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  1. It will definitely depend on the price!
  2. I started building my Seraphon army about a year ago. I loved the idea of lizards riding dinosaurs that came from space. (Ironically, since the new book came out, I mostly play coalesced.) However, when I started and building and painting, it was with the thought in mind that the Slann Starmasters had summoned the Seraphon from a physical place in outer space and that when they are brought to the battlefield, they bring a bit of that space with them. With that in mind, I went searching for basing bits and a picked a necronic rolling pin from Green Stuff World and some purple and blue crystals, because that seemed like a magical out in the galaxy thing to me. I was surprised when I started playing in a FLGS to find out that "Necrons" were a 40K army. Even more surprised to find that green crystals seem to be a Necron thing. Well today, GW announced spaceships just for my Seraphon army. I wonder if I should get them and use them as terrain?
  3. It is not against the rules as written and it is well established that Seraphon can LoSat out of combat and that it is not a retreat. Sylvaneth can also navigate the realmroots out of combat (that used to be clarified in a FAQ/errarta but doesn't seem to be there anymore) so I would think FEC could telelport out of combat as well. Movement shenanigans is a thing in this game and it can offer advantages to an army that has it. I started with Seraphon and not being able to LoSaT twice each turn anymore completely changed the way I play.
  4. I know what you mean. Last weekend I was telling my husband that I really hoped the Sons of Behemat came out soon. And he asked why since I wasn't going to be buying a new army (he's mean that way) and I explained that King Brodd needed them and he thought I was crazy.
  5. No. Your only allowed allies are Flesh-eater courts and Nighthaunt.
  6. I like terrain. The Warhammer terrain-especially some of the OOP stuff is really cool. But I also use whatever I can find that I like. This is the back of my table right now. It has an alter from Reaper, a volcano that is for an aquarium, a tower that is for a fantasy garden and a Magewrath throne. I also use faction terrain as just terrain sometimes when I am not using that army.
  7. AOS reminders helps me a lot. I like to read through the reminders before a game and take notes-like what model has what ability and anything the reminders might have missed. I also re-write some reminders in spots that make more sense to me. And when I was really new, I also had to write in the phases that weren't in the reminders sheet, or I'd skip right over them! I also make custom tokens to remind me what artifacts models have and more importantly what the artifact does. I've printed pages of token labels using a circle label template from Avery. But at this point, I have coin capsules and I use a paper punch to punch out a circle that fits and then write the reminder on the paper for anything I don't already have. I've also played both sides of a game, but if you are starting a new army and have an old army-I'd play the two armies against each other. I'm doing that right now, as a matter of fact. My husband and I have played mirror matches against each other in which we have split one army and it gets hard to remember which model is in whose army.
  8. I read through this entire thread and your army is incredible! I love, love, love the tabby colored mawcrusher. It is amazing. And your sculpts are amazing too.
  9. That's a beautiful army. I like the blue and black skin tones. Fully painting a 4000 point army is quite an accomplishment.
  10. Thank you so much. I did not know that about the walls and fences. I'm going to have to read all the old scenery warscrolls now!
  11. The subtitle to this topic should be "Or have I lost my mind?" A while back, I stumbled across a warscroll for the Eternity Stair and I thought, "This sounds awesome! I need one of those." And after much searching, I found one for a somewhat reasonable price, bought it and went to download the warscroll. The current warscroll doesn't seem as awesome as I remember and I cannot find a different warscroll anywhere. Have I lost my mind or at one point did the warscroll have more than Mystical and an Eternity of Pain on it? Does anyone have the original warscroll? Googling has gotten me nowhere. And I know the rules have changed, but I only play at home and I'm willing to house rule in the cool old scenery rules instead the current generic ones.
  12. Are we sure about that? In the Auxiliary Objectives section (p 108) under Unit Types and Point Values it states that the type of unit is listed in its Pitched Battle Profile, so I would think that summoned leaders are still leaders and summoned battlelines are still battleline.
  13. +The variety in playstyles available, particularly the variety available in some armies like Seraphon. +The models are beautiful. +The game is fun to play. +Painting is relaxing. +The number and variety of armies that exist in the game. -The lack of battleline choices in some armies. I wish all armies had 3-4 Battleline choices that were not dependent on your army build. -The number of books, warscrolls etc that are necessary to know all the rules. -The inconsistency in whether or not battletomes and warscrolls do or do not override the core rules. -Out of production terrain, some of which still has cool rules in Age of Sigmar (maybe, I can't figure out if the GHB 2020 has done away with that.) -The number of cool armies that exist. I would like to have many, but I've been cut off.
  14. The balewind vortex gives you an extra cast.
  15. I don’t think every piece of scenery on those tables have warscrolls. The Warcry ones are from the Warcry Starter Set, and there are no terrain warscrolls on the product page. Conversely, the new rules state that scenery rules must be generated for every piece of unique scenery, even if it has a warscroll. So does that mean, an eternity stair would have both a scenery rule and the warscroll rules? It seems very odd. I’m sorry, I didn’t see your last question and I have the very same one.
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