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  1. I wrote a deep dive strategy article for KO, going over factions, unit options, and discussing strategy at length. Want to step up your game? Take a look. https://www.goonhammer.com/start-competing-kharadron-overlords/
  2. Am I missing something? Right there on the Chaos Warrior warscroll.
  3. 'Still prefer the plague touched'? It's not been nerfed like the DP command ability so its sitll a great effect to have on your warband. I like the idea of being 1 drop but I'm prepared to hear an alternative argument.
  4. This is a list I'm planning on taking to EGGS at the end of the month - a sorc lord can be swapped for a chaos lord its just a matter of preference. Yes its low body count but you're basically banking on Archie and the V-guard acting as hammers while everything else plays area control.
  5. 4+ save, rerollable on the turn they're charged through aether gold is too fragile? O_o. Rerolling bravery due to sitting on an objective.
  6. Just going to chime in here and point out that AoS is still an objective based games despite what a lot of people in this thread seem to think when designing their lists, and ensuring you have bodies on objectives should be near the top of your priorities when designing a list. Bodies help you screen to protect your ships, they help control the board and they win you games. If you're not Barak-Thryng for allied help, you need to be taking Arkanauts. To suggest otherwise seems very reckless in terms of advice for newer players. I think that the Ironclad is a huge trap choice for
  7. Did you know that a unit of 40 slaanesh marauders under daemonic power, assuming 20 get in range to attack (trivial after teleportation as they have a 8" minimum charge) will have a 70% of doing 31 unsaved wounds to an ironclad? Let's say you burn your aether gold to reroll failed saves, it's still approximately 14~ wounds dealt, thus disabling fly high. If you're going to put at minimum 25% of your army into one model, for goodness sake screen it. Your opponent gets a turn after you, and can possibly even double turn you.
  8. A friend of mine on Goonhammer has done an excellent write up on the new battletome and what's changed, and you can find it here if you are interested. https://www.goonhammer.com/age-of-sigmar-review-disciples-of-tzeentch-battletome/ I'm very excited by the new horrors tbh, such an elegant new design.
  9. Want to know what's changed in the new battletome? I've written a review for Goonhammer for the new battletome which you can read here. https://www.goonhammer.com/age-of-sigmar-review-kharadron-overlords/
  10. I'm thinking putting them on a scenic base to raise their height and giving them crypt horror wings may just do the job
  11. Maybe play the faction for a bit before passing judgement either way! It's ridiculous to make sweeping generalist statements so early and I think we would all be happier if it stopped in favour of discussion of *possibilities*, to be backed up with subsequent playtesting.
  12. Wouldn't taking only 1 shield mean you'd have to allocate the first two mortal wounds to that model and thus you'd lose it pretty quickly?
  13. If Archaon benefits from other hero's basic aura of chaos, what do we think is the best hero to have as a pocket aura for Archie? I figure it might be the chaos lord on daemonic mount for it's cheaper cost and high movement, but figured it was worth asking. I plan to run a primarily nurgle legion for Archaon but want to make sure he gets the aura of slaanesh so his 6s explode, FWIW.
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