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  1. In thinking about scrap launcher and 2 belchers
  2. Any, im think. Also want but hamadreth cause looks awesome
  3. thanks, im now have only a ogor-ossiarh part of box, qhant push it to 1000 pts
  4. Hello, so with last changes is 12 flamers + fatemaster is way to go for Tzeentch? or that , do you think, is good list for open tourney meta?
  5. Hello, have some sylvaneth minis, like bunch of driads, TLA, 6 scythe kurnoths and looncurse half of sylvaneth. can you help me complete army ? dont know that is competitve for sylvaneths now
  6. A bit sad after GHB 2020 restriction on endless spells. im really plan to make a endless spell spam grots. now dont know that to build. any ideas on semi competitive grots?
  7. Hello, is ogor army builded on foot good or not after GHB 2020?
  8. Hello. With PE changes how Nagash list would looks like the best? im want to play with Nagash,may be not super competitive, but im start collecting OB for Nagash.
  9. especcialy interest in Nagsh list. im building it, but for now dont know how make better Nagash list
  10. that Nagash list would works better now? 60 guards + harvester or kavalos + raiders?
  11. but looks like ot is not a tourney list for now. OBR still good, but nagash was struggle against ranged armies( that dominate meta now) and now struggle even more. Im thinking may be pony based list would works better with Nagash
  12. Also interesting in Nagash now, im just started collect Nagash + boneshaper + harvester + 60 mortek guard list, now doubt is it usefull anymore(
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