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  1. Incredibly wishful thinking here... FEC? Since their troops have a lot of bones and metal parts attached to their skin, maybe they have a bottle hanging this time.
  2. That makes a lot of sense, running out of Area of Effect for buffs or spells seems to be my downfall normally. I have mix feelings about this. Some times it threatens them, but some other times realistically they struggle to get a charge and pile in properly, and get massacred in the subsequent turn, since just 20 with no hero support nearby. Tried also with flayers and some better results, since they can be more independent.
  3. But isn't there like a big difference between having part of the army in the front and the other part all the way in the back next to the throne? I don't know, just feels a bit weird, lacking in the midfield, and hard to reinforce each other. I guess like you said, strike first, strike hard, and if it doesn't work gg?
  4. Hi all, long time lurker here. Enjoying the conversations. This doesn't seem to be discussed much, but how do you see FEC in terms of tactics? I don't mean list building but rather how do we deploy , move and engage effectively? I have played plenty of FEC but I am still struggling with units moving too far away from their support and getting killed off. Also the army gives me mixed feelings. Are we supposed to be tanky or killy, play objectives or table the opponent? I tend to win when I play a more conservative game that I can move at my own pace instead of rushing to the opponent, but of course against big shooting I get killed off easily.
  5. It does look a lot like the Varghulf wings.
  6. I see the tome and the sigil being useful, specially the first one with rerolling. The simulacrum, unless cheap doesn't do much damage.
  7. Maybe it goes like arcanite general on disc (or on foot even) makes them battleline.
  8. I would die a happy man if in 2020 FEC gets more units to the roster.
  9. Heresy! As a FEC player I doubt they would go that route putting Mannfred controlling them. All the nobles in the court know that they only serve the Carrion King. Having said this I would expect this faction to be fleshed out more in the future. I think some bat chaff and some big ground monster full of pieces of meat (stegadon looking) for support would work well to combine with the army. I agree with using direwolves or something similar, they need creatures, and like you mentioned some scraps or heraldry would do wonders. Finally, of course, the release of the miniature of their "Mortarch", the Carrion King, which would look kinda like Katakros but would be a combat beast.
  10. What I get from this is that there will be a new Disciples of Tzeentch book (his old ally). That's why requires the 9 gaunt summoners I bet.
  11. How do you all see the upcoming point decrease of Crypt Horrors from the new FAQ? (From 150 to 130). Will you be using them more in the lists?
  12. That's actually almost the list I play with. The only thing I change is the 2nd Terrorgheist for a GK on Zombie dragon, so I can use it to deepstrike along with the ghoul patrol. And then of course it's all about playing around the courts, either feast day or Gistlegore or even Morghaunt.
  13. Whoa thanks a lot! Didn't expect this elaborate reply. Next time I will try the zombie dragon strategy of deep striking next to the summoned ghouls and the summoned courtier from behind or another edge, this would confuse the opponent a bit while I advance with the rest of the army (considering they are still alive). For the front I tend to use ghouls only in units of 10 to screen and grab objectives so they mainly die quite fast. 1- As for the most common gunlines I have been facing, I have faced Skaven and cities of Sigmar. Both of them based around lots of dice which hurt me the most. Skaven was the worst, as they had the extra mobility from their tunnels. 2- The strategies used by both has been to have a huge blob of units all together, infantry first and all the shooters behind. Shoots, kills 1 unit and advances slowly with the army to move up the blob and eventually takes objectives. The best thing I have done so far I think its to cast the barricade nearby him so they can't move fast enough, delaying the objective grabbing. At the beginning of the battle I always manage to grab objectives and hold them, but by the end my oponent has always tabled me.
  14. Hey there! Any advice on playing against gunlines? I keep getting obliterated against them. Always thinking if I should hold my ground or charge ahead. I normally play Hollowmourne.
  15. Okay, to start with, the choice of artefacts and spells are a little strange for me. The inclusion of the Ghoul king on foot even more. I am guessing he played objectives with lots of 10xghouls while trying to do max damage with Terrogheist and flayers? For Summons with the Archregent I am unsure, maybe 20 ghouls?
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