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  1. Quick question: Archaon only knows Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield when in an Khorne army right ? He can`t take a spell from the S2D book or anything like that ?!
  2. Hi, I`m new to Khorne and was wondering if something like this could work and what would be some obvious changes one would make: Slaughterhost: Reapers of Vengeance Leaders Bloodsecrator Bloodthirster of unfettered fury General Artefact: Skullshard Mantle Command Trait: Mage Eater Bloodthirster of insenset Rage Amberglave Slaughterpriest Killing Frenzy Slaughterpriest Bronzed Flesh Battlelines 10 x Bloodreavers 10 x Bloodreavers 10 x Bloodwarriors w/ Gorefists Other
  3. I think it was a huge buff, honestly. 3 x 20 HG is now easyly possible and it`s 5 more HG than before. Edit: 3 x 20 HG can cover the whole field imo
  4. Hey guys, I`m just wondering, since I find it hard to decide on a list, what would a competitive list look like nowadays ? I would like to focus on mortals, but would/can also bring some bloodthirster. What would a solid mortals list with bloodthirster look like ? My thoughts are: 2 Bloodthirster, 2 priests, 1 bloodsecrator, minimum battleline fore gore pilgrim (2x10 reaver + 1x5 warriors), 10 skullreaper ? After heroes and Battleline I really struggle to find some good combos or units in general, that make sense in that list. Thanks guys
  5. What about 2x10 Leadbelcher, Gnoblar screens for them, therefore a Tyrant and big boys to finish them off (chargemortals and metalcruncher). I still think Slaneesh is an autolose, since it is designed for winning vs Mawtribes. But under the right circumstances... who knows.
  6. 100% agree Used it twice and it was the correct choice both of the times. That way you have 2 reeeally scary units.
  7. Tried it on multiple devices and browser. Incognito tabs work fine, no issues there. If I browse "normally" Ogor Mawtribes don`t even show up anymore. Should be fine though, since incognito works.
  8. Superb! Just some Feedback: Stonehorn Mounttraits are missing or not shown when stonehorn is picked, there are only the Thundertusk ones. Also some Tribe Traits are missing. Can`tr find Bloodgullet artifact Splatter Cleaver too. Keep the good work !
  9. It isn't that surprising if you compare him to a 55p irongut boss or a 60p maneater. Don't get me wrong, he isn't that bad, but I see no need in him in a competitive list. His CA really lost some worth too.
  10. Will test a similar list on friday, i just swap frostsabres and cogs for 20 gnoblar
  11. Have a game in and want to share some thoughts: FloSh is a Beast when he charges. He kills everything. Impact hits, had the d6 mortals to good save trait (Combat vs a monster started with 8 Mortals before I even began to swing) and with ethereal and 5+ aftersave he is really hard to bring down. Even few d3 healing is huge on him, since he doesn`t lose that much anyway. Tyrant is a total bummer. BS immune is cool on Gnoblars, the rest has a high enough Bravery imo. Damage output is very lackluster. Butcher magic is very unreliable. Had the 2 spells tribe but magic still was weak
  12. They didn`t change but Ironguts also hit on 3s now. I don`t see a reason to take maneaters over Ironguts (Maybe only if the 40 point differential opens up another combo you otherwise wouldn`t be able to do). But they are not too bad in a non competitive game. They are fine, I guess.
  13. Thats exactly the list I will try in a few days. I have a minimum of leadbelchers and a battalion along with what you listed. But no prayers for the FloSh afaik
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