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  1. Yeah, I saw the leak, still, fingers crossed for some less knight-y, more bite-y Vamps
  2. None of the above. There's plenty of heavily armoured goons (StD, SCE) and FEC have the squicky vamp corner wrapped. I would like Lahmian and Neferata be at least the initial focus. Neferata sees Morathai living large and decides she'd be foolish not to shake things up
  3. Anvilgard is like the other Cities of Sigmar, it has unique theme but some people consider it to not have the best city-based bonuses. Personally, I don't think you should make a choice purely on competitive viability unless you are absolutely set on playing competitively: If you like the theme and the design and have some buddies to play friendly skirmishes with, then they make a great army only my 2c You can certainly collect both and ally them with each other up to 25%of your overall army points total (e.g 500/2000). Or you can field them under the Grand Allegiance Order but this has its own restrictions.
  4. I hope GW does push some gender parity for humans/etc. so as to get more interesting armies and more interested people into the hobby. At least give people the choice. A minis building and painting hobby with options doesn't take anything away. Don't we want more customisation options? I'm hoping any CoS revisions we get will give Humans, Duardin and Aelves some some female variants, and that we can get a Coven Sorceress who is less of a tiddy witch, Teclis save us from 90s Dark Elf Sorceress' Madonna bra!!
  5. Anvilgard list with fluffy theme choices. Fleetmaster rolls off the boat with a retinue and shooters, Sorceress arrives to spray suckers and direct chariots to kite. Kharibdyss squats objectives and ties up enemies. Burning skull buffs flagging units and burns through enemy blocks. Assassin turns up late-game to pick off hard to kill bodies and steal key objectives with Shadow Warriors (or doesn't deploy because it's clear we already lost, and better they survive to take the news home ). I feel like organising the deployment phases is the hardest part of this style of game and especially finding the ideal moment for a combo like SW/Assassins, so any thoughts, C&C welcome! 980 points total Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar Mortal Realm: Aqshy City: Anvilgard (Illicit Dealings: Black Market Bounty (extra artefact)) SPEARHEAD Black Ark Fleetmaster (60) - General - Command Trait : Blackfang Crimelord - Artefact : Drakescale Cloak 10 x Sisters of the Watch (160) 20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160) - Vicious Blade & Repeater Handbow - City Role : Honoured Retinue MAIN BODY Sorceress (90) - Spell : Lore of Dark Sorcery - Vitriolic Spray (Anvilgard Wizard) - General's Adjutant 2 x Scourgerunner Chariots (120) Kharibdyss (170) - Drakeblood Curse : Acidic Blood REARGUARD Assassin (80) - Artefact : Venomfang Blade 10 x Shadow Warriors (110) ENDLESS SPELL The Burning Head (30)
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