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  1. @Gwendar I missed that! good that they can be taken, because now i'm more inclined to get one lol. I reckon they will hit hard, and would have to have similar rules like Ogor's where they count for more than one model on objectives! But agreed, keen to see their warscrolls. not long now! I really want to see a Tzeentch Giant now!
  2. @Graywater thanks for the explanation. Makes sense and I really agree with your point about getting little out of the Battalion for such high points. doesn;t make sense. @Chumphammer (great name) couldn't agree more about the shadow warriors and love what they can do, going to 20 as well is even better Thanks guys for the input. @Ggom I was thinking the same having looked at what gets you battle line etc on Azyr, in a DOK list, and then looking at the Shadow and Pain box. Hoping that they also come out and say that any new battalions etc that are valid in that box are valid in matched play after it's release, as they have done just this past week with other Battalions. Edit: Answered my own question re: Building what models, used my eyes and looked at the GW site, also just ended up commiting and buying a start collecting box.
  3. Looking at DOK and wondering about this comment. Could you elaborate as to why Blood Stalkers aren't worth the points and why Temple nest is a bit crappy? Is it because of the need for the x2 units of the Stalkers? Seems everyone here is suggesting that Blood Sisters is the way to go for the snek side of DOK.
  4. @Gwendar and @SleeperAgent Tzeentch is my second army after Stormcast (got them when getting into the hobby) and they will be my staple/fall back to when I delve into others and go through similar motions you guys have described above! Something about Tzeentch that just nails it for me, much to what you described above with the Magic, Shooting and some Melee to boot! Also, apart from Flamers which ill admit im coming around to, the models are just awesome. Used to hate screamers now I just love the idea of sky sharks floating about biting everything! Edit: @Gwendar Son's do look awesome! And I'd love one of the real huge ones to be able to be allied in to a Chaos army!
  5. @SleeperAgent thats a huge haul of plastic crack! Well done! Nothing better than smashing the bank account and committing to the buy of a new army! depending on how many pinks you end up running / summoning, you'll want a lot more blues and brims! If I can give you any advice on building The LOC is that if you build it with the arm underneath the chest not extended out is that you do that as a sub assembly. Happy building!
  6. Let's set it up! I'll ping you on discord and we can organise a game when im home after work.
  7. @Gwendar LOL I do know you love those skyfires Mate your Thousand Eye list is looking very similar to mine! I have 40 Marauders as well plus a few other units, but ill post it when I've had a bit more thinking put into it! Yeah can agree with you that Pyrofane is much better w witchfyre but im getting a bit bored of the Kairic + Enlightened combo I usually run. I could run some on foot tbh, but the movement and shooting from Flamers is always fun and creates some nice lil zones I find! Yeah the 2nd list is something that I want to practice on TTS before I invest into it, but I like it's potential/I think it has some merit, albeit needs a bit o tweakin' here and there!
  8. @Gwendar I dig the Arcanum list, spesh because it mixes in mostly Mortals! Be'lakor with his ability is too good to pass up these days. So crippling. I don't think I would change anything of the list but def (as someone mentioned above) try taking one of the Slaves to Darkness spells if you can fit them in with the remaining points. Or just aim for the Triumph, as it's always decent to take those re-rolling wounds one I reckon. I still prefer Enlightened on Disc but since we have been posting, you've made me keen to try out Skyfires again so im going to play a game with them in the coming days to give them another go and see how they fair! So i'll let you know. Sorry its been ages since I said I would post this, but here is a couples of lists that I've put together recently that I think would be a fair bit of fun: LIST 1 LIST 2 So with list 1, basically you get a bit of the best of both worlds. The Chosen buffed in a Tzeentch list are mental. It chops through anything however they can be quite slow. But this doesn't really matter because mostly you'll be running them turn 1 anyway to get where they need to be. Coupled with the flamers, you can create some zones of fear I found. Majority of the list is self explanatory I think, but if anyone wants me to go into the thinking behind it let me know. Also the high spells means highly likely to get a unit of Pinks on the board Turn 2 (provided all goes to plan )! Second list is something im still tweaking (haven't actually built nor played with so is all paper theory atm) but would love to give a go! I really want to make use of the flamers and the warpflame host with the idea of them being a bit more scary to be charged or to end up within that 9inches of to suffer more wounds. The Chariots im on the fence on, but, their warscroll is what gets me because the adding +1 to hits applies to ALL the attacks of the unit, so those flaming maws and blue horrors and lamprey bites get the +1 as well. Which is always nice in melee, and with their high movement they make it easier to do the MWs on and it's on a 2+ which is nice. thats really all these guys are there for and to provide the extra "exalted flamer" buff incase the other one dies. Plus you dont see them a lot which is cool and I really enjoy playing and building unique lists. The thing I think this list will suffer from is board control/anything that is going to come from board edges etc. high movement is great to counter that but it is still a squishy list so could go either way! I'm trying to tweak a Cult of Thousand eye's list as well, which I really love the idea of. Those D3 enemy units re-roll hits is really invaluable! @Warmill your army looks great so far! please keep the photos coming! Loving those Kairics and Pinks! @SleeperAgent the Tzeentch Start collecting box is up there with some of the best value you'll ever get from a SC and youre on the money about what you can build! I'd highly recommend Kitbashing a Fluxmaster out of one if you dont like the Resin/finecast model. It's super handy and I have come to use it in a lot of lists and he has become a critical model I find. I agree with Frowny in that you'd chuck a LOC in there and you have yourself a solid start for lists if you go down the Daemon heavy route. Anyways, Happy Monday all!
