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  1. That looks pretty good, I’ll check it out thanks!
  2. Still no good update from me Although the progress that everyone’s making is so awesome hopefully I should start to have a bit more time to get in with hobby coming up, only issue is that I’m having to give up my hobby space for more home office space, damn you Covid! Trying to sort out some kind of portable hobby station for the time being, and then a longer term plan of setting something up in the attic (it’s properly insulated and floored!). Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome
  3. @Urauloth do it, join us! I have to restart this month anyway due to life kinda taking over the last few weeks. So you won’t be behind
  4. Halfway is great! Some of us have barely started... Although losing a weekend to a&e doesn’t help!
  5. @Kamose There’s a fair bit of going back and forth but this is the general idea and steps: 1. Zenithal prime, diluted black wash and then a white dry brush over the top. 2. Airbrush glaze of naggaroth night over the whole membrane. 3. Airbrush glaze of blood angels red over the lightest areas to build up some of the more pinky colour. 4. Layer of naggaroth night into the V of the wings which was then feathered out. I had to repeat this a couple of times to build up the deep purple in the recesses as the paint should be really thin. 5. Another couple of glazes of blood angels red in the middle of the membrane, gradually getting more focussed on the middle. 6. Wash of Druchii violet into the edges to darken down even more. 7. Two glazed of Druchii violet over the whole membrane to bring everything back together. 8. Lastly pick out the veins with flayed one flesh When glazing I was using 1 part paint to 4 parts medium. Tldr; zenithal and sketch under shading then overlapping glazes
  6. Good ideas, especially the hair, I managed to find some cool pictures of purple fading into pink so will give that a go. Sisters definitely seem the hardest but since I’m focussing on snakes mainly I was just going to do a single block of 30 witches and ignore the sisters for now
  7. Thanks @hughwyeth @Kramer Need to work out how to keep that colour going through the rest of the models too
  8. It’s been a very slow start, after making some really good progress in May to get things cleared up to start this project I’ve hit the hobby slump... I have at least managed to get the wing membranes done on the khinerai
  9. Nope, should be 25mm and the others should be on 40mm... But I’m doing all the bases separately so just super glued them all to spare 32s to paint
  10. Slight change to the plan, new goal is this lot. Primed and ready to start tomorrow! Hag Queen 5 Khinerai 5 Blood Sisters
  11. That was quick! Good going!
  12. Well I failed at not touching the model, or painting more of it but... the deathriders are finally finished after about 3 months of procrastination!
  13. It’s just plain air dry clay. Works well for the roller but the sides are a bit messy, will need to do something to tidy them up before priming
  14. I’ll split this away from the warlords pledge and go with finish off Katakros, it’s just this bit to finish but the details will take quite a while to get just right. Heres a work in progress shot of him.
  15. Good luck! This is going to turn out to be better motivation than anything else to get my bonereapers finished too! So there’s something to that. Back on topic, I’m going to redo the zenithal primer on my daughters after trying a few things that I didn’t like. And my green stuff world roller arrived so started on a couple of bases too.
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