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  1. And i suppose you must through on 4+ (Solemn Guardian) no options to pick if you want or not right?
  2. KeX

    Orks with shields

    Hi I play game with friend and he gt unit of 20 black orks gear up with different weapons but some models got shields. My question if if i make let say 15 mortal wounds and he got only 2 orks with shield can he throw all 15 saves or need o throw 4 by 4 until he fail and then no saves or he cna throw all 15 saves. (he plays that he can throw all 15 wounds) Thanks
  3. KeX

    Woods and trees

    Tnx we play to remove tree and thats it but if im planing to go on tournament i need to know my 3-4 fat guys GUO wont move much How people play on GTA or LVO or any other big tournament if someone been on any
  4. KeX

    Woods and trees

    Hi How people play or how is rule on tournaments about woods. Can you remove trees and fit model inside or not? Some say you cant remove trees so that means all big models cant go inside or pass? For example sylvaneth can put so many woods so they can stop fro example 1-2-3 GOU and Glottkin....... so they can move any more and anywhere Tnx in front
  5. KeX

    Plague Wind

    Hi GOU got Plague Wind spell. So my question is when he drawing that line is he hitting himself with that line or not? Thanks
  6. Hi Is Plague of Flies CA stacks with Plaguebearers ability Cloud of Flies? Its same rule but different name so how it works ? Thanks
  7. Ok and what about this as somoene told me this "Yeah the conditions are set when the ability is used so it doesn’t matter what happens to your unit until the next hero phase you keep the extra -1"
  8. Hmm isnt Comabt phase pile in and attack so its activation model and all his attack are in same turn? One more thing someone mention something about if he dont pile in he cant do that jaw is hat true? And one more thing when do i look that command ability when i give some unit or in combat? As some told me that conditions are set when the ability is used so it doesn’t matter what happens to your unit until the next hero phase you keep the extra -1
  9. Hi I play against my friend (stormcast) and we got situation about rules so i dont know if i'm right or not but this what happened. I use Command Ability PLAGUE FLIES (pic down) on 20 marauders so if they are 20 they have -1 hit in cc. First question when i look that buf when i use command ability or in combat phase? But realy disagrement we have in combat phase i charge his Big Dragon. I atack first and then he atack me but before he atack with atack he sad he using Cavernous Jaws (pic down) and kill 3 models and then he sad you dont have 20 models so i dont have -1 hit. So can someone explains to me why if he is right but i stil think he is not
  10. Hi If i got list of 1900 pts so i got 2 command point fo reach 50 pts. Now my question is, is my list 1900 pts or 2000 pts for triumph? Thanks
  11. Tnx but got Archaon already painted one and fyreslayers only looking painted but they are on hold for now.
  12. Looking as topic says and prefered painted all Archaon Evechosen Fyreslayers army PM me with offers and pic Tnx
  13. KeX

    Charnel Pit Carrion

    Hi I cant see points for battalion Charnel Pit Carrion him in new rule book and in application is still there so my question is can i still play it or not? TnX
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