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  1. Megaboss on Maw Krusha and the Hydra. I think the Hydra isn't top tier effective but I love it the same. The Megaboss is a chunky ball of Orcish violence which I adore.
  2. @Prince Tûrion Rilyalöce Good model. You could proxy him as Avalenor, as he's a Character and a large unit. If you have Archers, they go well as Sentinels and Spearmen can be Princes. Silver Helms and Dragon Princes could both be the Lumineth cavalry. Swordmasters or White Lions could be the Stoneguard. @Gecktron Love the designs for the Great Nations! Going to use them for sure!
  3. Still conflicted about the Vanari helmets - They're growing on me, but the feather plumes still look silly. If I went with the Sentinel heads, it'd be a long wait and then a nightmare to search for those bits.. Sigh.
  4. I was thinking of using the same model for an Eidolon of the Storm! Might be small, though. How does an Eidolon look as an ally to the Lumineth?
  5. Thank you! Makes things really interesting.
  6. It's been discussed earlier, but can Vanari units cast spells from the Lore of Hysh?? Thanks all. I built Eltharion and he is magnificent!! Love the model.
  7. Read through the rules a little, really liking Zaitrec in rules and in lore. The part where they prefer to get the information "straight from the source, rather than the mouthpiece" and how it irks Teclis to Tyrion's glee is hilarious. Makes them seem far more like characters we know rather than super serious powerful gods, and that's really nice for the Mortal Realms.
  8. I've been using it for a good few miniatures, brushed on for many, and it's been resilient to rubbing off at least. I haven't tried scratching it, but I'll be extra careful with my models and transporting them. Thanks for the tips!!
  9. Thanks for the information! I don't use the Badger stuff, just Vallejo, and haven't gotten around to playing yet haha. I'll add a few varnish layers over my AB primed models to make them durable.
  10. I've heard good things about Stynylrez through an airbrush having closer effect as spray primer. I think going with the new Citadel primers is a good choice if you don't want to airbrush.
  11. Going to try Dark Rider / Corsair helmets with some sculpting to elongate them to look like the old High Elf helmets.
  12. Was able to get a LRL box, yes!!!!! So excited. Glad I didn't sell off my AoS core book when I was thinking about that, haha. Working on IoB models to flesh out the LRL list.
  13. Quite excited for them to be released. I have quite a few old High Elf units, Spire of Dawn being the source of most of them. If I counts-as my Reavers as the Lumineth Cavalry, put together the dragon princes I've had for a while, and with the Lumineth Box, that'll be 15 cavalry. 20 spears with the Sea guard counting as the Lumineth spears, and 10 Alarith counts as with the Swordsmasters. Are the Lumineth on 32mm bases? If so, I'll be alright to rebase them but the old models look a little small on 32mm.
  14. Bought separately it's £65 more than buying the battleforce. A fair discount to be sure.
  15. This has probably been asked to death before, but I've got a BoC SC and was wondering if I should build the Cygor or Ghorgon? I don't plan on including a lot of Warherd units in my army, if that helps.
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