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  1. With greenstuff and enough patience any army is possible. that said I never did get my kingdom of Oyo and Hausa inspired free city off the ground and probably never will. Maybe I'll get a unit of demigryph knights and make a worth conversion for these guys
  2. Already planning conversions for the Bull....Kilimanjaro or Meru with some Samburu inspiration
  3. I know its a compendium but it was updated but being updated in 2017 I'll still count it (and have used it). The Noble standard champion at 80pts while weaker then similar units and heroes I feel that's just to push you towards buying newer models not that bad; main thing though it's synergy ability is a weaker version of the order battle trait with a more limited range and with a keyword only a few units have.
  4. So does the design coming from forgeworld solidify this as a forgeworld game?
  5. Well I know a lot of people work hard on armies. I hope they show em off online at least.....Previews will come and go but some of my favorite stuff is what people show off for their hobby passion during adepticon
  6. Well the newest article did say the Lumineth use the old symbols of Lileath and that Teclis has taken those Symbols as his own,probably why some of the dawn-riders have magical cups on their shields. Fits kinda with her story too in the world that was, she didnt get to make her own race so she the Bretonnian culture/religion to form the best warriors to fight chaos, using harsh martial quests and faith. Now Teclis gets to shape his elves through Hysh magic and Zen warrior style. More practically gives the Elves an old school feel with out looking like they were just copy pasted by the design team
  7. Thanks. That seemed to be the go to for to me. though 6th always has a place in my heart but that could just be cause a almost every army got some update and meta capacity before storm of chaos,which never seemed to really happen again. I'm aware it had a lot of FAQs to balance(or make a few armies functional) may be hard to find; and the edition was VERY emphasized towards buying alot or expensive GW miniatures. However third party and used models seem relatively inexpensive so the later problem shouldn't be as severe.
  8. I feel that frustration deeply Gotta keep in mind a few things from both creative and business end for the disparity in lore. First 40k especially space marines are GWs moneymakers they were always the poster child but a little overattention in rules coverage,hobby tips and release regularity lead them to being most of the 40kside of the hobby by 4th and 5th edition,to the detriment of other aspects of GWs product line(things are A LOT better now though;we dont live in the era of you waiting 2 to 3 space marine codices before your fantasy army gets an article by GW let a lone a new model or book). It would not shock me if GW sold more space marines minis then all AoS minis combined. So that's a huge part of the customer base that they need to make feel attended to. next 40ks lore has about 3 decades of history and Aos doesnt even have 8 years under its belt. GW seems to give pretty little wiggle room to writers to go wild more often then not a(much of the dramtic points in the lore come from or is inspired by the old global campaigns it feels like sometimes). Hence 40k lore with its preexisting structure and outlines can be just placed on new planet with same characteristics and operatic events play out. AoS due to tends to be a little padded lore wise like a mythos more then a grand story(not that that's a bad thing) sometimes leading to fun pulpy stories but tends to not have much character or world building so while you might get a book of lore its more the guys are followers of this god ect. GW departments tend to not communicate and the community page is no exception. Again not bad the openness is great for a hobby BUT if i gotta write a summary article on the warhammer community page I can do more with 40ks tropes structure and history then I can with AoS thus I can write more articles about 40k then AoS not just practically but with confidence I wont upset a bunch of people on an online forum who take playing and painting their Conan the barbarian mini dolls WAY to seriously.
  9. @Feinar you may of mentioned it and I missed it but what edition for WHFB did you guys use and why? was it what you had or did you select one specifically? I know its last 4 generations had some key differences and am just curious. Anything that makes the hobby more accessible seems like a net positive to me . I grew up in a country where there was no games workshop and probably wont be one for decades(hell there isnt a mcdonalds yet so we can't do bigmac index) closest one was a flight to Europe. We had clubs in a jeweler/model train shop and folks had stuff they had got on business trips or used books this is of course before the internet being part of everyday life(though we did participate in the eye of terror campaing and storm of chaos online campaigns.) . I now live somewhere with no stores that sell hobby stuff but a few clubs and am still in that rogue trader era DIY mindset. in general think making a hobby accessible both games and craft wise is a net positive, clubs if they dont already have it seem to be able to get the books and a couple of armies for some editions for about the price of a start collecting AoS set while others cost about as much as nice computer and may be a more doable option for some groups
  10. Its john blanche one of the artist who made the GW look, may of invented the bad moon look for warhammer. defined "the red period" of the late 80s and nineties, inquisitor and mordheim. I always just assume he is known in the hobby but in an old head. I recall the whispers of the chaos gods of law.
  11. You must be new to GWs pulp look perspective can just get in the way of cool. Just ask Ian Miller and Blanche. Perspective can be warped by chaos in the name of Metal
  12. A lot of the battle plans in the battle tomes are quite non-symmetrical (Cities "call for aid springs to mind). It can be tricky to find (a lot of deep dives in the web or ebay purchases) but the old WHFB skirmish, Black Gobbo and white dwarf magazines had asymmetrical games which some tweaks could be adapted to AoS Two that come to mind and I've crudely done off the top of my head.MAybe I should just make a blog of this Simple (Storm of Chaos Rearguard/last stand) Defender deployment zone is 2/3 of the board Attacker gets twice as many points as the Defender every-time a non-unique attacker unit/hero is wiped out they can be redeployed on the attackers table edge at the start of their next turn. Defender's goal is to have any units survive at the end of turn 5 may need some restrictions on what can be take(ex. Defender can only take generic ORder,Chaos artifacts and command traits, no named heroes ) Ambush(Complicated from Warhammer skirmish) for example fill a board with woods segments(or some other similar obstructive thick fantastical terrain Flesh Coral, Mercury Swamps,Crystal Kloofs ect.) in a manner where you can you can mark segmentss with numbers, foot print, 4"x4" squares,grid the board ect . have a winding path of a decent enough width to move down for the models bases foot print to walk down the length of the board in say 5-6 turns. one army can only take Battle line and a single hero they are the attackers. The other can build how ever they want. the Defender deploys on there end give them 10-15% of the board on the Road, their goal is to get their heroes to the end of the road on the other side of the board. If a hero moves off the table edge on the other side of the board they are taken off the table and safe The attacker doesnt deploy their units all are kept in reserve their goal is to kill more then half of heros with an artifact, a general or a Named hero Every turn (attacker or defender) at the defender rolls a d6 and can then place up to that many units or their hero in a terrain sector if its the defenders turn they cant do anything else, if its the attackers they may behave normally. Lastly the Terrain conceals traps and further ambushes at the end of Every phase A defender unit is wholley within a segment (or Wholly off the road if you don't have the terrain for a thick Forrest) takes a Mortal wound
  13. Great paint schemes love the armies. looks like you had a lot of fun. I love narrative.leads to such fun builds, battles and memories. I feel the hobby can get the competitive scene a little too much at the forefront when narrative can be more creative and accessible. Cant wait to see the rest if the campaign
  14. Petition to call the sons of Behemet "the grand lads"
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