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  1. So..... I assemble most all models. In the case of many, prime and base material is attached. *Space Marine Shame about 20% painted of what you see. At least 400 individual Marines need love. Hidden on the shelves is about 10k or of Necrons about 20% painted. Random stuff from my Gitz army, some Warcry, Adeptus Titanicus and even an AI model. Also some significant forge world shame included in the mix (Warlord, Reaver, Knight Acastus, Sokar Stormbird) Some partially built others still in the boxI added a pic of my painted Gitz to show I finger through some
  2. What a great collection of memories. I too have been a long time in the hobby (1982ish) and only playing AoS since last winter I had an old,ll large Warhammer OG army I started in 2001 and only played with 3 times. When they announced gloomspite I decided to rebase my minis for AoS and build out my units. My son turned 11 and wanted to pick up a start collecting box of beastclaw raiders. So we dropped out first game last Xmas at 600pts or so. Fumbled through it but had a ton of fun. So we've built his painted army 1500 pts and he's working on his next 500 to get to 2000. It is a fabulous time to share painting and gaming with the kid (and my girls). We also play a lot of underworlds too which got me into painting my first AoS only figs in the first two seasons.
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