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  1. Are we sure about that? In the Auxiliary Objectives section (p 108) under Unit Types and Point Values it states that the type of unit is listed in its Pitched Battle Profile, so I would think that summoned leaders are still leaders and summoned battlelines are still battleline.
  2. +The variety in playstyles available, particularly the variety available in some armies like Seraphon. +The models are beautiful. +The game is fun to play. +Painting is relaxing. +The number and variety of armies that exist in the game. -The lack of battleline choices in some armies. I wish all armies had 3-4 Battleline choices that were not dependent on your army build. -The number of books, warscrolls etc that are necessary to know all the rules. -The inconsistency in whether or not battletomes and warscrolls do or do not override the core rules. -Out of production terrain, some of which still has cool rules in Age of Sigmar (maybe, I can't figure out if the GHB 2020 has done away with that.) -The number of cool armies that exist. I would like to have many, but I've been cut off.
  3. The balewind vortex gives you an extra cast.
  4. I don’t think every piece of scenery on those tables have warscrolls. The Warcry ones are from the Warcry Starter Set, and there are no terrain warscrolls on the product page. Conversely, the new rules state that scenery rules must be generated for every piece of unique scenery, even if it has a warscroll. So does that mean, an eternity stair would have both a scenery rule and the warscroll rules? It seems very odd. I’m sorry, I didn’t see your last question and I have the very same one.
  5. I'm going to have to make sure that my husband never sees this last post because I am far too attached to my current coffee table.
  6. I was also interested in your terrain. I was also wondering where you got your display cabinet, it is gorgeous.
  7. I have the Ibooks epup Skirmish book. I had no idea that there were newer rules somewhere. I did just look at the latest errata from the book, and the epup has been updated to include to the errata, so I assume the rules are current. Is the the White Dwarf available as an epub?
  8. How are you making Gotrek fly?
  9. You could go to Etsy.com and search for either fairy garden stairs or wargame stairs. And then repeat with ladder.
  10. Thanks for the Balewind advice everyone! It was hard to convince my husband, but I’ve sold him on the idea! Next weekend we are starting a Path to Glory campaign, so now I have to pick my small warband. We are going to play the malign sorcery version because we both like wizard armies.
  11. Can't you save them from turn to turn? I didn't cast any spells with my Slann in the first round and with the +1 for the general and the Astrolith bearer, I saved 12 points for the second round. In the 2nd round and every round after, the Slann controlled the Chronomatic Cogs and with the extra spell had the possibility of 13 points per round + the D3 from the Astrolith. In Rounds 2-4, he only cast 2 spells and took the rest as summoning points. I was saving them because I wanted something big. I'm very new but from the bang for your points, the EotG seems to be the best buy.
  12. Thanks for the advice! I had +2 to cast and a huge range bonus from the Balewind and the Astrolith, but 2+2 is still 4! I gambled on the first round and tried to change the celestial configuration and got the one with the casting bonus. +2 to cast really helped. I messed up the initial deployment because I could have put the astrolith behind a screen of skinks and within 12” of both Kroak and the Slann, but instead I put him about 14” away from the Slann and then had to move the Slann in the first round to get the bonus. My opponent insisted Kroak could not teleport while on the Balewind. We’ve never read the Skaven FAQ. We live in a small town and nobody plays Skaven here. I switched to Celestial Apotheosis, but it was too late and Gotrek was killed that round. But it still only heals one wound!
  13. With the thought of the ‘New Army, New Year”, I decided was time to build, paint and bring the models to the table that were on their sprues and in boxes. Last October, I bought a Lord Kroak, a Slann, a Balewind Vortex and 3 Razordons that I had yet to build. In addition, I received a Slann and Gotrek Gunnison as Christmas presents. I only started playing last fall and have been playing armies largely consisting of 80 skinks. Before last weekend, I had only played a couple of games that we halted when I was completely demoralized. Last weekend I finally played a Warhammer game to completion and won against Slyvaneth (with lots of help)! We had started a game the previous day, and it was just dismal. My husband, who has been teaching me to play, suggested that he alter my list and that I carefully consider his suggestions during the game. My 2000 pt list included, Lord Kroak, a Slann, Gotrek G, a Bastiladon (those are nice, my husband couldn’t believe that it didn’t have a damage table) and 3 units of 10 skinks each. I also had a Astrolith Bearer, which had brought for the casting advantages, but it turns out that his Seraphon buffs are very helpful, and 3 spells: the Balewind Vortex, Chronomatic Cogs and the Suffocating Gravetide. I was very lucky in my summoning, as I was able to summon 2 Engine of the Gods and a unit of 10 skinks during the game. The Engines of the Gods helped immensely. For most of the game, I felt like I was losing. Those Kurnoth hunters are vicious. Why doesn’t Seraphon have something like that? We were playing a game of 5 rounds, with Victory points given for holding your own objective (1 VP each) and your opponent’s objective (3 VP each). My first hero round was good, with Kroak casting both the Balewind Vortex and the Cogs. (We later realized that was against the rules.) My 2nd and 3rd hero rounds were just dismal in casting, with most spells failing to cast (rolls of 2!) or failing to do much if cast. However, I was banking enough conjuration