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  1. All it takes is a new tome to sort out all this gloomy banter. Does everyone really think that GW will go lengths to shoot their poster boys in the nuts by emasculating them via a worse book?
  2. Yes, under the Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber, the units of Hurricane Crossbows would gain additional attack equalling a total of 21 attacks per unit of 3 since they're not heroes. It would be 30 attacks per unit of 3 if they didn't move in the movement phase for this battalion.
  3. The description says: Each time you roll an unmodified hit roll of 6 for this general, add 1 to the Damage characteristic of that attack. If my general is a Lord Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (or any mounted hero for that matter), does the trait extend to the mount`s attacks as well?
  4. I picked up Astreia during launch simply because the sculpt looked amazing. I finally finished painting this model last week, LOL. That being said said, I will be just using her as regular Lord Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline, and as named character when necessary for a Hammers list (although I highly doubt I'll be constructing a Hammers list anytime soon).
  5. At least for now, I believe GW should align themselves with some sort of consensus to support players that both BUY books and subscribe to digital apps. For example, when I list-build in Azyr and I am the legal owner of a faction's battletome, I should be offered some sort of discount and allowance to use the e-version of the same book in the app. The double-dipping is unbecoming if you ask me.
  6. I would think it would work as well, but on further reading the footnote does emphasize that it has to be a "normal" move - and Fly High has already been worded as anything but a normal move. We should find out soon enough. For the hitching rule, and if Fly High is good to go in the Zilfin Footnote, although it states 1 friendly unit can make a normal move this should not have any bearing on Hitchers which IMHO is an exception to the rule.
  7. While I don't doubt this could be an eventual direction for Stormcast (given there are enough chambers right now to give each one their own tome) this would convolute things even more methinks.
  8. I'd also add that while the Aetherquartz Brooch will provide chance to replace the spent CP (at +5), should that not happen during the first time Heroes of Another Age is executed - again I'm thinking the concept here is execute that ability at least 2x during the first Hero Phase for both units - the consistency runs thin after that since all the burden falls on the dice going your way when shooting.
  9. I`m one of those new (sort of) players that essentially selected the Stormcast faction solely based on aesthetic reasons. I just committed from there. I play casually, but that being said, and like other SCE players - Anvils seems to be `most ideal` methodology to play this faction right now if you want to win any games. I am hoping the new tome will at least rework synergies not just within faction as a whole - but with the entire Order alliance. Now, wouldn't that be something?!
  10. Either way, the Azyr app validates the lists I make - so I guess I will wait until there's another FAQ.
  11. No, I'm not asking that. It is understood that only a Hero can only be equipped with 1 artefact. By extension, the rules also restrict equipping an army with 1 artefact only. The Collector command trait states that 1 extra Hero can be have an artefact as well. The latest FAQ, as I am understanding it, is saying "No." It's written very poorly.
  12. I'm confused as to why there was a FAQ regarding the Collector command trait for an Aether-Khemist general recently. That trait allows exactly what it says - that 1 extra friendly HERO can have an artefact of power, as long as the Aether-Khemist general is equipped with an artefact of power as well. If I am understanding this correctly, the Collector command trait allows more than 1 artefact of power to be equipped - doesn't this up-end the normal restriction?
  13. That is insane. 12x Longstrikes @ 680 pts 12x Longstrikes @ 680 pts Battleline at the cheapest would be: 5x Liberators @ 100pts 5x Liberators @ 100pts 5x Liberators @ 100pts add the eagles for screens: 3 aetherwings x 3 @ 50pts 3 aetherwings x 3 @ 50pts === that's already 1810 pts... extra CP before your first hero phase is 50 pts which brings you to 1860 pts. what would you chose for your General at 140 pts left? Knight Azyros or Knight Incantor?
  14. I've been trying to come up with a mobile army that focuses on speedy support/artillery support and numbers of infantry for screening/objective control that altogether get everything in tied together with only a few heroes with specific roles. Here is what I came up with: Allegiance: ORDER Realm of Battle: GHYRAN Leaders: Knight-Incantor (GENERAL), CT: Inspriring, A: Ghystrike 140 pts Bjorgen Thundrik 140 pts Neave Blacktalon 120 pts Battline: Arkanaut Company x 10 Arkanaut Company x 10 Liberators x 5 Liberators x 5 Support/Artillery/Cavalry: Vanguard Palladors, Boltstorm Pistol, Starstrike Javelin x 3 180 pts Vanguard Palladors, Boltstorm Pistol, Starstrike Javelin x 3 180 pts Arkanaut Frigate, Heavy Sky Cannon 250 pts Arkanaut Frigate, Heavy Sky Cannon 250 pts Thundrik's Profiteers x 4 140pts Sequitors x 10 Stormsmite Maul, Greatmace 260 pts Endless Spell: Everblaze Comet 100 pts 2000 pts total Rationale: Knight-Incantor = magic presence/defence, cast Everblaze when it s*** hits the fan Bjorgen is also a Khemist and can have disembarked Arkanaut Co reroll hit rolls of 1; also late round melee presence Neave is the mobile hero/monster slayer and will combo Ride Winds Aetheric with the Palladors Arkanaut Co will be garrisoned only in order to beef up the Fly High attacks of the frigates Liberators and Seqs for Objective control Profiteers are additional melee combat support/shooting support Frigates are main flanking shooters, where the primary purpose will be 1st/2nd turn firepower Palladors are secondary shooting/melee but with 12" movement and Aetheric riding, will also serve to gain objectives, with Neave close by Let the discussion commence!
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