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  1. This month I'm gonna switch sides and paint mostly Stormcast. I'll be cautious, because I still haven't got the method to paint them quickly. So: Lord Executioner (in last month's pledge but the shipment didn't arrive on time) Lord Arcanum on gryph charger 3 x Castigators As a stretch, time permitting: 1 x gryph-hound 1 prosecutor more castigators Let's see how far I reach!
  2. The Mortal Realms issues arrived yesterday so I couldn't paint the Lord Executioner this month. Everything else is done! Now photos. First, the Spirit Torment and the Guardian of Souls, painted and based. I even gave it a first subtle try at OSL on the guardian. Next, let's add up the just finished 40 guy blob of Chainrasps, with the Knight of Shrouds fully based now at the back About the basing, I'm very happy with the results. The Treelord, with some diorama-like pieces from the scrap bits box. I think it looks great! The Mortis Engine, also very nice and funny to do, even tho I like the treelord's better. That zombie raising up from the grave... I rebased a branchwych that was on a naked base. I used a piece of coal from a barbecue, because nothing looks as close to wood as wood (even charred). I liked the experiment, and the results are lovely. Good attempt at the lichens ๐Ÿ˜… Also, I worked on "basing" the sigmarite mausoleum, for uniformity's sake. Sand and flock as the rest of the minis. And last but not least, even tho is not about painting, I put some led strips on the shelves of the Besta (Ikea) I use for storing and display (the infantry part). The insane amount of minis per shelve made it impossible for the light on the top to get to the bottom. Still a lot to paint, uh? Very satisfied with my work this month. On to the next!!
  3. Exactly. Wasting beautiful and expensive bits is a nono ๐Ÿ˜„ I havenโ€™t played and neither plan to. Iโ€™m only into this for the painting, but I must admit that I have thought about the collegiate arcane as well for converting them to necros. Good job on the left arm angle correction on Mannfred. I opted to just elevate him, which is easier ๐Ÿ˜‡
  4. Also, I you plan to mount just Arkham, you can tweak the bits from the other mortarchs to make 2 more vampires on foot, or, more interesting for you, I think Neferata just pass nicely for a jumping, more like landing, Necromancer (has clearly a staff). These are my approach to that. Neferata, just a touch with a heatgun while pressing to the working table, it gets flat for better adherence. Mannfred, some cuts and some putty did the trick. Sorry for the crappy phone photos
  5. Itโ€™s 80 issues, weekly. Conquest, wich is the same for 40k, started on january 2019 and it is ending now. You have more info here https://www.fauxhammer.com/featured/mortal-realms-magazine-contents-list-issues-1-80/
  6. Then you are lucky, because this collection lasts 20 months ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Easy if you live in UK or Spain and you were ready for number one of Mortal Realms. You could get that here in Spain for 48โ‚ฌ, and give (or sell) 72 Sequitors to someone. You'd probably keep most of the 144 dice. I stopped at 7 (plus the one in the suscription) because I felt i'd had enough with 2x40 rasps. 8โ‚ฌ total. Now, it seems Aussies have that opportunity too.
