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  1. This gunna be them, or something new entirely?
  2. I'd LOVE to see GM and Destruction get the Nagash/Soul Wars treatment in 3rd ed
  3. Next your going to be saying that Flesh Eater Courts are not a full army, they have 3 whole boxed sets to choose from!
  4. I don't want it to go away at all, but I really want order to be split up, DoK, Malerion & maybe Idoneth should be their own thing, with maybe some other new shadowy stuff the flesh it out
  5. Nah I don't think they should do away with them, just split up Order. Like have a "Natural" order and an "Industrial" order for example. My personal preference would be to split DoK/Malerion/IDK into their own thing somehow as they are the least fitting in my opinion, but they are also all Aelves and I don't want to make it just an Aelf faction, more shadow murder faction...
  6. I used to say this all the time! Orders too top heavy, and I kinda wish they would split the shadowy-aelfy stuff from order too.
  7. Ok I'll concede that with Death the Mortarch's can pretty much be Nagash's pantheon, so that's good enough. I really want to see a properly fleshed out Soulblight thing happen though.
  8. I was thinking about it recently that 1 thing that really sets apart Order/Chaos with Death/Destruction is the former are lead by pantheons where as the latter just by 1 god. So to help raise these 2 factions I was thinking it would be cool if they added at least 1 extra god to each of these. Death: Raise up one of the Vampires. Not Mannfred or Neferata as they already have their own rules and would ****** with the game too much, but Diefy Vlad or Isabella like how Melekith turned into Melerion. So still have Nagash still rule over all the dead-dead boney-ghosty stuff, and have this new
  9. The first hero that can take the God-Forged Blade HAS to, so if you have just named, it's lost. But as soon as you have the named hero, and then a generic one, the generic one will HAVE to take the God-Forged Blade. Only way to get another artefact is to have at least 2 generic heroes, and a battalion, then you can give each hero an artefact, 1 of them being GFB.
  10. It's funny seeing people constantly complaining about things not included in the very first book. Hold on, they can't fit everything in just wait for expansions. I'm looking forward to seeing it all come out hopefully, eventually!
  11. I feel personally attacked! (I liked Grimgore too actually)
  12. Because time travel doesn't exist? This game was written before all of those new games mentioned, and based on rules that have been around for years. Just always how it was been done...
  13. Or they could just release another book later, eg: "Strongholds of Sigmar" with options from Ghur & Chamon, or 2 other realms
  14. I'm loving alot of things with GW & AoS in the past few years (compared to the previous 15-20 years), and everything since the launch of 2nd edition has been great! Currently my greatest wishes are updating all the finecast characters/elite models to plastic kits. Plenty of opportunity for multi-use kits here. And practically unfeasable as it's so baked into AoS since the beginning but I wish they would split up Order into 2 separate factions somehow.
  15. Yeah-nah, Death & Destruction are lagging behind, Order is way too top heavy and I kinda wish they were split in half some how (ie: nature/technology or something).
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