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  1. Good question. The ability doesn’t specify summonable units nor does it specify a wounds characteristic. As written I would say you can heal blood knights but not bring them back from the dead.
  2. Radukar is great value for his CA and a unit of Dire Wolves built in to his points cost.
  3. Use for Black Knights? Proxy as blood knights in friendly games until you get your blood knights. 😂
  4. That sounds good because then you get both as General. What if I wanted to run Kastelai?
  5. I only have one Vlozd model right now and I’m wondering if I should run it as Vordrai or vlozd as general alongside Neferata. Any thoughts?
  6. $200 Canadian for Radukar and his homies?! Glad I got the Cursed City box.
  7. I’m thinking Radukar, Belladonna, couple corpse carts, couple necros and a ton of zombies and dire wolves as a list. Won’t be super competitive but it’ll be fun and thematic.
  8. If you’re doing contrast over metallics I’d thin them with contrast medium as some of them can be more opaque than you want. Depends which contrast you are using.
  9. Looks like 20 in a box. I was right. 😎
  10. I’m actually a pessimist by nature, but I’m basing my prediction on the fact that mortek guard and previous zombies came in boxes of 20. Time will tell.
  11. I predict Dire Wolves in boxes of 10. Skellies and Zombos in boxes of 20. Calling it here and now.
  12. Lotta fake news coming out of this thread. Sad!
  13. Could they also have a breadline modifier? One unit per turn gets bread and can run an extra inch. Each turn you decide which unit gets the bread.
  14. Sorry to hear that. I got mine from my lgs.
  15. Lotta fake news round these parts. Sad!
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