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  1. @Kierdale thanks vey much!! I've been neglecting these guys in recent weeks unfortunately as my attention has been dragged all over the shop with so much time on our hands with the Quaratine, but I'mhoping to get some more uploaded soon!!!
  2. What particular are they giving you?.. is it having to stick to someone else’s guide? I’m not an expert painter myself but we’re all here to help one another!! 😄
  3. Loving that house!!! It would be great to build a small settlement up of different building like stalls, smithy, pub, fences, etc but unfortunately my space is limited so terrain is always the last thing to consider as I barely have the room for models... 😔 I shall have to live my terrain dream through your work!!!
  4. With the old world being a forge world venture (I think that’s right isn’t it...) would they use it in a similar way to heresy? Looking to make very specific models for many of the richly described characters and units from “back in the day”?.. Also the fact the teaser from one of the previews showed the empire in the war of the three emperors would fit nicely into how forgeworld could tell the story and reveal the merch. Though it’d be interesting to see how the other races got involved as heresy predominantly focuses on humanity and then really space marines at that I can see the heresy treatment working potentially well in some regards in this manner. I think they first ventured into warhammer with the specialist monsters and the like but surely they could replicate the pattern of what they did with heresy all the better for knowing how that panned out. Either way I’m stoked, I've played the total wars which is one of my fav line of strategy games on steam, I dabbled with fantasy and now I’m hooked on AOS so more fantasy miniatures or settings of any description is fine by my count!!! Apologies in advance if I’ve completely missed something already discussed here before!! 🙏
  5. I’m eager for the reveal more so that I can try and suss out sprue parts and layouts, being more a converter and painter than gamer, I’m eager to see how much versatility the luminary will show, particularly as if love some Hellenic looking aelves to go alongside my Aqshy themed human auxiliaries for my Tempest’s Eye army. i don’t mind the routine of a battle one or two, a couple of hero’s, a named character and a monster or war machine, it gives a nice enough selection to work with,m. For me it’s all about can I get hacking and slashing on those kits as that’s what got me into the hobby back in 4th Ed 40K... (misty eyed nostalgia flashback ensues)
  6. A great idea this!!! 👍 strangely enough I seem to be hobby magpie-ing around as much as before the quarantine... I've got aelve pirates on the housing cities of sigmar as the base. They’re a kit bashing of dark eldar, dark elves, and various other aelve related kits. but then I needed a foe for them and so I’ve got a load of kroot waiting to be kitbashed with lizardmen parts and some Sylvaneth I’m converting to try and look like coral beings woken by the territorial intrusion of the aelve pirates. Oh and a nighthaunt force I got at Christmas which has taken up residency at the back of the desk now my imagination has been captured by other ideas... 😳
  7. Love me some dwarves, especially if there is gonna be kit bashes involved!! I've got a bunch of dispossessed for my Tempest's Eye army and I've made som euphorias but I don't really have many ideas on how to convert them so hoping to take some inspiration from this!!
  8. I've just started using some of the old plastic dark elves for my aelve pirates so really looking forward to where this goes!!! Just checked out our insta as well, so much cool stuff!!!
  9. Loving that skink colour scheme!!! What's the background to your force?.. maybe that could inform the basing? However I'm always partial to a bit of jungle fever!!! 😄
  10. Coral Sylvaneth?.. Coral Sylvaneth. So I’ve got a Sylvaneth and Idoneth start collecting box so it seemed only appropriate to make a force based around the “Alliance of sea and wood” warscroll... However to make the tree people better fit in with their underwater brethren I’ve tried to convert them slightly to become coral beings summoned forth in times of war by their Idoneth masters. Seeing as the Idoneth are always running short of souls I guess these coral beings act as auxiliaries to bolster their forces. I used textured paint to coat the legs and body to make them seem a bit more rocky as coral is often growing from a rocky outcrop of some description, then I put little accessories from the Idoneth kits on the bases to reinforce the nautical theme. I decided to only give the leaders of the units the stick protruding from the back and then I’ll use different spot colours to show units summoned from different coral reefs or growths. One of them has a skeleton on which I might try to convert and paint as a pirate who unwittingly sailed too close to their territory... I’m thinking narratively these will provide some opposition to the aelve pirates I’ve been working on recently...
