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  1. There is another thing that came up when I was discussing competitive builds with one of my friends the other day. The new Battle Tactics system encourages you to not table your opponent at the earliest possible opportunity. Because if you do that, you're unable to farm points off of their stuff dying at the right time over the whole course of the game.
  2. Heh. I posted about that in this thread back on Tuesday and no one commented. I was surprised it didn't get more attention. It's not the Zilfin move, though. It's different in some very significant ways. It happens after deployment, not during your hero phase. Which means you're leaving your behind hanging out in the breeze if you try to use it too offensively and end up not going first. The Zilfin move is much lower risk. Still, it's an amazing ability for getting into early positions for denying objectives or battle tactics. I think your list could work out quite well so long as there aren't too many amazing one-drop lists in your meta.
  3. I suspect the value of the Admiral will go up in people's eyes. He has a CP generating command trait, a CP emulating artifact, and his CAs are no longer as redundant with generic CAs as they once were.
  4. Yeah, the Skywardens are just worse at what they want to do than Endrinriggers. And pretty much always have been.
  5. I feel it's worth pointing out that command abilities are once per phase and that no leader can issue more than one and no unit can benefit from more than one at a time. I'm seeing a lot of confusion on this point. On that note, Unleash Hell is great but it's going to be very easy for armies to bait. Charge an aetherwing/giant rat into an Ironclad before sending in the real attackers and your opponent gets to waste a command point blowing it up with ludicrous overkill or they just don't get to use Unleash Hell at all.
  6. Modifiers are capped at +/-1. Being in a garrison makes you 1 harder to hit and gives you +1 to save. Look Out Sir also makes you 1 harder to hit. So the only time it would have any effect is if the opponent somehow had two +1 to hit mods on their unit.
  7. Two things that have come up for me in list building theorycraft: 1) Look Out Sir does nothing for heroes in boats. 2) You can't stack Khemists and Thunderers for -2 to hit rolls anymore. Also, am I wrong or does that new Ghur Battalion allow up to 3 of our boats to do a pre-game Fly High? It grants a "normal move" post set-up and Fly High is "instead of a normal move". Same wordings involved as the hero phase Zilfin move, I believe?
  8. Where is the warscroll up? I haven't been able to locate it on the GW site anywhere.
  9. Ally in some gyro copters and blast them with steam guns. They're ridiculously efficient at clearing hordes. And they fit thematically rather well.
  10. I would suggest more bodies. 10 arkanauts with their special weapons to go in the Ironclad and plop down on objectives. Here's what I'm considering with the point drops: Skyport - Barak Zilfin Endrinmaster in Dirigible Suit w/ Great Tinkerer 3 Endrinriggers w/ Drill Launcher, Aethermatic Volley Gun Ironclad w/ Great Sky Cannon, The Last Word ^Khemist w/ Staff of Ocular Optimization ^Khemist w/ Spell in a Bottle (Warp Lightning Vortex) ^10 Thunderers w/ full special weapons Frigate w/ Heavy Sky Cannon, Magnificent Omniscope ^10 Arkanauts w/full special weapons Frigate w/ Heavy Sky Cannon, Malefic Skymines ^10 Arkanauts w/full special weapons I'm undecided on which battalion to go with between Iron Sky Command and Iron Sky Attack Squadron. 18" battleshock immunity bubble or ability to deploy out of my boats after Fly High is a tough call. Leaning ever so slightly towards the Attack Squadron. I'd like to replace one of the Khemists with Thundrik but I can't quite seem to get the points/transport capacity where I want it to be if I do that. Originally the list had 3 Gyrocopters in it and I'd like to give them a shot here, but I think the list benefits more from having a second transported Arkanaut squad able to grab objectives or screen things.
  11. I've been having success with the following list, lately: Thunderer leader Thunderer w/ Aethercannon Skywarden w/ Skypike 2x Arkanaut w/Aethermatic Volley Cannon Arkanaut w/Skypike 2x Arkanauts I think it strikes a nice balance between elite shooting and boots on the ground. Having the melee component has proven crucial. And the Arkanaut w/ Volley Cannon is absurdly good, in my experience. That thing just straight up murders dudes. The plain Arkanauts aren't amazing, but they run forward and gum up the works nicely.
  12. I'm still assembling models before playing with the new battletome. I've been toying with the below list and I'm wondering what people with a few games under their belts think: Barak Zilfin Endrinmaster w/Dirigible Suit -General -GreatTinkerer Khemist in Ironclad - Warp-lightning Vortex Spell in a Bottle Khemist in Ironclad -Staff of Ocular Optimization Ironclad -Great Sky Cannon -Last Word Frigate -Heavy Sky Cannon -Magnificent Omniscope Arkanaut Company in Frigate -One of each special weapon 10 Thunderers in Ironclad -2 of each special weapon 3 Endrinriggers -Volley cannon and grapnel launcher 3 Gyrocopters -Steam guns Iron Sky Command Battalion 2000pts
  13. Am I missing something or can a Barak Zilfin list take a Frigate in their spearhead in Meeting Engagement lists? Because a teleporting Frigate that only has to contend with half strength units on the first turn seems quite strong.
  14. Oh, I have. And if I do it, I'm modelling it as Snoopy in his Red Baron scarf sitting on top of the tank.
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