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  1. Thank you guys very much! You are amazing Okay, it's good to hear that I did not overlook anything special. And I completely agree with you on the advantage of not having to reserve points for key-units. That's what I meant when I was talking about the "leader-dependency" of my FEC. The synergies are obvious but once your Kings are gone your army usually goes down the drain. Thank you very much for writing down the Lurid Haze traits. I guess Ill just try the hosts out and see what fits my playstyle best. Regarding the KoS: You're talking about Excess of Violence right? But wheres the "synergy" with Sigvald? Or do you mean that I should use the Excess of Violence on Sigvald, to get the most out of "Glorious Reborn"? Since another user here suggested it: I'd probably switch out the Shardspeaker for the "Contorted Epitome", it's a litte more expensive but packs a punch, has some sort of CC and Debuff. Why do you think the Masque doesn't pack a punch? Coming from an army that basically has 0 Rend (except for the Chad-Gheist) it's profile seems fine. I'd really love to have Sigvald at 1K points but I kinda fear he'll charge once and then die. Which is why I'd like to bubble-wrap him a little. Yeah I like them for the simple reason that my current army doesn't have any ranged options at all (except for the Screams) and I don'T find their weaponsprofile too shabby. And as you said yourself, first thing that came to my mind when I was looking at their profile was: Depravity Points. I can see them as a reliable source. That's a good point! I love the Slickblade Seekers, are they any good in game? Their profile seems decent. From your experience, did the Painbringers get better or worse with the FAQ? Seeing their old ability (reroll against melee) gone and changed into a +1 against melee seemed to be quite a substantial nerf. Twinsouls are beautiful models, I already painted mine but I thought they'd be better if they had -1 rend. Perfect! Yeah thank you very much! As mentioned above the CE seems like a viable option/alternative to my idea of a list. So just so I get this right, the idea is to let Sigvald fight twice, so he can murder everything? And then hope, he won't get knocked out? 1: Okay, so that's what I assumed (see above). So the idea is to let Sigvald murder everything and hope there's nothing left. KoS is however barely an option at 1000 points. 2. Okay. 3.1: Yeah I think I'm going with CE + Mask and see how it goes from there. 3.2: This is another great point. How do you use the Hellstriders? Their profile doesn't seem all too great. They don't deal too much damage and once they charged, they're stuck in melee? (The Cavalry experience :P) 3.3.: Yeah as mentioned above, would've liked them with a -1 rend. 3.4: That's my plan Ill summon them 4. So I got the right idea, but quite a lot of models to paint. I love the Infernal Enrapturess!
  2. Good evening my hedonistic friends, Fles-Eater coming in peace and seeking advice I recently got into Slaanesh + the Hedonites and made some obersvations and assumptions that I'd like to have your opinions on. As a start I decided to aim for 1000 points, I know there are a couple of lists in this thread with 2000 points featuring Glutos, Bel'akor etc. but I kinda want to start a little smaller. So heres what I think about the army after reading the codex + FAQ: 1. I find it hard to recognize synergies within the codex. Beeing a Flesh-Eater means having a couple of noble Lords who support your Knights and Peasents with powerful buffs & auras. The Hedonites however seem to lack these synergies. Granted we have Glutos and his Buffs + Syll'Eske but apart from these two there isn't much going on. Or am I missing something? Theres oviously the advantage that the Hedonites aren't as dependant on their leaders as my noble Knights but still... 2. I'm having trouble finding a host (?). Neither Godseekers nor Invaders we're convincing, right now I believe that the Pretenders have the best traits. Is that so or am I overlooking something? I know theres also the "Lurid Haze Host" but since I don't own the book I can't really judge it. 3. A couple of questions regarding our Units: - At lower point games I would probably take "The Masque" + "Shardspeaker" as leaders. I love Sigvald but he's just too expensive, albeit beeing a murder-machine. Could see this as an option? - Blissbarb Archers seem to be a must in every list and judging by their warscroll I think they're probably the best unit in our Codex. - Whats the advantage of having a Lord of Pain? His Command-Ability is okay and if he's a general Twinsouls/Painbringers become Battleline, but to be honest neither the Twinsouls nor the Painbringers seem to be too great for their cost. And which units would profit the most from his ability? - What's your opinion on Fiends? They seem to be pretty decent in every aspect. Can withstand damage and deal some. I wouldn't include them in my list but summon them later on. 4. Summoning pool: Right now I'm planning on getting 20 more Demonettes (then I'll have 30), a KoS and three Fiends. Is that too much? Unforunately I do not know how many DP are generally generated in a match at 1000 (2000) points. Thank you very much in advance for your input
  3. First things first, I've never played a similar list and if this list works for you or is lots of fun, go for it! But just by the looks of it, this list doesn't seem to be too strong. You're neither hitting hard nor moving fast. From my experience a group of 40 ghouls either rapes something in one combat phase or gets stuck somwhere for the rest of the game. Not to mention some nasty endless spells... And if that happens, all you've left is the TG. Also Kings Ghouls isn't really worth it since everything you have has leadership 10 and once you suffer critical losses, you're probably going to have other issues than leadership. ;-) But as mentioned before, if it works it works. And if it's fun, even better. I'd say it's situational and depends on the game.
