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  1. So guys. It's a bit hard to make sense of all rumours. But it feels like our Sons might be in good spot in the new edition. Everything ive seen so far feels like a buff. Especially since saves are getting better and we have lots of juicy rend. What to you guys feel? Please GW, dont raise the points to much for the megas. 😀
  2. All may not be lost!
  3. Has anyone finalised an Avengorii list yet? I feel a bit lost trying to put on together.
  4. Kraggys warscroll! ZxdBRlSj3WkAfOAG.pdf
  5. Nice game! Is that Tims Khorne army by amy chance?
  6. Some people think that the higher points cost is a segue into AoS 3.0. LRL and Hedonites have relatively high point costs aswell. And that is supposed to cater to a smaller playmat in 3.0. Rumours ofc but seem quite plausible.
  7. Yeah. You're right. I do thinks there is some merit to Glottys CA on the 20 blob since the bases prevent all of them from attacking. Anyway, I will write a summary as the tournament progresses. It lasts for a couple of weeks due to Grandfathers Covid. Im also oogling the Plague Squall spell for the Sorcerer. 6 to cast and D3 MW to D6 units with no range. Hello Comets call. Maybe ill try that instead of Blades. Cant wait for a new book though. Go go GW.
  8. Love the action here lately. I have a tournament and im going with harbinger, LoB and 20, 10, 5, 5 BKs. Other thatn that im choosing either GUO bell and sorcerer or Glottkin. Somehow I feel that the first choice is better ofc but I do love Glottys looks and his CA +1 attacks. So my question is really, is GUO VASTLY superior to Glotty?
  9. Can he really choose spells from Hedonites whilst in a Nurgle-list? Yeah, 12 inches whitin is quite powerful.
  10. Hey guys. I have seen a few well performing BK lists adding Glutos lately. What's the main reasons for that? I may be blind but most of his stuff just applies to Hedonite Mortals right?
  11. Corpse cart give an additional +1 to cast. So it is possible to get +3 on the AAR.
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