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  1. "Hello tyrants" πŸ™‚ I'm building a list for a local 2k points match. I will face Tzeentch / Stormcast / Ogor (Boulderhead 1 FoS / 1 HoS + mournfang & co) / Idoneth. **This is not the top tier Mawtribes list** I just want to know your feeling about the strengh/weak point : Bloodgullet Leader : - Tyrant : (General) Trait : Nice drop on the red stuff Artefact : Splatter-cleaver Big-name : Fateseeker - Slaughtermaster Spell(s) : Blood feast / Greasy Deluge Artefact : Shrunken Priest head - Butcher Spell(s) : Ribcracker / Fleshcrave curse Cleaver - Hrothgorn + Hrothgorn's mantrappers (2 drops including the trap + the free frost sabre) Battleline : - 8 Ironguts (full option) - 12 gluttons (Beast skull bearer + tribal banner bearer/lock-out gnoblar) Paired blades. - 6 gluttons (Beast skull bearer) Blades + iron fist. Other : - 2 Leadbelchers (Thunderfist) - 20 gnoblars (Groinbiter) Warscroll batalion : - Goremand 6 drop 2000/2000 pts.
  2. Haha Let's talk about a new technical build x) Personnaly, if i have to go for 2 x 2 mournfang pack i build them with ironfist. If you go on 4+ mournfang pack gargant are more efficient (theory crafter will confirme to you exaltly). To conclude if you want to go on multi Small pack : Iron fist 4+ gargant hackers
  3. Hello, Same like Kramer said, the 2nd list looks the most versatile list. Maybe swap Slaughtermaster's artefact to Shrunken Priest Head looks for me a better value. Bloodrock Talisman can be a good option too (depend of the match up you face). πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  4. I have some trouble about something : For 160 points left what you think are the best choice between : 1 Icebrow hunter (120pts) + 2 Frost Sabre (40pts). 1 Hrothgorn (160pts) + Hrothgorn's Mantrappers (Free + including 1 frost sabre). Thanks for your argu ! πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  5. Hello, the first list isn't ok, you don't have the ironguts needed for goremand batalion.
  6. Hello Grudgebearer, Boulderhead's list who work in competitive tournament are very similar. Someone take Eurlbad, someone not. The actual competitive list i recommand for you (if you want to go for 2 FoS) are : Boulderhead Hero : - FoS (Ethereal amulet + Metalcruncher trait) - FoS (Brand of the Svard + Black Catterhorns trait) - Hunter (general-Lord of Beast) - Butcher or Slaughtermaster (depend what you need) The two are good. Units : 4 or 6 frost sabre (ambushing with the hunter) 2 x 2 or/and 2x4 frost sabre for screen-taking objectif (that depend what you want again) 1 units of 12 gluttons or 8 ironguts (same has i say before... Depend what you need) Endless spell : Balewind vortex This is a classic build, but you can already go for Eurlbad with 2x2 mournfang pack and switch 1 FoS into a HoS. In my opinion, we don't have a tier list who stomp everything. Fyreslayer are really strong agains us, same for Tzeentch (they can snipe our FoS).
  7. Hello here, i am a destruction player but i come here for a friend. He actually starte to paint and go for Stormcast Eternal army. He actually have a Knight Azyros and 5 liberator. He really like the shooting style and the Celestar balista. Can you have some good list with balista ? (Level amateur +). I want to help him to build a good list basing on shooting. Thanks for the help guys πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  8. Hello Tropical Ghost General, Wow 2 x12 gluttons pack πŸ€£πŸ‘ I think the option to include 2 slaughtermaster instead of 1 Butcher + 1 Slaughtermaster can work. (This is an option if u want to max your 3 big packs). Stayed on butcher and the mawpot with it, i probably prefer to go for the bloodrock talisman. Will make +3 to dispell 😎. You're actually looking for a competitive list ? Or amateur / fun ?
  9. Happy to help you, i'm just a Ogor Mawtribes fan πŸ™‚. I'm actually ok with you, but from me Eurlbad it's to much. I think it's depend of the board, playing with many objectifs or/and sniping army (like KO / Tzeentch) skal was obvious because you can easy grabb objectif, block a sniping units or focus an hero. If on the board you have only something like 3 points to manage, just rush Stornhorns, obviously, and go in 🀣. I agree with you Stornhorns have a massive impact on game (wait the next general book : probably up the cost of Stornhorns and down the cost of Thundertusk). Slaughtermaster or butcher are great, it's depend what you want (i prefer butcher if i have to make some mortal wounds and stay on the mawpot) you can already add the balewind vortex on him. 40 pts.
  10. Hello MKsmash, With your actual list, except including a butcher or/and skal.. I just gonna change the artefact on your first FoS. I think you will gain more to go for the ethereal amulet from the Realm of Shyish. Personnaly i think eurlbad batalion are to much. Stonehorns Beastriders are very poor. Mournfang pack was ok, you actually have no fap (like hunter) and no wizard (trying to make some buff like molten entrail + dispell some spells or sniping with mortal wound some hero + activate the great mawpot). I think, if you want to stay on your actual list, add a butcher will be the best choice (and switch artefact). That's my opinion, you have to train and practice to see the problem of your list.
  11. Kimbo, go on YouTube and watch Doom & Darkness. He actually play this team comp (competitive tournament + training) Personnaly i have make just 2 amateur games, it's strong and can make something agains OSB. Pray to don't face Fyreslayer it's our mega counter / Tzeentch too, mortal wounds can kill our FoS ... Sad.
  12. Hello, For competitive list i think i will go for 1 pack of 2 mournfang pack to include skal batalion + more cats (screen or taking objectif) + 1 more cp + 1 more artefact. Personnaly, if i go for Boulderhead tribs i don't like eurlbad. 2 FoS (1 etheral + metalcruncher and 1 brand of the Svard + black Catterhorns) 1 hunter (general with lords of beast trait) 1 butcher with ribcracker + balewind vortex 8 ironguts 6 cats + 2x4 cats + 2x2 cats (screen /objectif) Skal batalion
  13. That why i say it's a must have, not required. Healing one time (or more if he can) d3 wound on 2 Stornhorns was cool.
  14. Hello, Cool 1000 points list, the great mawpot is a most have on Boulderhead army. Specially when you have some Stonehorns. Have fun πŸ‘πŸ™‚
  15. Personnaly i think on face to face you're cool... Maybe agains Fyreslayer and OBR Petriflex rip. KO will and another fap army will probably take some avantage because off your mobilty. Your only triks is .. go in. FoS set is amazing. Double gluttons x12 pack, on the paper was funny. On the table don't really work. Because no screen, random double turn. You need more rend i think. Maybe swap 1 glutton pack for 8 ironguts πŸ€”
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