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  1. This is an awesome idea 😊 I was thinking maybe a post for each day of hobby... Really the blobby is going to be my main crutch through isolation as I don’t really play video games. Well and working from home I suppose 🥱 So far I’ve just been cracking in with my pledge from the painting contract to finish off my bonereapers army, but it’s hard to keep the motivation going at the moment. But to get a bit of variety I’ve tried to start building and planning schemes for my next project, a temple nest! Hope everyone can use the hobby as an escape at the moment, and if you’re not feeling it, do whatever else means you can get lost in it. And most of all, stay safe!
  2. The plan from last month has changed. The Katakros subassemblies that we’re ready to go have gone back in the box in favour of 20 Kavalos Deathriders that I’m looking at needing for a tournament in April. Ive been taking a lot of time over this army and don’t want to rush any of the models so the goal is just to get the mounts finished and based. Obviously with a stretch goal of finishing them all! But I doubt that’s ever going to happen...
  3. Quite pleased with what I’ve managed to get done this month. All subassemblies of Katakros have been primed and all of the bone has had the first zenithal layers completed. I still need to highlight the bone, but instead of splitting my time between the two models I cracked on with Zandtos, so here he is! I also did end up doing a quick job on a bunch of endless spells. Nothing special but good enough to pop on the tabletop.
  4. Good luck 😃 Would be good to see some pics once you’re done too
  5. @Matthius19 You’ve picked a good army for perfecting that bone recipe that’s for sure! For my bone reapers I’ve been priming in White as it’s much quicker to get a solid coat of that bone colour compared to black. I haven’t tried it myself yet but you could probably prime in a biege/light brown colour and that’d work well, or if using gw primers I reckon Wraithbone would work well too. What other colours will you be using for the scheme? That might be the biggest differentiator between whether white or a bone colour would be better. Hope that helps!
  6. Another really busy month for me coming up, so not much time either. I’ve sub-assembled Katakros and Zandtos, so my goal for the month is to get them full primed and finish off the bone components. I’ve got a feeling I may get sidetracked with some endless spells though... Using exactly the same colour palette for 3 months has got a bit tiring!
  7. @l1censetochill Looks pretty good to me! But if you want to get smoother blends on the large areas there are probably 3 options: 1. Wet blending - not a technique that I’m particularly familiar with but seems to be a popular option. Slightly less control than glazing but still pretty decent. Might be tough on smaller areas. 2. Glazing - Lots and lots of really thin layers, typically starting from a mid tone and then going back and forth between darker and lighter layers. It’s slow but the results can be great and can be used for both small and large areas. It also allows the most control in my opinion. 3. Airbrush - still technically glazing but a bit easier if you’re happy to use one. Overspray can be an issue with this one! You’ll find loads of tutorials on YouTube for these too!
  8. I’ve completed the crawlers now. And with that I have a fully painted 2k army I might have a couple of days to get on with some endless spells but due to holidays I’ve not got much painting time left this month.
  9. Ok, that looks so much better than mine in the app! Might need to start up the computer... You’re right though, being able to keep track of what needs to be done, but more importantly all you’ve actually managed to finish makes such a difference to motivation!
  10. So in 2019 my only goal was to get involved in playing and meet people in the community. I joined a gaming club in March, which then folded later in the year but have found two new groups to join since. I think it’s fair to say that this has been a massive success for me! Well I suppose I also wanted to keep trying to improve my painting but that was very much secondary. Now for 2020 I want to expand that even more, keep up getting in at least a game a week, but also try and branch out and try some of the local tournament scene. I’ve already signed up to a couple of events so fingers crossed! I’m not fussed about being too table at all, just want to get involved more, and as always, play more games. As for the hobby side, in 2019, I felt like my painting improved massively. But each model took a long time and by the end of a project I was just dropping off models rather than finishing everything. So for 2020 my goal is to completely finish my bonereapers army, and not just the models that’ll see the tabletop! Then after that it’s off to work on Slaves. With them I’m playing to do a reasonable amount of conversions as pretty much everything I’ve done to date has been built straight out the box. So yeah, probably setting too high goals, but never mind, one can dream 🤣
  11. I play Khorne as my other army, unsurprising given my pic... I think that list would really struggle, without buffs, which other than locus there aren’t any, all of the IR thirster will be hitting on 4s with only 5 attacks each on the top bracket. The one to look out for is the one with A’ragth as that will hit heroes on a 2+, so as long as all your heroes are screened it should be fine. Also, apart from the bloodletter blob, when it’s >20, you can pretty much ignore the rest of the units, they will just bounce off of mortek guard. Meant to add, any debuffs like the -1 hit from the nexus are your friend!
  12. Count me in - Alastair Maxwell plus Tim Allen
  13. I’ve signed up for tempest as well, so not really I suppose
  14. Can you sign me up please? - Alastair Maxwell
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