  11. Round two of construction for my aelve pirates!!! I've tried to keep focused on the exiting units that I've started but when you've got a load of different kits to bash it can be hard to not get sidetracked by new ideas every few seconds as you discover new and exciting components. First up is a standard bearer and drummer for my proxy executioners unit. This uses up the last of the blank dark Eldar visor helmets so I'll have to source more of those to get the unit up to its minimum of ten. What a shame, buying more models... Next we have a standard bearer posed desperately trying to save their flag from capture during a brutal melee, more for fear of punishment from he slave fleets commodore than anything else... Here is another standard bearer for another line infantry unit urging on their comrades to sieze another mighty prize for slave fleet!!! I'll need to at some point work out who is going with what but until I've built up the units I haven't really got an idea of which command figures would look best in which role, any suggestions you guys might have feel free to throw at me!!! Here are a couple of musicians to go with the various banner bearers. The right hand one will probably go with the corsairs unit while the left hand one will go with the dread spears. She'll have a terrain feature built up underneath her leg so she's leaning on it before giving a puff on the ol' horn!! I've already posted WIP pictures of this guy before but now he has a head I think we'll all agree is pretty vicious looking and so he may become an assassin for the force... Was kind of going for a vicious bat man vibe with this one. Here we have couple of WIP dark shards, nothing too interesting, just to flesh the unit out but haven't settled on which heads would look best for them. I my wait until I've had the chance to stock pile on more bits instead fo forcing heads on them for the sake of it. Next we have the first of what will be my proxies for wildwood rangers. Like the executioners I'll try to stick to the same heads and bodies, with segmented armour seeming to be a bit more useful when hunting the various monsters the fleet needs to turn its next big profit. It also gave me a chance to use some of the vicious looking weapons from the dark Eldar hellion box set. The legs on this one were actually made format bashing the various separate legs from a dark Eldar vehicle together to give this leaping look. Finally there is the champion for what will become. unit of swords. Again it was the chance to use some fo the various interesting killing implements that come on the dark Eldar sprues, in this case the segmented sword and chain-sword-thing... Well that's all for now folks. Hopefully I'll get some time int he next few weeks to put pen to paper in terms of getting the back story and narrative together for this forces as well as a bit more paint on them but so far it's been a blast to tinker about and experiment with all the various parts and what not. Any questions or comments welcome as always and thanks once again for reading!!!
  12. Hello, My journey into AoS is primarily that of a model maker and painter. I'm (very loosely 😂) familiar with the rules but really what draws me to this world is the carte blanche we've been given by GW to create what ever armies we want and bring to life some incredible looking models. To that end, the narrative and story behind a unit or force is the most important aspect to me and I find that an understanding of this really helps to identify what it is I want from the model in the end. This unfortunately means I have a myriad of ideas clogging up note books, post-its and memos on my phone that will probably never see the light of day and a smaller number of actual forces that have been begun, but being the typical hobby magpie the we all are, but have to endure glacial progress. Such is the addiction to plastic crack... This force came about after following the work of several other hobbyists on instagram. The siege of peck hashtag caught my attention and if you haven't had a chance to check this out I strongly recommend you do as there are some very talented people at work for kroot forces for this years adepticon. Any how, I decided I wanted to do something with kroot as a result and as such came up with the idea of a sentient race living in the realms at a place of intense magic (explaining their humanoid but not too human appearance) and had recently been discovered by the forces of Sigmar. I'm hoping if I can keep motivated and focused on this setting I'll be able to create my own little distinct corner of the mortal realms but we'll see... 😄 This force is going to be of aelve pirates who being down on their luck recently have decided the newly discovered kroot species would make an exciting new exotic choice for willing buyers back in the free cities. As such I'll be using various units from Cities of Sigmar with proxies here and there to make it gel together. Hopefully. These will be 'count as' executioners for the force and the bodyguards of the slave fleet's commandant. Thought to replace the traditional skull masks with the blank Dark Eldar helmets. Here we have the dark shards starting to take shape. With each of the units in the force I wanted a genuine mix of outfits and gear to show how individual pirates tailored their get up to their acquired tastes. The idea would be that when painting up this force, those members of the slave fleets crew that have only recently joined would have a more rag tag appearance than some of the longer members who have managed to conform with the commandant's desired dress code. The dread spears of the force are used to push and prod any catches that prove to be particularly disagreeable as well as fulfil a military role when fighting other forces. They allow the pirates to pin their foe in place and then move quicker elements into position to flank or indeed fly in from above (the use of scourge legs gives an nice 'hitting the deck' feel). Here we have the first of what will be the main body of the force in the shape of black ark corsairs. I decided to start by giving a mix of weapons so I could field them in either of the load outs on the war scroll but may expand this to encompass an whole unit of each... Again as you will see the figures are in various stages of WIP but you get the general idea of what they'll look like. Here is the colour scheme for the force. It was largely inspired by some Custodes I saw in my local Warhammer shop and with my different forces I don't really like painting repeat colours, in that I like to have a'blue' army, a 'red' army, etc because that way each force will give me opportunities to try new and exciting things out. This is a base and wash done just to get an idea of how the finished scheme may look. The weapon shaft is still unpainted as I can't for the life of me settle on a colour I want it to be. I like to have colours that clash to some degree so that the different parts of the figure can be more easily noticed, so the metal of the weapon is Balthasar Gold if any of you guys have a suggestion of what may look good with that... Here's ends the introduction to my little slave fleet, hopefully by the next post I'll have a name and some more narrative fleshed out along with some more complete units. Thanks for reading!!!
  13. Looking great!!! 👍 A cool idea for sure, Aqshy and Chamon have the environments perfect for this kind of wasteland nomad look, I used Cawdor gang figures for my hand gunners who represent a regiment posted on the plains of Aqshy from Tempests Eye as part of the rotation fo units and have become somewhat ragged as a result of their posting, but your use of Skitarii definitely makes them look like a cohesive fighting unit. Don't suppose you mind if I use this combo of parts for a couple of my figures do you? Full credit given to yourself of course!! 😁
  14. I'm in no way an expert or what not but I can echo agreement with most on here as to it's relevant uses now post launch. I use it almost exclusively with the medium and basically as a another set of washes. I don't really use it to 'paint' areas on minis rather it helps me for more transparent colours like my idoneth skin and the like.
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