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  1. I recently buy this proxy for my butcher on Etsy website. Be careful about the size (32mm is to big) but really nice quality.
  2. @Eorek Hello, I like how you build your list. I have some question : - 1 : In to your gluttons pack, why you go for iron fist instead of pairing club ? You target something specially ? - 2 : Do you think you can go for a msu gluttons pack ? Same hp, less letality but you can take more units. - 3 : With the actual meta, do you think taking a Balewind vortex is a great choice ? (I think not but ..) Same as you i'm playing bloodgullet all the time, but your choice to go on Winterbite trib was so smart ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘
  3. Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ @Lord Krungharr I'm going for a Bloodgullet tribs too. I have considering a Ethereal amulet FloS before the patch. I have considering playing spamm gluttons pack. I was trying to take some right list. I think the hunter is a must have and have to be considering. Ironguts are too strong, but the gluttons pack have a fnp on shooting. Considering the meta ... (Magic + shoot). I prefer to don't go for a big pack of Ironguts (4 ironguts can deal really good). My list was something like that : ร‰dit : The extra artefact you have the choice (Fnp on Slaughtermaster/ Bloodrock talisman for butcher or Kattanak for hunter)
  4. Which Mega-Gargant have the most value for our Ogor Mawtribes ? The Kraken-eater looks interesting.
  5. Hello, i was trying to build a decent Bloodgullet list. What do you think ? Worth to take the warscroll battalion Goremand ? 140 points : 2 Leadbelchers (80pts) + Balewind vortex (40pts)
  6. The Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws ? Cool model/ fluff model + interesting mw
  7. In this battleplans a pack of 2 Leadbelchers is considered as a battleline ? ๐Ÿค” For me not ... But i will wait what you think.
  8. The Gorgers can be drop on an objective when we finish our first movement phase ?
  9. Hello @Arcce Looks fun ๐Ÿคฃ Personnaly i will delete 1 ogor gluttons pack for 1 icebrow hunter + 2x4 frost sabre + skal battalion. More cp + 1 extra artefact and you will stay at 5 drops.
  10. Hello, do you think it's a good move to take the warscroll battalion for a bloodgullet list? I mean actually the shooting meta + the 1-2 drops list makes us no choice in the first turn order. So I was thinking to don't go for warscroll battalion. Ok, we will lose 1 Cp + 1 artefact + 1 (poor) warscroll effect, with 160 pts we can take more units. Do you think this idea is bad?
  11. I meant it was a shame we had to bring him in at the end of our first phase of Round 1. Not working like the icebrow hunter drop possibility ๐Ÿ˜‘
  12. Need some addfixe for the gorger ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Drop on the end of turn 1..
  13. "Hello tyrants" ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm building a list for a local 2k points match. I will face Tzeentch / Stormcast / Ogor (Boulderhead 1 FoS / 1 HoS + mournfang & co) / Idoneth. **This is not the top tier Mawtribes list** I just want to know your feeling about the strengh/weak point : Bloodgullet Leader : - Tyrant : (General) Trait : Nice drop on the red stuff Artefact : Splatter-cleaver Big-name : Fateseeker - Slaughtermaster Spell(s) : Blood feast / Greasy Deluge Artefact : Shrunken Priest head - Butcher Spell(s) : Ribcracker / Fleshcrave curse Cleaver - Hrothgorn + Hrothgorn's mantrappers (2 drops including the trap + the free frost sabre) Battleline : - 8 Ironguts (full option) - 12 gluttons (Beast skull bearer + tribal banner bearer/lock-out gnoblar) Paired blades. - 6 gluttons (Beast skull bearer) Blades + iron fist. Other : - 2 Leadbelchers (Thunderfist) - 20 gnoblars (Groinbiter) Warscroll batalion : - Goremand 6 drop 2000/2000 pts.
  14. Haha Let's talk about a new technical build x) Personnaly, if i have to go for 2 x 2 mournfang pack i build them with ironfist. If you go on 4+ mournfang pack gargant are more efficient (theory crafter will confirme to you exaltly). To conclude if you want to go on multi Small pack : Iron fist 4+ gargant hackers
  15. Hello, Same like Kramer said, the 2nd list looks the most versatile list. Maybe swap Slaughtermaster's artefact to Shrunken Priest Head looks for me a better value. Bloodrock Talisman can be a good option too (depend of the match up you face). ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘
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