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  1. That’d work, I’m just worried that the stalkers would lose their effectiveness as a unit of 3. Maybe the unit of 6 could clear a decent sized horde.... 30 attack’s, hitting on 3s rr 1s, wounding 3s rend -2 dmg 2 is going to average 31 wounds against 5/6+ save or 26 against 4+... Seems as good as anything to be fair! Also against the 4+ could use the additional rend to get up to the 31
  2. So this has got me thinking. Maybe there is a list worth taking Nagash in. Bumping up the unit of Stalkers and taking the Shield Corps battalion to get effectively 2 extra RD a turn (from not needing to spend for shield wall) Petrified Elite: Nagash Bone-shaper 3x10 Mortek w/ swords 6xStalkers Shield Corps battalion Umbral Spell Portal 1990 pts with 4RD + D3 + 6s My real concern is how to deal with hordes though. I suppose this is where the crawler would come into its own but I can’t see how you could fit it into a list with nagash as well.
  3. @Kramer Thanks Yes it did, seems like they allocated a bit more for 3rd parties this time. Im part way through building them, hopefully have some wip’s to share soon!
  4. Still making good progress this month. Here’s the Corvus Cabal finished up, not my best effort but I was rushing to get them finished. I might go in and add some more highlights into the feathers if/when I feel like it.
  5. @JonnyTheKing 100% magnetising. Also has the benefit that you can mix and match the models as long as you keep the polarities the same. If you’ve already built them I’d suggest magnetising the bases and using a box lined with metal so they can’t move around. Maybe something like this
  6. Hey guys, I should be taking part in my first tournament in January. What do you think of this list?
  7. Haha, it’s just one of the sculpted ones that comes in the box since it’s from the Underworlds warband. Can’t take any credit for that!
  8. My pledge for this month is the following: Magister Corvus Cabal (need these done by the 16th for a warcry tournament) Build and prime Bonereapers from Feast if Bones, if it arrives... Bonereapers endless spells
  9. Well the Tzaangors got finished. Didn’t manage to make a start on the Magister as I got caught up in Armies in Parade. Finished: 20 Tzaangors Bloodthirster Lotr Balrog for a Xmas present I played about with colours for Bonereapers as well, so although I never finished the morghast that I was experimenting on I know the scheme I’m going for. Pics to follow this evening 😀
  10. Yes but they should also know that there is demand and match it. Even more so with a new army. it also doesn’t make sense to have a new army sold out immediately as this will result in people just not getting any of the models. At least that’s my take on it...
  11. Looks like another looncurse situation...
  12. @ScottyjockI’m tempted to come along but not taken part in a tournament yet. How newish player friendly is it?
  13. @Souleater we’ve started running an ongoing escalation league at our flgs so that helps massively now!
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