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  1. Also a Philly resident though I'm a new player when it comes to AoS (played WFB way back in the day) Putting together a CoS force of mostly dark elves (Covens, Privateers, Serpentis) now and will be looking for people to play with soon enough. I know that Redcap's Corner has an AoS night on Friday as well if either of you are looking for other players.
  2. First timer here. I like a challenge so I'm going to be contracting to build 40 Black Ark Corsairs as well as converting/building 3 female characters (a Fleetmaster, a Battlemage of Hysh, and a Darkling Sorceress).
  3. Hi everyone! I’m a player from across the pond and the world that was (mainly Dark Elves with small forces of Brettonians and Wood Elves) who’s looking to get back into the hobby again after a long hiatus. Looking at building a Cities of Sigmar army using old and new models with a lot of conversions and kitbashing (my favorite aspect of the hobby). Been lurking for a while now and figured it was about time I introduced myself. -Kat
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