points to bring in an Engine of the Gods in both those rounds. After my first Hero Phase, I wised up and let the Slann control the cogs so I could get extra summoning points. I limited him to at most one spell a round, because I wanted to summon big things. In round 3, I lost Gotrek. I also lost the Bastilidon. The fourth round was decent partially because my opponent reminded me that I had totally forgotten about the Suffocating Gravetide. It was cast successfully and killed stuff. By that round, I had lost one objective and my opponent was raking in the victory points. Kroak used spells to kill some of the Kurnoth hunters holding of my opponent's objectives and reduced the other objective to one model. I had less than 12 summoning points and summoned a unit of skinks that I placed as close as possible to his objective being held by one damaged Branchwraith/wych (I can’t tell them apart) with the idea of charging in and then retreating far enough away so that the BranchW couldn’t slaughter the skinks; but that the Skinks could hold the objective. And then I failed my charge, so my skinks just sat there doing nothing. And things looked grim. My opponent went 2nd in the fourth round and he tried to take my second objective and we both surprised at how strong both Kroak’s and the Astrolith bearer’s attacks were. They beat back the dryads that were trying to take the objective and then my opponent got a double turn going into the 5th round and things seemed even more grim. But then I got the final turn in that final 5th round. Lord Kroak, who had been sitting immobile on his Balewind Vortex since the beginning of the first round, gave it up (losing a crucial dispel and I didn't know that I only got 1) and LoSaTed himself and the Astrolith as close as possible to 2nd objective. My second EotG was there and he was almost dead, I was hoping to heal him. He was near the objective, but his path to it was blocked by 2 Endless Spells. The objective was being held by the only Kurnoth hunter that hadn’t been killed by Kroak in the previous round. Kroak healed the EofG a little, (my opponent kept healing an almost dead Arch-Revenat to full health over and over in the game until Kroak finally killed him in the 4th round. Why don’t we have any healing like that?) and then Kroak killed the Kurnoth hunter and the objective was mine. The Slann tried to dispel an endless spell and failed! Then the Slann cast a spell and killed the BranchW sitting on my former objective and some of the dryads there. Then my EotG that was holding the other objective (and had the extra die since Kroak had helpfully come over) rolled the bolt of azure energy, but nobody was in range to kill. And I was so annoyed that it was that EotG and not the one that was about to go into combat for the last contested objective. Then my second EotG that was parked near the enemy-held objective trying not to die, rolled the free summoning. (He also had a Slann near enough to give him an extra die.) My husband asked, what are your going to summon as I was flipping quickly through war scrolls and then I saw that Terrradons had a 10” range attack. I put my Terradons 9” from the dryads and then later with a couple of lucky rolls, killed all the remaining dryads sitting on the objective. Since during the movement phase, my previously summoned skinks had moved casually over the the first objective and claimed it, I now had all four. And with all 4 objectives, I earned enough victory points to win. I tell you, summoning in the Terradons with the EotG and then rolling well enough to kill 4 dryads with 5 wounds was just awesome. And did I mention that I killed everything on the table? I think I'm going to play this list again, but I'm going to have the Slann summon the Balewind and control the cogs from the beginning. Kroak has more offensive spells than the Slann and I was limited in spell range until I gave up the Balewind, although earlier in the game with enemies everywhere, the extra range from the Balewind came in very handy. If anyone is interested the complete lists are below: Opponent: Slyvaneth w/Winterleaf Glade LEADERS Arch-Revenant: Command Trait-My Heart is Ice, Artifact: Frozen Kernel Branchwraith: Throne of Vines Spell Drycha: Verdurous Harmony Spell Green Branchwynch: Regrowth Spell Brown Branchwych: The Dwellers Below Spell UNITS 30 Dryads 6 Kurnoth Hunters w/Greatswords 5 Tree-Revenants 10 Dryads 3 Kurnoth Hunters w/Greatbows ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN / COMMAND POINTS Chronomatic Cogs Gladewyrm Quicksilver Swords Spiteswarm Hive Vengeful Skullroot Emerald Lifeswarm My Army: Seraphon in the Mortal Realm of Ashy LEADERS Lord Kroak (430) - Spell : Meteoric Convocation Slann Starmaster (260) - General - Command Trait : Great Rememberer - Artefact : Ignax's Scales - Spell : Stellar Tempest Saurus Astrolith Bearer (160) Gotrek Gurnisson (520) - Allies UNITS 10 x Skinks (70) - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers 10 x Skinks (70) - Boltspitters & Moonstone Clubs 10 x Skinks (70) - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers BEHEMOTHS Bastiladon (280) - Weapon : Solar Engine ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN / COMMAND POINTS Chronomantic Cogs (80) Balewind Vortex (40) Suffocating Gravetide (20)
  14. I played him in a 2000 pt list with Seraphon against Slyvaneth last weekend. He died in round 3 of a 5 round game, but I think if my opponent hadn’t been fixated on him after he killed 6 Kurnoth hunters with Greatswords in Round 2, I might have lost Lord Kroak. Also, those 6 Kurnoth hunters were headed in Kroak’s direction when they were slaughtered by Gotrek. I won the game and killed the opponent's army.
  15. Angela


    Hi. My name is Angela and I don’t play, but I’d like to try. My husband plays a Sylvaneth army and I dabble in terrain making for him. I’d like to start playing and have been looking for a painted starter army, preferably Seraphon. Here is my terrain collection.
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