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  1. Because the prayer rules don't say you can't move anymore in the movement phase. Some people say that's "broken", because SCE isn't allowed to have strong rules, apparently.
  2. I'm 99% sure they get to pick from the lore, just like every other Wizard does. The rules for Wizards say they get to pick.
  3. I strongly disagree with this. She's a super tanky support hero with good but not great damage output. I'm sad she went up 20 points for no reason, but I'm still convinced her optimal place in our tome right now is in Knights Excelsior, reviving expensive Paladins every turn and being a huge pain in the butt for our opponents. She's still a useful piece in other hosts, but maybe not optimal. Agreed. People are sleeping on her, I think. The points increase is a big part of why, but she's also not supposed to be deleting monsters in one shot like the Prime is, and I think that disappointed a lot of people. She's good in combat, lives forever, brings back models for free, and makes her friends ignore battleshock. That's worth it to me!
  4. I agree. Maybe the reason we're less complicated than other factions is: A. The power level/complexity of the game is designed to go down in 3.0 and/or B. If/when Cities gets a new book, we're designed to mix with them for extra complexity/power.
  5. Looks like fun to me! Some people have been hating on Yndrasta, but I think she's been misunderstood. She's not a melee beatstick like Prime is, and I made that mistake at first too. She's a support piece who has the ability to counterpunch pretty hard. In the right list I definitely think she's worth it. Bo Jackson (Bastian) is our new 300 point melee beatstick/anti Garg/anti Archy tech. Drop some Praetors with him and go ham.
  6. I think the trend is going towards "normal" saves being 4+ and 5+. 3+ is for elites like SCE and heroes only. At least that's what the scuttlebutt is.
  7. Maybe reinforce the Hunter battlelines for more shooting power? Or a unit of Paladins/Evocators for some extra damages?
  8. Well my expectations were more on the "fantasy Custodes revamp" side LOL, That's totally my fault, I know. But overall I'm happy with the book now. I hope we don't get power crept into oblivion this edition like happened last time.
  9. So on first blush, I was really disappointed in the Oldcast rules, minus the Paladins. They really took a nerf bat to a lot of things for no reason (I'm looking at you, Heraldor). But on further review, Liberators (and Redeemers in general) are really really good in Stormkeeps. Even the poster boy for Ridiculously Overpointed Models, Vandus, got a points reduction and seems like he would be a lot of fun to build a Redeemer spam list around. Something like: Stormkeep Hammers of Sigmar Relictor Vandus Yndrasta 10x Judicators 10x Libs 15x Vindictors 10x Sequitors 1985 points You can have your entire army basically BS immune, counting as a zillion models on objectives, Yndrasta returning models, with Vandus giving extra attacks, everybody has Ward on objectives and dealing MWs to chargers. Seems really fun to play if nothing else.
  10. Yeah it's really disappointing unless you like Cultists. Wheeeee....
  11. This is what I want to build towards. I'm going full Dadhammer with the dragons lol I disagree. You're forgetting that they're Monsters as well, which means extra MWs in the combat phase. I didn't realize this myself until this morning, which makes them absolutely insane.
  12. That's exactly the first thing I said LOL
  13. Archy took a big hit... no more forcing everyone to re-roll sixes. Now it's a "once per game" -1 to hit. Whoopdee doo... Should have been a permanent -1 to hit.
  14. Varanguard are elite now! https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/ct1LAEqXRcVkGiLl.pdf
  15. New FAQ is up: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/ObWHvaLLEDgyPGQp.pdf Bodyguards REPLACE wards, even though they're not wards themselves. Interesting.
  16. I'd go with some Annihilators, personally, but if you don't have them, then Evocators are still really good. I'd go with Staunch or Astral Templars, personally.
  17. Not if you're playing Despoilers I beat KO and Lumineth with them in a tournament before. Pitch Black is a fantastic rule. IMO, Despoilers are extremely underrated right now, especially with new Belakor. Use him as a distraction carnifex, do some monster actions, and juice up one or two other DPs of Khorne with artifacts and spells and a 5+ ward and have them go ham. No idea how this would fare against gargants though.
  18. They are REALLY dragging their feet on this tome... I don't get it.
  19. Thanks, I totally forgot about that keyword lol
  20. I'm pretty sure they do, since they're still part of the STD faction and have all the keywords.
  21. I'm absolutely thrilled with this. This tome is looking to be everything I was hoping for and more. It looks like Stormcast are going to be the toolbox anti meta army, which makes my heart sing.
  22. All Dragon army here I come!! Going full dadhammer on this one. I don't care if it's good, it looks freaking amazing.
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