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  1. I like our roosters! Yah they have half dog/feline but they are by no means bloated. How dare you bad mouth gryphhound and chargers. 🧐
  2. To me they are just ok...The fact that the slayers i have know since childhood are most likely gone because of them to avoid having similar design with unforged and the true slayers, just tugs my beard the wrong way. Design wise I really hate the helmets. Story wise I prefer the old orangehairs who seek glorious death to regain their honor in contrast to greedy gold seeking mercenaries who even might work for chaos is offered urgold. But that's just me I prefer old worlds slayers, I'm sure most players wont mind the transition slayers are gone between the settings. (Well Gotrek
  3. Here is bosun Murdock one eye(glutton squad champion) and Cook Barrok Greasefinger(butcher with tenderiser)
  4. Here is my new tyrant. Behold captain Goldteef, tyrant of the goldteef Buccaneers.
  5. Well when i played fantasy there were single models that could kill most of my army with single undisspellable purple sun. There is always armies with newer rules and strong stuff, it has been unfortunately a thing with GW for ages. It largely depends how your gaming group plays. I have had the luck of being part really casual aos group where one can take almost anything and have good time with it. Try to seek more casual games. However if you play with tournament groups then strong meta lists are to be expected from your opponents. Most important thing with this hobby is to fin
  6. Pff... just remove every unit in game and give this game the Warhammer fantasy treatment, no game and no overpowered units, we can all be happy. On serious note aos is far more balanced than its predecessor ever was. Comparing new units made for age of sigmar to old models that are likely to be axed in the future is pointless I think there is reason why aos models get better rules than the old fantasy models like black dragons and other old monster kits. All we can do is hope that those models get good waracrolls instead the same treatment many fantasy kits so far have gotten.
  7. This was my warshrine. I used thundertusk, chaos chariot and darkoat chieftain with marader bits.
  8. Well Chaos lord can make them fight a second time, bloodsecrator ally would give them extra attacks if they have mark of khorne.
  9. I have noticed some trends/interesting things relating to aos and miniature battle report in general on youtube. Getting battlereports on armies that have been just recently updated or released seems to help getting noticed. RULES getting them right is important on battle report, huge rules error can ruin wieving experience especially if it affects the outcome or the game. Personality is really important, people need to enjoy your voice and presentation style. Visual beatiful armies are just sweet for the eyes, also different angles for awesome scenes on the battle field is
  10. This one has body of ironblaster gunner, hands from regular ogres, head from beastriders, weapon and loincloth from mawkrusha megaboss. And lots of different meats and bucherlike bling bling from various mawtribe kits. And ofc some greenstuff. Wanted to make it look like he is screaming that dinner is ready.
  11. Heres my conversions of slaughtermaster and butcher since i was not fan of the origonal models. Meats back in the menu!
  12. Use cauldron of blood, cauldron from dok, place the catapults circular part under thr cauldron to make it bit more ogorlike.
  13. Wont you have to take the blood gullet warlord trait instead of the +2w one? Blood gullet warlord trait gives longer pile in moves to unit near you.
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