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  1. Just to call this out more clearly. The latest White Dwarf arrived today, with a Broken Realms flashpoint. There's narrative and rules for the War for Tepok's Eye, which features Seraphon vs Chaos. Belakor is a main part of the story, but his new model is not featured. It's a regular or garden variety Slann Starmaster leading the Seraphon, and I haven't spotted any reference to Kroak after skimming the article this morning. This suggests although Seraphon are part of BR Belakor, Kroak himself might not be.
  2. I was about to flag the specialist games jobs posting too (they're also looking for army painters). A short while ago there was also a Horus Heresy focused games designer vacancy.
  3. Certainly an unusual way to cook the Christmas turkey 😂😂
  4. Including a Zoat Blitzer (from forgeworld)!
  5. Next week pre-order is the last of the 40K Psychic Awakening books (Pariah) plus some associated models: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/21/sunday-preview-the-psychic-awakening-finale/ Draxus looks cool:
  6. We also need to factor the final 40K PA book, Pariah, into the schedule. Given it features Necrons and the new 40k launch set has Necrons and lore related to the Parish Nexus this could be simultaneous with 9th edition launch.
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