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  1. Good call on Belakor, completely forgot about the daemon prince part. But for Archaon, the allegiance ability says: " If your general is not a DAEMON PRINCE, you can pick1 command trait for up to 5 different friendly RAVAGERS HEROES (excluding DAEMON PRINCES) in addition to the command trait your general can have...At the start of your hero phase, you can pick 1 friendly R RAVAGERSHERO (excluding DAEMON PRINCES) that is on the battlefield and has a command trait to stake their claim as warlord." I had assumed that since Archaon is a named character he can't take a trait and therefore cou
  2. Pretty sure I know the answer but Archaon and Belakor can't use the Ravagers command ability to summon since as named characters they wouldn't have a "command trait to stake their claim as warlord"...right?
  3. Thanks for the insight. I don't have any other plans for the Tzaangor discs, but I'm actually kitbashing a Fatemaster and planning on using the magister's disc so that should work out well. Cheers.
  4. Hey guys, need a little advice. I've got the Tzaangors from Aether War coming soon as part of a trade and I'm wondering how I should build them - specifically enlightened on foot or disc. My first thought is disc for sure because of the better movement, more damage, etc. But would appreciate some input. Also, I already have 3 skyfires and honestly haven't been impressed with them given their point cost so I think they're out for now.
  5. Hey guys, need your help to double check something. The Fatesworn Warband battalion gives a unit the ability to cast a spell, but that doesn't include endless spells because they don't have the "Wizard" keyword, right?
  6. Yeah I knew it was in Wrath, just confused for a minute if it was just another change coven that we could pick then go about our normal business of Tzeentch allegiance abilities, spell lores, etc.
  7. Little confused on the Cult of a Thousand Eyes. It's just another change coven essentially, right? Only it's in another book?
  8. Awesome. Appreciate the advice. I will look to replace the horrors asap, I just included them because I have the models from the lot I bought. Cheers.
  9. Thanks for the tips! I've read the book a little more and like the look of Blisterskin. With what I have and a start collecting box how would this look for a starting 1000 point list: AGK on Terrorgheist 1x Crypt Infernal Courtier 3x Crypt Flayers 3xCrypt Horrors 10x Crypt Ghouls 960 Points. I'm not crazy about leaving 40 points unused, but I'm having issues making the point costs work. This list would leave no knights to summon (based on what I have) and unless I'm missing something there's no way to summon the remaining 10 ghouls I would have from the SC bo
  10. Hi guys. On a whim I picked up a mixed lot of FEC models: 2x Crypt Flayers, 3x Crypt Horrors, 10x Crypt Ghouls. I figure a start collecting would be the ideal next purchase to bring me up around 1000 points but I have no idea how to build or buy beyond that. I've had a look at the book too and I look the look of the grand courts but having never player (or played against) FEC I have no idea what's good/fun/etc. Any help is appreciated. Cheers.
  11. Hi all! I know next to nothing about ogors but painting a bunch of big boys was appealing so I snagged their half of Feast of Bones. Problem being, I have no idea how best to build to 1000 points. I'm not super competitive and given that this is a super side project it would be nice if this army didn't break the bank. Would grabbing a unit of Ironguts, the Tyrant's Gutguard, and another command point be ok? I feel like that's not enough dudes for 1000 points. Any input is greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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