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  1. I am with all of my fellow fishy boiz. I was really hoping for some drops but funny enough 10 points from my King allows me to add in another Allopex to my Semi-comp corps list lmao. But ya points should have been dropped big time on the Eidolon and Turtle. Hopefully this year we get a little love with a new tome. I wonder if there will be a faq regarding our boats and only being able to field one whole or two halves. I have a feeling that is coming.
  2. Does Arkham even lift tho? Look at those beautiful arms on our bestie Mannfred with emphasis on MAN. Manny knows best and he’s just ignoring that bully until the entire Soulblight army is released...then he can deal with that lil bish 😄.
  3. Thank you Manny for helping end the time of WHFBfor the superior game of AOS we appreciate you and your bald head :).
  4. You can find them on the KO Facebook group and some on the Chumphammer twitter feed :).
  5. So the Eidolon and Turtle did not go down in points. Hmm. Hmmmm.
  6. So the changes for the new GHB that I can see are: Akhelian King down 10 pts Thralls down 10 pts Eidolon and Turtle....have not changed....weird flex GW but ok. On the plus side my KO list which I am building should be great against meta armies like Seraphon, LRL, Mortek and Tzeentch is 100 pts cheaper now lol. I really wanted to focus on an akhelian corps list. I am still going to play it because I play what I love but it is nice playing all the models you enjoy in a more competitive setting without feeling like too much of a handicap is going on.
  7. Oh baaaabbbby. I didn't jump on the LRL because I thought Teclis was UgLy but I have this crazy hope for Soulblight :). October 2020 let's do ittt. Vamp attack.
  8. You do you. On a rumour related note I am really hoping for some points drops on my Eidolon and Turtle. Hopefully the rumours "leak" haha. How many GHBs will it take to get my Turtle Franklin to 250 points 🤪.
  9. Cool story. Most people on this forum do enjoy old Fantasy Lore and don't hate on WHFB daily but just FYI your constant negativity mostly relates to yourself and your own feelings on AOS; not sure if you are trolling or just a really unhappy dude :P. I preferred the old lore before the End Times but I am still enjoying AOS lore much more and I feel like it is constantly getting better. As far as the game it is vastly superior lol. Not even a conversation.
  10. You sir, have a good head on your shoulders.
  11. I have always thought of the Namarti as the toughest and most muscular Elves (all natural baby, lift heavy and eat right). The 5+ FNP feels natural for them but I am sure they can think of other ways to make them more durable. I am definitely not a rules writer :p. These jacked dudes on 32mm with double handed weapons just feel Meh to me on the tabletop. With things like witch aelves and realm lords running around I would love some Jacked Pointy Eared Fishy Boiz with a 5+ FNP. Even with that they wouldn't really feel over powered I believe. Maybe I will try a game with a buddy trying that out and see if it feels too good.
  12. With the shooting right now that so many armies have any buffs or synergies that don't require a 5 wound hero are much appreciated :P. I will take a 5+ FNP please for all of my Namarti please and spank you. Make their weapons 2 inches at the same time. Spiiicy.
  13. It is nice to see this thread so active with my fellow Fishy Boiz! I think LRL will be hard for anyone to defeat. Can you imagine using a standard army that is magic heavy like Gloomspite....just leave your casters at home :p. A solid player will definitely have Mr. T (I pity the foul who doesn't think the Teclis mini is ugly) protected from the Scryer. After seeing how ugly Teclis is I realise how bald and beautiful our minis are lmao. Something I love about Eels is how if you run a bunch of Eels you can still throw in some fun units and play semi competitive. I regularly throw in a Prime or Eidolon or Turtle and it balances out to a semi-competitive list. I think when playing games not in a tourney it doesn't feel oppressive for my opponent. Playing a tooled up Tzeentch list for example is not fun for most but Deepkin lists usually feel like you have a chance. We are by no means OP but I think we can still do well in major events by playing the objectives. That said, our Tome is feeling the power creep and I think it will continue to do so. I am excited for a new tome not because I want to smash all the LRL and OBR players out there but I just want to have more variety.
  14. Right now with the Casters in Seraphon, Tzeentch, and the Lumineth coming I feel bad for armies that rely on casting. The Honest Wargamer had a good talk on this with Vince from Warhammer Weekly where you will either have to go all in on magic or none at all. Ya, I would love to not have to rely on Eel Spam to win. I usually take a bunch of Eels and then take someone else as a Tax that I just like (an Eidolon for example).
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