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  1. The picture they have for the FEC page has the little stars next to units that implies a points change, yet they have the same points they had from the last points change. Like a little star next to Crypt Horrors being 130 points, etc.
  2. The FEC page they posted looks like the same page from the last GHB, so taking these leaks with a grain of salt.
  3. Could be interesting if a major lore event leads to them losing their connection to Azyr (either temporarily or permanently). I'd like to see something like that explored if we ever get Gordrakk crushing his way into Azyr.
  4. Q: In a Pitched Battle, if a unit that is a Behemoth can be taken as Battleline, does that unit still count towards the total number of Behemoths that can be taken in the army? A: No. Found on page 11 of the Core Rules designer commentary!
  5. Huh. That's interesting. Wonder if we'll see any of that for tomorrow's announcements. Probably going to be specialist game stuff tomorrow though.
  6. You've got about 500 points of Nurgle mortals (Rotbringers). To bump it up to 1k, I'd definitely consider some more Putrid Blightkings. The Harbinger of Decay is also great, though the official model is finecast resin, which can be difficult to work with compared to plastic.
  7. That's vile I love it. I see Blightking bits and Beast of Nurgle bits aplenty.
  8. Getting some work into a Rotbringer conversion, and I think this is the best head I've painted to date. Almost done
  9. You wouldn't be able to take them in Plague/Blight Cyst. With those battalions, in the organization box we can see the required/optional units have their names without any bolded text or full caps. This means the battalions require the exact units with those names. If you compare it to the Thricefold Befoulment battalion, it has 3 GREAT UNCLEAN ONES meaning it requires 3 units with that keyword, not just the specific name of the unit "Great Unclean One". So you could take Rotigus or the Exalted FW Great Unclean One in that battalion.
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