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  1. Hello hedonites! I have a questions, what is the strong sides of hedonites of Slaanesh, should I have Shalaxi or standard Keeper? And does hedonites good vs flesh-eater courts?
  2. Hello hedonites-mates! I wonder, how to play vs Khorne players? Can you share with your tactics, please! Do hedonites good vs Khorne? Thanks for attention.
  3. Hello everyone! Does hedonites of Slaanesh good vs Daughters of Khaine? What is the good sides of Slaaneshi army? Sorry, Im newplayer.
  4. Yeah, summoning of slaanesh daemons is really cool and Hedonites of Slaanesh have really good abilities. Sorry, this will be my last question, does Keeper of Secrets is good choice for buying? Is he good in table game for now, after hedonites update?
  5. Yes, sorry will note that this is not rule question my bad. Thanks for answer and agree with you about : "-1 hit modifiers around the army to tempt players into getting to roll even against enemy units." What you think, is there any hope in future to make ability more temptation(more useful)?
  6. I wonder, where is really temptation in just +1 to hit rolls if enemy accepting the tempt. No one will accept this, because bonuse is too weak for having chance to be dead in next turn. In old rules it was cooler, because it grants 6 additional attacks, so there was really good temptation. I don't want to say that ability is bad, it is good(d3 mortal wounds for free), but the temptation is too bad, so no one will accept that.
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