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  1. Btw Interesting thing I happened today. The new std endlessspell (demonrift) basicaly killed my whole army (around 30 mortals in first cast)
  2. I havent played this army that much yet so i can be wrong. Usualy I use neferatas ability 2 times in first 2 turns if there is fighting. If enemy has alfastrike i dont use command ability for his hit (to rasps since they would die anyway) but next turn to protect monsters. I think I used neferatas comand 3 times only once but that wasnt first turn. Only reason I see where I would definutely consider it is heavy shooting list. Aetherquartz brooch is not worth since you lose so much durability to gain something that isnt reliable and might not do anything before the game is over. It might be worth it more standard list (with alot of bodies) with neferata focused on atrition and defense.
  3. Hide behind rasps. If he takes the first turn and goes all in he cannot capture his objectives so you can then summon rasps there to take them. After his charge, activate your defensive buffs and countercharge with the court Dragon breath can deal quite some damage to 9 boars, orb dragon with some help can destroy maw-krusha and your guys shoukd be quite safefor few rounds because of debuffs and heals. Once the battle is tied you can start returning rasps to hold objectives. You can also let his fast units atack rasps and then fly away, ressing rasps to block boars again while going for the rest of the army. It will depend on his plays but blocking his charge turn 1 is a way to go. Also taking away mawkrusha fast in 1 turn with orb shozld help alot
  4. You mean that lackluster summoning that can basicaly charge at the same turn? With only 1/36 chance to fail? Enemy has to always block points. There are sime very powerful combos (like nurgle dp) and many units got buffed. There were some point increses but overall the book is much much better. Maybe not OP like slaanesh but that shouldnt me the metric.
  5. Definitely not that much at 1000. In my lob list I use 2 dragons and 2x10 zombies
  6. Each vampire can have chalice with no downside. Only general can resurect and you sometimes have to chose between combat snd resurect. You want to have your 440 point model in combat as much as possible.
  7. I mean, isnt there a diference between bravery and bravery charasteristic?
  8. Thanks alot Btw doesnt DHs work with bravery charasteristic? So no bonuses/debuffs?
  9. Read that but there is only stat comparasion and not types of uses. I was thinking about this list Dreadblade harrow (general) Necromancer (aetherquartz brooch) Guardian of souls Knight of shrouds Knight of shrouds on ethereal steed 30 chainrasp horde 5 dire wolfs 5 dire wolfs 20 dreadscythe haradians 15 dreadscythe haradians 12 myrmiurn banshees 12 myrmourn banshees Pendulum Command point What do you think?
  10. Can you compare for me reapers, dreadscythes, banshees and revenants ? What are their main advantages/disadvantages, what uses do they have and is there clear winner/looser?
  11. I am not good at the hobby part (and I am not that good at playing either) but everything that makes you use diferent then original models for bloodknights is a good idea. Easiest way used to be dragonblades but theyare not sold anymore. Other idea is to w8 till slaves to darkness are relesed (probably in less then a month) and use the new knights. Thar would require more work but is possible and those models are awsome. That beeing said your idea is also good. It will require you to cover hands and feet with greenstuff (some knights have their whole hands uncovered) so it depends how comfident are you in your skill. I think that hands will be much more dificult then feet. I never worked with greenstuff so maybe it is easier then I thought. Good luck and if you manage to do that share pics
  12. No. In legion of blood is stated that wizards generate extra spells from lores of the dead (70-71). In lores of the dead pages is stated that wizards that generate extra spells from lores of the dead does so this way: Deathmages - lore of deathmagrs Vampires - lore of the vampires Deathlords they can chose So necro can take one from deathmages Neferata can chose 1 from either deathmages or vampires Guardian of souls cannot chose any eventhough he is legion of blood wizzard because he is not deathmage, deathlord or vampire
  13. +1 atack to both rider and a mount. Only command traits and artefacts cannot give bonus to mount. Necro can take 1 spell from lore of deathmages and each vampire can chose 1 from lore of vampires Legion of blood is kinda diferent because you use many units that cannot be resurected. You need to protect your vampiric units (especialy bloodknights) since they cannot heal that well. I feel like first list is better since I dont like hexwraiths that much. Also personaly I dont like vampire lords on foot that much. I would rather take second necro with fading vigor, especialy with skeletons, but that is personal preferance i think. Btw mounted vampire lord gets +1 atack on his horse too. Overall I think your list is good. I would swap skeletons for chainrasps since you dont have spot for 40 and chainrasp is better at defending and have higher move. Those are 2 main things that you want from big blocks in your list because this legion has alot of damage from vampiric units. That beeing said, many hard hitting agresive forces will decimate rasps as much as skeletons and unchecked skeletons with necro can do alot of unexpected damage. Still I feel that rasps are better, especialy in LoB. Legion of blood doesnt have any bonuses for infantry/summonable units and that is why picking those that are strong on their own is recomended. You need some summonable units but if too much of your units have a good synergy with other legion then why dont you play that legion. And if you have too little of them then you cannot use gravesites and invocations. Nighthaunt works perfectly for that. I dont know what models you have or which units you want or dont want to play but this is how I would change your list. VloZd (ethereal amulet, aura, transference) Necromancer (overwhelming dread) 2x5 wolfs 10 chainrasp 30 grimghast reapers 5 blood knights Balewind vortex Extra cp
  14. ZLee Syn

    Help with cities

    You can do it slightly further then 9. Base +9
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