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  1. Howdie there, fellow ratmen! I'm about to represent Great Horned Rat at the local tournament (1250) and I was thinking you could help me choose the right list (all are built around stormvermins). Another question: if the first list also looks most fun to you (if both death frenzies would be cast, a unit of stormvermin attacking twice before dying sounds so cool - extra angry rats, yes yes!) perhaps Warbgringer should be the general with Brutal Furty and Things-Bane to make him more of an independent heavy hitter?
  2. IMO Blight cyst is one of the two competitive nurgle armies right now. Gutrot is a must have with blightkings, Glottkin however is not playable right now. If you want to go mediocre you could try him with marauders or plague monks, but definitely not with blightkings. You can easily compete with any of the armies you mentioned in your current meta. Try one of the two (first is just a blightkings SPAM 2 drop, less mobility and support but I get better results with this list, the second goes with more mobility)
  3. Even if your opponent will position his troops to cover his edges, he will most likely leave enough place in the front to not be able to cover objectives. It all depends on the scenario but I play gutrot since he got that awesome ability with the maggotkin battletome and I usually manage to come out at enemy's back lines.
  4. I wouldnt agree. I play gutrot with 20 blightkings and they do amazing things. Charge turn 1 is not difficult - simply use chronomantic cogs and have extra cp for potential charge re roll. Charge with gutrot first, if you roll 7 or more - great, if not - it doesnt matter that much. Then charge with 20 blightkings, with +3 charge you need to roll 6 or more. With re roll it will work around 80% times.
  5. It doesn't affect us that much, maybe a little bit when someone was stacking auras (like harbringer and warshrine for marauders) bot those weren't viable nurgle builds. I would even say it helps us because there many other armies which got nerfed badly that way, therefore it helps us a lot
  6. Actually for 70 pts. Beasts of Nurgle seem playable with thriceshold, especially taking Munificent Wanderers subfaction under consideration.
  7. Same for Lord of Blights - both Glottkin and LoB always bothered me when it's about the design...
  8. I don't think that Glottkin's points drop will do the difference. He's still so much vulnarable to basicly anything... Not mentioning that in your list you will usually still use the Haringers CA instead of his. I tested Glottkin out in plaguetouched warband with loads of marauders and I think he still wasn't worth the points even though he increased dmg output a lot. I just hope that he get's some fnp or 3+ save, and more wounds in the new battletome. Still you could try swapping him for GuO with blade and bell and chronomantic cogs. I'm not sure if going with blob of 30 plaguebearers (they work real nice, staying at your own objectives with lord of blights) and switching to Munificent wanderers (If you position right you could use guo and harbinger to make a 3" aura reducing rend of enemy in combat by 1).
  9. Good point. I'm thinking about no casters army right now: 20xblightkings = 500 20xblightkings = 500 5xblightkings, 5xblightkings, 5xblightkings = 420 Blight cyst = 140 Lord of Blights = 140 Gutrot Spume = 140 Harbinger = 160 Which is exactly 2k. 55 blightkings is 231 wounds with 4+ save and 5+ fnp duo to the fact that Harbinger CA is still within. That could be hard for enemy to eat through...
  10. I think he meant plaguebearers, not blightkings I feel the same about Nurgle casting Still I believe Fecula or Sorcerer at the back (out of range of enemy unbind) casting Chronomantic cogs and moving Circle is a must have. That +4 move and +2 charge is essential turn one, especially if you are playing slow blob of 50 blightkings
  11. That would be a waste of daemon potential (munificent wonderers is really worth taking), bligh cyst is great if you have like 50 blightkings and rotbringers subfaction.
  12. If blightkings weren't battleline Rotbringers would have no battleline choice which makes it even less probable. If the rumours are true, and plaguebearers are 100/260, guo/rotigus is 320 and beasts of nurgle are for 70, Nurgle Munificent Wanderers 2k list with: 2xguo, rotigus, thriceshold = 1020 3x30 plaguebearers = 780 spellportal, geminids, beasts of nurgle = 200 Could be very competitive!
  13. Is anyone playing Host of Everchosen? I've been thinking about something like Archaon, 2x3 Varanguard with glaives Khorne marked (double activation 3 attacks per each model with 2+ 2+ , rerolling 1 to hit and wound and damage 4 on charge seems crazy good) and 2x40 Khorne marked marauders (that BS immunity and attack after death is exactly what I needed!). I'm just thinking if I shouldn't get Warshrine and Sorcerer instead of 40 marauders. Warshrine praying nurgle chant for Archaon to give him +1 to save, also providing 6+ fnp, and a sorcerer to buff marauders seems promising. What do you think?
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