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  1. Do halberds get better on warriors? A squad of 20 with halberds actually seems pretty hard to shift and good at swinging back, but that's also a lot of points...
  2. Didn't HGB want to be in big 20 man blocks, so they effectively went up 100 points for the block? And you can only take 1 big block in a 2k point game? Vulkites actually seem like they came out better here since they don't have the same incentives towards big squads.
  3. That looks fine to me I think? Reinforce a thunderer squad for big shoots and the rest seem pretty competitive for the points.
  4. This actually seems reasonable to me? Making things good or bad is perfectly reasonable.
  5. Right now I'm assuming there's no second rank rule. 1" coherency is enough to get roughly two staggered ranks with 25 or 32mm bases and I think they want people to have to take longer melee weapons if they want to go above that. They're pushing back a bit on big unit anyway.
  6. Two wounds is pretty meaningful even with a 5+ (4+ in melee). It's 4 wounds for every 3 that arkanauts get and you're less vulnerable to high quality attacks with rend. Fyreslayers also aren't better at protecting heroes but you're more likely to see 4+ Fyreslayer heroes in a list and some of them might be on Magmadroths so it's a lot easier to fulfill the condition where at least one hero is alive and within 10".
  7. HGB are great in fyreslayers but they're pretty mediocre here since you can't reliably keep the characters alive to keep them tough. You also don't have the same tricks to get them into combat. Vulkites haven't been garbage either since they got the extra wound. They're fine now, they're realistically tougher than anything else you can take against most enemies and they have decent melee output.
  8. From Cities: Runelords for anti-magic work and buffing Cities dispossessed Warden king for buffing Cities dispossessed. Kind of mediocre but not terrible Irondrakes are probably the best pound for pound dedicated shooting option in the game. They lose a lot when they move or get in melee (which isn't a problem for KO) but if you can let them stand still and protect them they're much more dangerous than KO shooting Hammerers, Ironbreakers and Longbeards don't have too much of a leg up over Arkanauts but with the point drops you could find reasons to take them The g
  9. Arkanauts are generally tougher than other duardin point for point. The only real exceptions are some Fyreslayer units. If you just want a screen I'd look at them.
  10. This doesn't work. You can't disembark after moving or flying high normally. The Iron Sky Attack Squadron removes the restriction on disembarking after moving but not flying high.
  11. yeah, it looks pretty solid. An Aether Khemist in there with them also seems good. At the end of the day you'll need to hold some objectives and they'll do it while putting out decent damage at range.
  12. If you want to bridge something then it's probably Irondrakes. They're still far better shooting than anything KO have. If you want aggressive melee then Fyreslayers will probably be more efficient, they can even deep strike with the Runesmiter.
  13. I think at least part of it is that they've been slightly hostile towards consumers. I remember a few times (Spears of the Emperor at least) where I wanted to buy a book but I didn't have a realistic option to. I did pick up spears at the end of the day and it's a good book but there's probably other books that I haven't picked up because GW just doesn't make it easy for me to buy them.
  14. I mean, it's different in the sense that fleeing has different rules and wording than stuff that's slain on the battlefield. Stuff that flees counts as having been slain in the past tense. You never have a point where you can say that the horror is slain on the battlefield and will fit the conditions for splitting.
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