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  1. So if he attacks in my combat phase and avoids combat in my opponents (both turn one), then his rage is activated?!
  2. Is it sufficient for Skarbrand to avoid combat in only one of the two turns in round one to activate his rage? Or does he have to avoid combat at all in both turns of round one to activate his rage?
  3. Movemet through Wyldwoods? How do you guys play it? Are the three trees "impassable" objects? As the old citadel woods worked, with the removable trees, we would just move the models throug the woods (whule removing the trees). But with the wyldwood-model the trees are not "movable" and so models would have to move around the trees?
  4. Hi guys, new to the forum and to AoS. Getting back into the hobby after a break since 8th ed warhammer. My little gaming group and I are trying to figure out the rules and bumped in to a situation last night. The question is pretty much about taking turns in the Combat Phase. From what we understand the rules works as this: if we are in a combat phase where say 3 different "close combats" is going to take place (6 units in total) the player whos turn it is picks one of his units to fight with. When he is done fighting with that unit it is up to me to choose a unit I wanna fight with. The unit I choose does not have to be the unit my opponent just fought. So alternating "close combats" instead of resolving them one at a time is ok? Is this how it works? The situation that appeared last night is a bit linked to the rules above, but also about fighting multiple targets. The situation is this: I have a big block of 40 Plague Monks. In my opponents turn he charges my big block with three different units of 5 (whatever)-Stormcast Eternals. There was also another close combat in another place on the battlefield (Plague Priest vs whatever). My opponent (whos turn it is) chooses to fight first against my Plague Priest, fails to kill him, and the initiative goes to me (right)? I now choose to (instead of fighting back with my Plague Priest) attack with my 40 Plague Monks who got charged. My opponents three different units in combat with this block is situated on different sides of my block of rats (allowing me to reach each of his units with around 10-12 monks). My first move here is to pile in (litterally out) to get as many monks in contact with the three opposing units as possible. NOW CAN I split my attacks within my big block, allowing 10-12 monks to attack his first unit, another 10-12 monks to attack his second unit and another 10-12 monks to attack his third unit? So not "one monk" has fought different units, but my unit as a big block has fought three different units simultaneously. Is this OK? Thanks <3
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