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  1. I believe as long as you have the correct base size and make it very clear to your opponent what the model counts as, it should never be an issue.
  2. That is always allowed, mask or no. Only the most insane losers would make a stink about you playing him as a generic hero, and those aren't the kind of people you want to play with anyway. Feel free to use him however you like. EDIT: Assuming the base size is the same, of course!
  3. That's a terrible reason to not give Stormcast good rules. You don't balance factions based on playerbase, that's ridiculous. That's like saying in MTG, Blue is the most popular color, so let's never give them any good cards. I really hope GW doesn't "balance" like that. Imma sell out of Stormcast if that's true lol.
  4. You have a lot of good ideas, man! I hope some of these make it into the next battletome.
  5. Haha, I totally missed that. My bad. Great minds think alike!
  6. I agree, this is a problem with my idea, which is part of why it will never happen. The model range is just too ridiculous at this point to try to rebalance them all as super elite Custodes-like. However, I think we can both agree that they definitely need to be more elite than they currently are. I like your Liberator ideas, but I would tweak it to give them either a 3+ save or 3 wounds apiece. In fact, adding a minimum of one wound to all SCE units would be a good starting place for a more elite army.
  7. Our warscrolls are some of the weakest in the game at this point, especially considering the lore of the faction. Immortal demigods clad in divine armor have a 4 up save, no FNP, 2 wounds, die to everything, hit like wet noodles, and are literally the worst battleline in the game (can't hold objectives against other horde battleline)? Please. They have all the drawbacks of being "elite" and NONE of the bonuses that are supposed to come with that. I would love to see them become more like Custodes. Points increase across the board, sure. Give them all a 2-3+ save, 5+ FNP, minimum 3-4
  8. I hope this gives Nagash, Neferata, and Mannfred some love. Nagash doesn't do much for OBR, and at this point he's just hideously overcosted. Neferata and Mannfred have been ignored for so long, most people forget they exist in AoS.
  9. Just went back to check and you are correct. Oops. Nobody caught that yesterday, but it honestly wouldn't have changed much I don't think. My Marauders and Warriors took almost all the opponent's attacks , since they were the ones holding objectives and dealing big damage.
  10. That's perfectly valid, honestly. The best part of STD is how flexible they are. There's very few obviously wrong choices with them, I feel. You can adapt them to your playstyle. It really is a toolbox army.
  11. I really wanted a tanky objective holder, and holy ****** did they deliver, especially in the last game against KO. 20 Chaos Warriors in cover, possibly with Nurgle prayer buff from Warshrine, rerolling saves, is REALLY hard for people to shift. I did get lucky with the objective landing right in/near cover a couple times, so I basically sent the warriors there to camp. They scored me a ton of points over the tourney by just sitting there and tanking, dealing MWs back to attackers. Best part is, they're super cheap battleline and you don't care if they die. They're a fantastic tar
  12. Took the below list to a 16 man, 3 round tourney and came in first yesterday! My first win ever. Factions I faced were Lumineth, Ironjawz, and KO. The KO game was one of the most intense, closest games of AoS I've ever played. Turns out -1 to hit in shooting phase and Pitch Black rules are really good. Belakor was the MVP. Shut down Teclis, a Mawcrusha, and the big KO gunboat effectively. Outstanding support piece. Plaguetouched battalion was the runner up MVP. Did somewhere around 30-40 MWs over the course of the tourney. My opponents rolled a lot of 6s lol. Also turns out a Daemon Pr
  13. Agreed. Maybe he will be similar to Morathi and have two "forms" or versions we can use. Regardless, I hope he keeps his "shut up" ability. That is one of the best abilities in the entire game.
  14. Gotcha! That makes much more sense 🙂
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