  8. Hello, This month I want to finally do the bases of some minis to finish them off, so I'll prioritize that. But there will be some time to paint, and build. So, I pledge to: Paint: Spirit Torment, Guardian of Souls, Lord Executioner, 10 chainrasps (let's complete the 40 guy blob) Base: First bunch: a Mortis Engine, a Treelord Ancient, 10 chainrasps, a Branchwych Second bunch: Spirit Torment, Guardian of Souls, Lord Executioner, Knight of Shrouds on Steed, 10 chainrasps Build: The Mortal Realms magazine shipment for this month, that should be: 5 Dreadscythe Harridans, Lord Executioner, 4 Grimghast Reapers, 5 Glaivewraith Stalkers (one will be converted to a Grimghast Reaper) 4 Liberators, 1 Prosecutor Hopefully, the FEC special: Archregent, 3 Flayers, 20 Ghouls After that, I might switch to the Stormcast part of the collection for 2 months, as the "black primed army" is growing out of control... Maybe it's a bit much? We will know in 29 days ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡
  9. Ok, not bad month, but diverged a bit from what I planned, because I felt some other way when time came ๐Ÿ˜… I've completed the 5 chainrasps that I left WIP last month. I finished the buildings and bases from the mausoleum. But I haven't touched the walls, and haven't worked on the bases of those minis. I felt like painting 4 other Myrmourn Banshees instead, and that's what I did ๐Ÿ˜‡ Also, I built all minis from issues 17 to 20 of Mortal Realms magazine, and couldn't resist to paint the Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed. It's a very beautiful mini, I must say. I finished this month's pledge (sort of) very happy with the overall results. Photos now! The full blob of chainrasps, as of now. 30 guys. Will be 40. Buildings from the mausoleum: All my 8 Myrmourn Banshees, led by the Tomb Banshee And the beautiful Knight After taking the photos, I sent all banshees to patrol around the mausoleum in the cabinet. You can see how I have arranged the mausoleum (walls only primed atm). On the right, there is the WIP area, but it will be the Flesh Eaters Courts area once they arrive. (sorry for the light on this one, just took it because I found it funny) On to next month!
  10. Come on, man, you're gonna make me blush!! I'm still a super n00b at painting. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  11. Hi all This month I'll be eagerly waiting the next shipment of Mortal Realms collection, because some very cool models are coming, and supposedly also the FEC extra comes this month in Spain. So, for now, I'll pledge to fully paint: 5 chainrasps The third and last building of the mausoleum (Garden of Morr) and the statue. Also, complete all four bases. Some walls of that, also Also, I'll work on some bases for the last minis painted: Mortis Engine Treelord Ancient Some chainrasps And lastly, I'll build lots of models that I hope are coming in Mortal Realms, and paint some. I cannot be more precise, because I don't know if 2 or 4 issues will be sent. If 4 are sent, I'll get 5 Harridans, 1 Spirit Torment, 1 KoSoS, 1 Guardian of souls, 1 lord arcanum on gryph and 1 Evocator Prime. And the FEC! If I need to complete, I'll build, prime and paint up to 10 more chainrasps to finish the 40 model blob. I'm eager for this month's work!
  12. Hi all Some other hobby came in (some Arduinos) and had some unexpected BBQs so I almost finished my original pledge. I completed the Harrows, 2 buildings from the mausoleum (that was the idea), finished my son's Treelord Ancient (what a nightmare of branches) and completed 5 chainrasps, with another 5 in progress but not completed. Apart from these bits of the original pledge, I've completed the buildings with their bases, and helped my son with the cleanup of the base coats and shading of his 2 Sequitors. I'll teach him how to hightlight them next month, so they are wip. So I've worked the amount I wanted, but diverged a bit from the plan. Fair enough ๐Ÿ˜… Now the photos, starting with the Harrows: Then, the buildings A detail of the finished treelord and finally the WIP sequitors I won't post any chairasps until I hopefully finish the 40 model blob next month (25 done and 5 WIP) Game on!
  13. Hi all This month I'll paint 2 Dreadblade Harrows, 10 chainrasps, at least 2 pieces of scenery from the Sigmarite Mausoleum and I will finish my son's Treelord Ancient. As a stretch, i have lots more chainrasps in reserve, as well as the rest of the mausoleum. Let's go!
  14. @Jymmy Thanks a lot for your suggestion. It's something I've been thinking of lately, but I kind of like the natural colors of the sand and the stones. They give "realism", I might say. But it's also something I have to try some day.
  15. @Artobans Ghost Thanks mate ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Still lots to learn, but I it is a good start. For the eyes (if it is of any interest for the community), I followed this tutorial from Squidmar. It turned out really easy!
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