  9. Thanks @Honk for the reply! Looking at the sub-factions gristlegore does stand out but Ive also heard that this is/was the meta for FEC for a while, is that the case? Blisterkin sounds cool, with the extra movement and the random movement stuff for a CP.
  10. Again! This! Bestigors at 120 for 10! So damn good! Onto your analysis of Maruders, Chosen and Knights, i totally agree. Chosen in a Tzeentch list are mental, and I have written a few lists that I'll share once I have the time to write them out, which also include big bin chicken Kairos! Will touch base with them later.
  11. Hi all, I might have the potential to trade one army for a FEC army. I'm pretty interested in FEC as I reckon some of their models are awesome but im looking for some advice on what I would be inheriting if the trade goes through and if there are other items that I should look to pick up that aren't included in the trade, so any and all feedback is appreciated. I would stand to get: x1 Archregent x1 Ghoul King on Terrorgheist x1 Ghoul king on foot x1 Varghulf courtier x1 Duke Crakmarrow x120 or so Crypt Ghouls x12 Crypt Flayers x1 Grymwatch x1 Challis endless spell By doing some research it looks like I'd at least need another start collecting to probs get another TG and also the Crypt Ghast Coutier and then also the scenery piece? Thanks all.
  12. Totally this. I'm focusing on the Mortal side of tzeentch but it's hard to not get some support from Daemons, be that from horrors or Flamers or Screamers. I don't even bother with Tzaangors on foot, no point atm. Return on investment is just too low and I don't think there's much in the way of synergies that are reliable with the covens, albeit I've never played them due to not having the models, so if anyone in this thread reading this can comment on the Tzaangor covens please chime in! The witchfyre/pyrofane combo is what im experimenting with now in multiple different forms and i'm enjoying it but Kairics man, they fold like butter and battleshock, so it's imperative to have some 1's and 2's in those DD's. But like you mentioned, I have 50 of them in my list, and you don't get a discount at any level and 30 is the max. Just whilst it's in my mind and im typing, I would really love to see some more Daemons for Slaves to Darkness that could be mixed into any other Chaos allegiance. That would be an interesting element for Tzeentch. Some of the mortals work really well in our Allegiance, but having a cool unit of STD Daemons that we could abuse with fold reality would be cool!
  13. Yeah Fatemaster was one that I was thinking about suggesting but I think the CPs are better spent elsewhere. Aspect is a great artefact and I think it would do well in this list as well if you're not too concerned with Aura of Mutability. I think I love Aura because it makes Tzeentch quite choppy when it comes to those critical wound rolls, and on a pack of Horrors, when they are at 20 or so they already get that nice lil +1 but then the help on the wounds makes them actually stand up straight a bit and with some agenda's, they can be quite nice in both combat and shooting! I really wish you could just have one big unit of Enlightened and Skyfires for this Battalion really. A unit of 6 of both, in my mind, makes it easier to buff than having 4 units of 3, spesh with only one Shaman. Safe to say the Mortal/Arcanite side of Tzeentch is a bit lacking atm, in terms of cost v reward. Interested to know your thoughts on that?
