Credit to the Facebook sleuth snipped this image... Those look like living beasties to me!
  6. "Overwhelming Heat has a casting value of 7. If successfully cast, pick 1 enemy unit wholly within 24" of the caster visible to __. __ the Move characteristic __ of __ hero phase. __ roll a dice. If the roll is equal to or greater than that units move characteristic, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds."
  7. Markers from left to right? Moon - Sun - Generic - Zenith Super Mountain? - Mountain - River - Air I don't think we've seen everything yet...
  8. Leaked photo of the River Spirit...
  9. I'd just re-state how gorgeous these riders are, and that I'm excited to see what remains in the line. Here's a bit of wish-listing: Tyrion on/with Sunsprit dragon-phoenix (sun spririt) Re-imagined (or just included) Phoenix temple - guard and mounted pheonixs (zenith) warmachine hurling tornados, because why not (wind) Lightly armored but fast glass cannon light infantry (river)
  10. She turned me into a newt! ...I got better...
  11. I forgot about the Teclis lowdown, and I'd certainly be ok with being wrong about a split release!
  12. Indeed. Genesis for a lot of the ruins strewn about the bases. Civil war pre Age of Chaos. Now the Aelves pay tribute to the 'Spirits of Hysh' to make amends.
  13. Speculation time. Delving a bit into the hint lore of a 'civil war' I'm leaning more towards an initial split between mountain/other and other/zenith, with Tyrion headlining the other half. Theres no longer open war but a large cultural split remains. I think we'll see the other half released after Slaanesh escapes and the Aelves go on a more unified all out war footing. So, Slaaneshi mortals next year followed by an Aelves second half?
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