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  1. Hi Grand Alliance community! I'm a former 40k/Fantasy player who's thinking about dipping a toe into the Age of Sigmar. I was a little turned off by the initial rules, but with 2nd ed and the endless spells and so forth it's been growing on me. Contemplating a few different ideas for a force: 1) A cities of Sigmar army based around the dispossessed I still have (gotta convert all those old warriors to longbeards I guess!) 2)A Stormcast eternals army themed around the Iron Lords/Iron Banner from Destiny(Gun metal and forest green all around!) 3) A Legion of Night army based off the Wild Hunt from Witcher 3: Vampire Elves and their hunting packs with some elite wights as their foot soldiers. Also kind of love the look of the Kharadron and some of the Idoneth, and I'm flirting with the Bonereapers as a concept.
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