  14. @Gwendar I would say consolidate one of those Screamer units into one of the others to end up running either a unit of 9 or x2 units of 6 to lower the drops (albeit only by one) but also better objective holding and for better use/maximise the use of the Inbuilt CP ability from the Host. I think I would swap possibly the Changeling out for the Fluxmaster and the only reason I say that is to have it stay near a Pack of Screamers to make them the -1 to hit in combat, and also swapping out the artefact of the Well of Arcane might to giving him the Aura of Mutability (the +1 to wound rolls for daemon units within 9'). Also - if you're playing in Chamon, the Fluxmaster can burn a CP to add +1 to the screamers bites making them pretty choppy in the end for such a cheap battleline unit. Also the Fluxmaster being 10 points cheaper you might get the triumph as well, but I guess you're losing the extra spell from the Changeling and his very nice -1 to hit ability. So I guess there's def merit in both. Guess it will be all down to testing. I think in my mind, I would use the flux master and a pack of screamers and even some enlightened to race across the board turn 1, trying to position myself however needed in case of the double, then turn two if possible, have everything fly over any units as needed doing the mortals, then summon those 6 free screamers and then possibly even other items based on summoning points and then you have a lot of board control turn 2 (providing you/I had Tzeentch's favour). If it was a pack of just 6 screamers, its still quite a lot to do some gnarly stuff especially with buffs and spells (especially if you had the shaman up there doing arcane suggestion = probably my favourite spell ever). I really think theres some merit in the list. HIGH movement, potential for some serious damage/stress for your opponent and I think that screamers are an overlooked/under rated unit in Tzeentch ( I know I need more). Let us know how you go with your tests and what you did and didn't like, noting you mentioned this is still a rough blueprint! Keen to hear more!
  15. I like both lists, but I think I prefer the one without the Chaos Mammoth more so, albeit, it's a crazy huge threat and I didn't know it existed until your post! Any idea where to buy one these days or have they stopped making them? I'm just not sure about how competitive that Mammoth would be (unless you're seeing something that I dont) and I'll try and explain my thinking behind it: - im not sure of his base size and havent been able to find anything reliable online, but im guessing it is quite big seeing as though I found some okay photos of the model online and I think he will be hard to position. BUT that being said, adding one to hit rolls from a Tzeentch Agenda is totally going to go off on this guy just making it a HUGE threat to anyone in its path and you could legit plonk it on an objective and just claim it I think, especially if you reworked your list that has this guy in it and put a sorcerer lord near him (drop the LOC I think and also buff up other units you've included) and just did his spell and oracular visions on him. Man that would be gross - Raven host 2 is at a 9 drop. yeah you will be going first (maybe, but if I saw that mammoth I wouldnt let you if I was a fast moving army) and you'll also get a lot of spells off, I count up to 8 if you get them all off and then the magister does his shenans of doubles cast again, but it doesn't look reliable without the scribes (another reason to drop the LOC and take the scribes on balewind if you have it). You could fit a battalion in I reckon and get some juicy other kewl stuff - Your Raven host 1 looks much better if im honest, and boasts more synergies and would probably hold up a bit more competitively (in my mind), spesh with the battalion and the Chaos Lord on foots ability to make someone fight again. - Raven host 1 i'm not too sure if the Magister is going to be of a greater benefit to you than taking another chaos sorc lord tbh. Unless you're going to chuck Arcane suggestion on him and then use that on a nasty unit of something to de-buff them? Otherwise again another chaos sorc lord on foot with his spell and also oracular would be better for what you have taken, then you can also put Arcane suggestion on him and use that if your guys need it, OR chuck him on a bale wind and he can cast both and add 1 to saves, plus give him the extra wound artefact and he's kinda sitting pretty in my mind just being a tower of grossness! (this is what I aim to do with him ) I like the direction you're going. I can't get over how gross it would be to go up against a giant mammoth like that, with some of the agendas going off (like the add 1 to hit rolls OR the add 1 to saves), whilst he is re-rolling saves from the chaos sorc lord AND then re-rolling all hits and wounds because of his spell... PLUS if the Chaos Sorc lord is on a balewind and turn 2 or 3 he debuffs a unit nearby to subtract 1 from hit a wound because of arcane suggestion, with all the buffs on the mammoth its just this huge wrecking ball hahahaha. Thanks for sharing!
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