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  1. Sword of Judgement: Pick one melee weapon. If the hit roll for this weapon against a HERO or MONSTER is 6+, that attack does D6 mortal wounds and the attack sequence ends. Swift Strikes: Each time you make a hit roll of 6+ in the combat phase for your general, you can make one additional hit roll for the same weapon against the same target. If I gave these to a Vampire Lord (flying horror), how would that work? Would a 6+ still generate further hit rolls if the artifact states that the attack sequence ends?
  2. Glazing actually. Wet blending is something I’d like to get into though. Thanks!
  3. I painted these guys up for a campaign, used them once and now they are on the shelf.
  4. First impression was lukewarm but it’s grown on me since last night. The Mortarch model blew me away instantly. I’ll wait to see the rules and then make a decision.
  5. Hi guys, just found this forum. Thought I'd post my LoB list. I'm part of a local campaign that increases in points every 4 weeks. We play every other Friday, so we started at 500, then went to 750, now we're at 1000. I'd like to get Dark Mist and Blood Feast on the Blood Knights. Lots of -1 to hit abilities. Thought about giving Spirit Gale to the Vamp Lord for even more. Any thoughts or recommendations?
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