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  1. Hi, ive made a payment for the AOS can you add me on please? Craig Namvar Thanks
  2. Slightly off topic but anyone got a spare bed this weekend?
  3. Might have to have a cheeky holiday to vegas next year...!
  4. Just out of interest. How does using marauders or varanguard who don't have the Tzeentch Keyword until they are on the field of battle affect the allegiance abilities?
  5. To be honest though, with the rule of having them all within an inch of each other it is very difficult to place more than 2. I was told to leave it on the livestream because the game had already started.
  6. Dryads just don't do anything for me! Drycha scares people. Her shooting attack decimates hordes, shes an extra caster and shes pretty mean in combat. Plus 20 dryads are 240 (480 for 2x20) Drycha is only 280
  7. Thanks, you are right I found the scenarios harder because of the low model count, but if you look at my total VPs from the tournament I pretty much took most things off and then mopped up in turns 4 and 5. I'll try and remember what I did. Was all a bit of a blur to be honest! I'll write up a brief synopsis of each game when I get a chance
  8. No one had an issue with me deploying 3 citadel woods at Blood and Glory. Plus I did it on the live stream too! (albeit I didn't realise they had to be within 1 inch of each other!)
  9. Hes told me on twitter that we can...
  10. Can we just clarify this as its important. Are we not allowed to place a sylvaneth wyldwood as part of the sylvaneth allegiance ability?
  11. Ok I'm gonna post this here as I didn't get an answer in my post! Can the move in the hero phase for the free spirits battalion be used for the forest spirit rule to deepstrike into a sylvaneth wyldwood?
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