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  1. These two guys preferably unpainted (I can live with a black undercoat) Uk based, will pay P+P if the price is right.
  2. I’m collecting classic quest and was wondering if anybody knew any websites where I can get hold of single chaos warriors for a ‘hero’?
  3. Cheers dit’s for the sarcastic reply. My point is for those of us who want to catch up on rumours and don’t want have to wade through pages of random conversation it becomes a bit of a chore. Surely if you want these conversations you could start a new thread or join an existing one and have you chit chat there.
  4. This is an interesting conversation but explain to me how any of this is rumours?
  5. No. He is only treated as having suffered 13 wounds if he didn’t fight at all in the previous battle round.
  6. This years Christmas present just picked itself. SC (x2) here I come!
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