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  1. You have only truely won if the opponnent cries. It's not enought for me to win others must lose.
  2. Personally i would be more then happy if the hero movement gets removed from the drakes. That really is such a toxic ability that it will lead to ppl not wanting to play against anny list whit dragons in it.
  3. Also the army has 2 spells that can buff them Also they have 30 inch range also they need no los Also they have better stats. Also they give the opponent -1 to hit
  4. I feel that the Threath allone of a wurgog whit shiny tats is amezing. Nobody is all that happy of walking something into range of a model that can do so manny mortal wounds. And unlike a spell you can't stop it. As a zoneing tool it's pretty good.
  5. Well when it comes to big buisness the only ethics involved are no ethics at all. The question are always is this legal? and is the profitiable .(and sometimes this is profitable and illegal how do we make it legal). There are far far far worse buisness practises out there.And to be compleetly frank I think that if slavery would become legal today. Most companies would be considereing if buying slaves was profitable tomorrow. The world is kind of f-ed like that.
  6. Personally I think to manny ppl. Live under the delusion that a company like Gw cares about this sort of thing at all. They would not care if it was fake. And they would not care about our oppinion if it's real. As long as it does not effect sales it doesn't matter to them. And as ppl have pointed out before. Gw does not so much have costumers as that it has fans. And also bennifits from owning the whole concept of the game, the setting, the rules and the models. Putting those fans in a rough spot if they want to stop supporting gw but keep doing their hobby. GW knows this and will use that to it's advantage.
  7. I know but sadly the ppl i play whit and the events I go to don't give two hoots for what and what can't be done in path to clory. I also do not understand why orrucks can't ally or confederate whit each other. Seems to me gw wants to make out orrucks as verry stricktly orginised . Kind of wierd for a destruction army.
  8. In a big waagh i would take boarboys or boarboy maniaks a a screen. 5 bases side ways take up a decend part of the board. And whit 5 wounds and a 6+ ward they don't go down to random shooting so they Can really block stuff form moveing.
  9. Personally i think the big waagh waagh bonnuses take to long to get annyway. So i would focus on getting an effective army out of the whole range over including units that will boost waagh points. Useing the buff troghoth to get+1 to hit on ironjaws is way more effective then trying to get the waagh bonus for instance. For me the big advantage of the big waagh is getting the most out of the diffrent factions. Ironjaws are good combat units. (well brutes and mawcrushers aanyway) Bonesplitters make good screens and kruel boys have good shooting. So a big waagh army for me is a few boarrider units a core of ironjaw threats backed up by some kruleboys shooting. And maybe the maw of mork as a anti casting unit.
  10. Gw stores are about as far from a utopia as realiticly possible. But expecting them to allow 3d printed stuff is eeh........ a wierd stance to take.
  11. Ah yes those are of course the same thing. Cause obviusly pointing out extreemly clear economic motives is a defence.
  12. Really your supprised that a store that sells only a single product keeps competition outside of thier own store? Really?
  13. Wut? Isn't it 9-M+1d6 since they redeploy afther you move. So palladins 5+1d6 (bad) redemers 4=+1d6 (decent) the rest 3+1d6 (good) So as long as the opponent has a cp and space chargeing a specific unit will still be kind of hard. However you can easily threathen a large part of the opponents force when you teleport and they can only redeploy one unit
  14. Well orruks obviusly. And while i can talk to my friend. It really isn't our job to ballance the game. Sure if we want closer game we can do that. But we kind of spend money on gw's product whit the expectation of them doing that. And yes SCE dragon spamm is going to be an competative stapple cause they are badly designed ( as in they do everything ) and undercosted at the moment.
  15. That's nice and all. But i have to run my oruks vs my friends LRL. The extreem diffrance in options and interactions is crushing.
  16. That is kinda how buisness works right. A companie works to establish a brand and then want to profit of that brand. Clearly protecting your brand is a good idea.
  17. Well appart from giants who are top meta. My point is not so much about kruelboys beeing good or not. But that it feels like a fail on design space. If they wanted to make cruel boys sneaky. They should have made them proppa sneaky not just slap on a 6 to hit is a mortal wound and a single pre battle ability. Getting acces to more telleport or more redeploy tricks would have been nice.
  18. I think the problem i have whit kruelboys form a competative sense. Is this. If this is the best thoretical list. Then kruelboys seem pointless. Since you could have a same type of army but way better by plating LRL. I know they ar filthy elves and all. But if one looks at it purely from a copetative point of view. There is little point to the lads ;(
  19. If gw wants to do somethign about the shooting meta. They should look at order. Cause they are by far far far the main problem. The mortal wounds on 6 untis are competative stapels and dominate the order meta. At least where i play. I am up to my ears in snakes and pointy ears.
  20. The old bone splitters worked for my by stacking armour on my stuff and tanking it out. But AOS 3 killed that. Also grabbing far off objectives whit the movment spell that is gone. This edition seems to be a straight up nerf to an army that wasn't strong to begin whit. and that makes me kinda sad.
  21. I think Icebone is to huge. To be honest. It is such an increase in dammage to most units whit armour that it is probably the cause of the ifnatry beeing so exepencive for the bare stats. I would rather have cheapers stuff and more of it then such an effective ability
  22. Well tough luck against LRL acording to GW. But save stacking helps against everything else. A bit to much even and that is the problem whit how the games is at this time. Either your defences do nothing or they are overwhelming.
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