  4. Something Ill probably never understand, so many people in this hobby who introduce themselves as someone who has never played before but go for 2k lists right off the bat. Start small, try out different units and grow from there. 😄
  5. I'd strongly advise against building ZDs without AGK. And evenif you take an AGKoZD one is more than enough. TGs are just way better when it comes to raw damage. If you have the chance take the Archregent. This guy adds too much to your army to be left out. For further information check the last pages as I feel like we've already answered the same questions multiple times.
  6. This is certainly an option but beware that Hollowmourne is probably the least competitive court out of 4 you can choose. You could make your Courtier your general, that would make horrors battleline and you could still profit from feast day and take an artifact of your choice. If I had to choose between a TG and a RZD I would never trade my beloved AGKoRTG for an AGKoRZD.
  7. Yes! Finally! Great News for my Courtmembers: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/09/pre-order-preview-heroes-warbands-gangs-and-more/ The Abhorrant Archregent is getting it's release as a single model (alongside other models that were exclusive).
  8. Well Horrors aren't that bad. They're more durable compared to the flayers and they can deal some good damage but as already pointed out, they're not the optimal choice in a competitive field. Morgaunt is fun and can be pretty nasty from time to time, I once had 30 ghouls killing 2 Bloodthirsters plus some footsoldiers, but I wouldn't call them competitive either. When you're playing Morgaunt you should definitely use the Chalice of Ushoran. Chalice + a Courtier will make 30-40 ghouls nigh impossible to kill. And in case they die you can spend a CP and resurrect them on a 4+. Just avoid units with rend like Bestigors, Grimghast, etc. There are just two models you can't get out of the Start Collecting Boxes, the Varghulf + the Archregent. Which are, unfortunately, quite essential for a lot of powerful lists. Other than that, you can build everything you need from the boxes you ordered. Regarding your question on what to build, we've had similar questions a couple of pages (115) ago. Generally speaking theres not much you can do wrong. If you like Horrors go for them, they might not be as competitive as Flayers but they're still capable of pulling their weight. In short: If you want to a competitive and strong list go either for something Flayer-heavy (Blisterskin) or something with the big bats (Gristlegore), if you just want to have a good time, build whatever you want.
  9. Out of curiosity, are the Chariots any good?
  10. How many points? Hollowmourne is fun and one of my favorite courts simply because I love Horrors, unfortunately I havent had much success vs stronger opponents/lists. So I'd say it comes down to the type of game you want to play. If you're going casual Hollowmourne is fine, if you're facing something more competitive I'd suggest you try Blisterskin or Gristlegore instead. Or build a court on your own.
  11. Just painted my first Bullgors, gosh I love their models! They're easy to paint and yet they look magnificent. I'll definitely use at least 6 of those in my lists. Don't care if they won't perform. :D
  12. How many participants were there? Not trying to be disrespectful by any means but #35 isn't exactly top tier. The list looks the kind of list I'd bring to have some fun and see how far I get rather than trying to win it all.
  13. Although I haven't played the BoC myself (yet, still building & painting) I can see two problems with the list. 1.) Afaik taking 30x Bestigors is rarely usefull since they're on a 32mm base and chances are, you won't get every model to hit. So I'd recommend to use them in units of 10 to make them more flexible. I have the same issue with my main-army, the FEC. Taking horrors in bigger units seems tempting but works rarely. 2.) When using the Desolating Beastherd I'd think about adding more raiders, make it 30 instead of 2x10 or so for maximum damage.
  14. Actually it was my mistake, I did the math wrong. The batallion is a good choice imo. The chalice of Ushoran is a nice option but since you only have two casters in your army you should probably use their personal spells instead of the endless ones. So in the end it's up to you, either you play the list you posted (which is something I can see doing pretty well, especially with the batallion) or you take Firefrogs advice which is also really good.
  15. Yes Grislegore is good, in fact it's really good. For tournaments I'd say you either play a Gristelgorelist or something Flayer-heavy. These two are from my experience the strongest lists you can build and two of the strongest lists in all of AoS. Your list looks fine although I'm not sure about the CIC since you will be spending your CP mostly on other stuff than summoning. Buuuuut on the other hand theres not much to do with 240 points, unless you have the abhorrant arch-regent of course.
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