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  1. anything is possible this early in development, but on streams and ads they have emphasized it'll be square bases, also sales wise you don't want every AoS player with a proxyiable army NOT buying the new hotness
  2. I'm sure some did as Order; but I doubt much as just Bretonnians after the advent of common implementation of mortal wounds, a few armies suffered as a result but most got new armies soon after.
  3. Speculation unless a 20 year old white dwarf army was a long plan on GWs part
  4. New naval chamber, each major stormhost will have it's own army book 😛
  5. The artillery die pure chaos especially when you had to state how far you were shooting before you could measure.
  6. Bit late but wanted to test some stuff before I gave hard to work with information. As someone who is making and converting an army first picking rules to use second, (still don't know wrote story first), Ive been using a lot of older kits especially the low fantasy bretonians for easier conversions, I've done some tests and dwelt on this long to give some ideas. . On base size, it's going to depend which knights you got . 6th edition knights are probably the best portioned cavalry I've worked with from GW the horses are armoured and clearly bigger then a pony , they are clearly HEAVY cavalry standing next to my old wood elves.beyond their runners they have twice the foot print of some of the older elves mounts(about the same as the new lumineth dawn riders even with their more dynamic poses). the old Bretonnians horses(the ones you plug the knight into a saddle hole) are about 20-30% smaller then the 6th editions length is about the same so they will fit on a base equally small but there is a image difference 60mm x 35mm is what bretonnia uses in AoS so same as dark riders, drake spawn pistollers as previously suggested. can be a bit tight based on lance position 75mm the bigger demigryph base, i had a plan to try multi basing as a how to guide but upon testing boy is that a tight fit( probably still will to show why not to). Lances down the single 6th ed model works fine. the chaos knights are on the same base now but shared the same base size in WHFB so it's not unheard of for old cavalry models on it. the smaller older knights look quite small and maybe avoid using them as demigryphs if you were considering that route. If you want to convert some griffon helmets, turkic tugs pr hussar wings may fit the theme.
  7. I mean the AoS 3 is Speculative on our part, but Covid related delays probably wouldn't effect it too much, the big delay from Covid is probably in logistics, tooling and distribution; which can delay some products it definitely won't a new rulebook; which can have a lot of work done via correspondence. You don't want the rest of your Team being unproductive in GW s business sense when you already have some limits in some sectors,Design, Writing are all doable. We also can't forsee when production will be at full again and neither can GW;not the kinda of thing to wait thru indefinitely Maybe not get whole new pair of armies in conjunction with it, but a minis set and a new rulebook is entirely doable based on current release's and productivity
  8. This tends to happen with GW, and keep in mind the current limitations on any industry production wise not only does that limit your output but lockdowns took a significant chunk of a fiscal year away which probably cause all sorts of difficulties in supply chain and manufacturing(though selling products related to the IP must be a boon financially these days ) though at the end of the last decade of fantasy 40k tended to get more love as an IP I think the material and business situation GW finds itself in has more of an effect. They probably have to be more purposeful with releases in order to maintain costs and to further growth(and growth i think is a big thing here). which brings us to a common problem as fans wanting out dudemens to get attention. With the caveat that GW doesn't release specific numbers so this is speculation on my part, 40k is a way more recognized of the original IPs, for the international market that GW works in. This new release found itself having it's announcement find a wider reach then I've seen of any GW game(some of this is for sure GW has become ore digital savvy then it's past self and competitors)this isn't a fault of AoS mind you but it may be the least recognizable to outsiders of our corner of this hobby( I'd argue WHFB and 40k being almost 40 years old with coupled best selling video games, some recognized characters gives them quite an advantage). Now an IP doesn't make GW's business model primary money (at least I hope not), but if GW is finding itself trying to get sales and grow it's customer base , while dealing with current limitations, going all in with the new 40k edition new for few weeks does seem to be getting attention from people outside the hobby and satisfy a LARGE chunk of the fanbase. Now we kinda suffer a bit of new shinny but probably isn't shrinking the base as we aren't going to quit and our piles of shame are shrinking
  9. Yet they are the only faction that can ally lumineth. On malerion and the other gods. Part of me wants to see the evil side of order more delved into. Yet I also think that its somewhat more fleshing the world if some factions arent represented on the board via an army as there are more ways to power then military might, but I recognize that the IP is mostly limited to the wargame and some might not be happy(both designers and fans) being relegated to background. Warcry and underworld give them some space for that but the ambiguity and size of the wider setting can make factions in that game seem like a specific time and place rather then a part of a wider background. which I personally feel is a good thing as I've seen WAAAY more creativity in this community then I've seen in the last 20 years of 40k and WHFB
  10. A trick from the rebasing off square is to drill into the legs from below the base and put a pin in, its easier to remove without damging as the mini is more braced
  11. the points adjustment for Cities and anything printed after are in Free FAQs on the website they are different then GHB which reflects earlier FAQ adjusments
  12. While some of them are the older kits and we have had a few quick vanishing kits as of late, but leans towards production limits and stock . The production capacity is already hard to get to optimal point with just a machinery update let alone when you are restricted on personal distance, using only remote tools, diminishing multiple personal touching materials ect. it'll probably be a while before capacity is back up. Coupling this with what I would assume is prioritizing new releases; this is probably more a we don't know when/if we will have a stock of these finished goods, as I doubt kits like the Intercessors will be getting canned. Now does that mean some of these kits won't be cut as long term plans change no nut a few such as the saurus warriors would of been better replaced months ago rather then after releasing a new army book
  13. Even beyond copyright desire problems post spot the space marine,lack of support(at least until the 8thed FAQ that made their rules work again) and other aforementioned issues. this may be a string of personal bad luck and more conjecture but the last few Bretonnian boxes I got at the end of WHFB had a few isssues, with details almost looking like blobs and casting issues that all pointed to worn out molds(the worst looking like a cracked mold elongated my horse). If this was the case at the end of a material cycle, with a new game that was already a risky project I done, I don't think GW was in a position to continue Bretonnia seeing as AoS release scale was already a risk, starting from the ground up on design takes time and costs that needed to be invested elsewhere
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