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  1. So, now we have 3 working main rosters: Shooting: Eternal conflagration with 12-15 flamers Magic: Duplicious with magic oriented list control?: Summoners That also we can bring on competitive table?
  2. but we have 2 other source of reroll - Scribes and duplicious aura. tome cost points, cost 1 cast and give weak spell but reroll. double 1 and double 6 is not that great im think
  3. but why tome? its not looks like good spell, thats the point to summon it?
  4. how you use youre changelling? as standart 2/2 wizard or put him in OP deploy and moving him with big unit? then you decide cast spell with him? and that special with Tome of Eyes? looks like mediocre endless
  5. 5+ is hard and Scribes already gives you full reroll to cast. Not saw any good buffs from duplicious. Eternal gives you -1 rend, flamers as battleline(make 2x10 horrost -> 1x20)
  6. Why second place on Tempest2020 take Host duplicious instead of eternal confl ? dont understand
  7. how many LoC we needed now? im have one, but with guild of summoners looks like its not enought and how properly use flamers? im saw they have 3 buffs: conflagration + aura of mutability + exalted flamer. something missed?
  8. That do you think about Kairos? is there way to use him at spell heavy lists?
  9. just dont understand there buffs, sad that mostly units im play got nerfed. and why army with most use of endlesses not get any mechanics with it
  10. thats about pink horrors? still usefull? im have 2k changehost painted right now to new release, so bit worry
  11. so, that you thoughts about new battletome? nerf or buff? that do you thinks is now would be better, that worst?
  12. im hope that horrors is stay high in meta, im just painted around 100 of it. worried about tzaans or arcanites is new meta, dont want paint 100 more(
  13. thanks, but im rarely can get this. Im would make same if find blueprint
  14. im want try to make lasercut templates, for friendly games. but im cant find any similatthing om interner
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