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  1. I've been doing some thinking, and something I'm quite excited for is that there will be some increased demand and use for certain releases. For example, I'm assuming a Seraphon update will happen before 2-3 years (GW please), but in the future if we have both a supported Fantasy and AOS community who would both love some new Saurus and Dinosaurs to use (even just as proxies or kitbash bases), there will be two communities providing a good demand for those releases. I'm an absolute sucker for Nurgle models. If this means another game source for me to grab models and proxies from, I'm hype. I already use Nurgle models that technically came from the End Times. And models from 40k kitbashed to fit AOS.
  2. I'm just hoping GW has enough resources to properly dedicate to a project like this without hurting AOS' development. I'm also not looking forward to how this might not lead to two fanbases coexisting, but instead lead to more of the "my game is better and that other one sucks" arguments.
  3. Plastic Tamurkhan would make me the happiest nurgling, but I can almost never see that happening.
  4. Noticed Tamurkhan was out of stock online, sent an email and got an unfortunate confirmation that as of now he is no longer a part of the forgeworld production range.
  5. On the subject of taking Fungoids in a Mawtribes army, found this in the Malign Portents FAQ from June 2018. Not sure if it's the most up to date ruling on it though, couldn't see anything anywhere else.
  6. Do the Malign Portents heralds still have that rule where they can be allies as long as they come from the same Grand Alliance as the army they're being put in? If so you should be able to ally a Fungoid into a Mawtribes list.
  7. I can understand Thundertusks taking some overall nerfs, but that would make sense if their price goes down, or the prayers the huskard has access to are great.
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