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  1. I figured I'd post an actual picture of the Stoneguard with the cow heads removed, for people who were considering it. There's a little rim that goes most of the way around the helmet, below the cow neck, which makes it a pretty straightforward job. These ones need a little cleaning up but I think I like how it makes the helmets resemble their hammers.
  2. For someone looking to start a new Kharadron army, how many ships should you be including in a balanced 1,000 point force? I like the idea of a Gunhauler filling up a battleline slot, and Frigates seem to open up a lot of options, but I imagine there has to be a certain ships-to-dwarves ratio at which the army would become cheesy or boring to play against.
  3. I got some games in against the Wild Hunt, Mournflight, and the first set's Stormcast this weekend. The Wild Hunt game went in my favor in turn two after some good positioning and pushes to keep the elves off my board, Stormcast was pretty even until I randomly respawned Night's Herald next to his heavy hitter, but the banshees seemed impossible to manage with their movement tricks and their two defense dice were hard to overcome at the start. I think Blazing Soul will have to be a feature in most of my decks, since we have some easy single-glory surge objectives and getting the Duke or Valreek inspired feels like it could be just enough to swing a game if we can't keep the enemies out on turn one.
  4. These were the first non-Orruk Brute figures I'd painted, so some of the smaller details were completely beyond the limits of my fine motor skills, but here are the Eyes of the Nine and Grymwatch.
  5. I'll be taking my Grymwatch out for their first games this weekend and I'm excited to see how they handle. I'd planned to pick the set up for new unviersal cards to use in my Eyes of the Nine deck, but they seem like they'll actually work better for the early-objective-later-offensive style I'd been trying to use with the Eyes. I don't have nearly as many cards that would help increase the nameless minions' damage output yet, but I figure without those they'd still serve pretty well as objective grabbers and supporting fighters for the named ghouls. Does it seem like offsetting the boards as far as possible will be the strategy everybody uses with these guys?
  6. What allies from the new expansion seem like they'd work well in a Cypher Lords warband? The addition of wizards with ranged attacks seem like the most interesting change for warbands in general, but with our speed and polearms it feels like we might not need the range as much as some other factions. I'm curious about trying a chaos spawn -- it has the speed to keep up with our fighters and a pile of wounds with good toughness. Can't fly or teleport it, but a writing mass of flesh and teeth could draw a lot of attention away from our squishier fighters.
  7. I just assembled a set of Cypher Lords for warcry, and I'm a little nervous about painting them since some of their arms and weapons flex really easily. Will GW paint/varnish crack and flake off if one of their spears catches on some scenery and bends a little? Are there any special steps y'all take to protect your extra-spindly figures?
  8. I got a couple games in with that same setup this weekend, winning one with a tanky boss holding a tower King Kong-style and losing one after getting outnumbered in a three-objective game. The biggest hurdle in my games was only being able to fit two brutes in my Shield group -- you can't put more than 50% of your warband in it, and we didn't notice anything in the rulebook saying whether you can round fractions up. That means some deployments will keep two of your five fighters off the board until the second turn. The guys who start on the board can be quicker than they seem if you roll decently for ability dice. Turn two you'll probably be in melee and all your dice will go towards choppin', leaving your reserves possibly running in from the far edge of the board. I'm not sure what a pure brute list can do to overcome deployments like that. On the upside they definitely make an impact when they reach combat! Keep an eye on your opponent's fighter cards because Duff Up is a big upgrade over Onslaught on the right targets; some armies have champion versions of their little guys who actually meet the wound requirement.
  9. I'd decided to start playing Age of Sigmar about a week before the new Orruk book was announced, so I'm excited that Warcry gives me an opportunity to use the couple kits I already bought while waiting to see what kind of changes are coming to AOS before buying a full army. Here's my beginner warband, Da Thikkboyz.
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