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  1. GW seems to hate any concept that is similar to WHFB all cavalry army option. Which is a shame as far as the part of AoS I love the best is the capacity for player creative design
  2. wish there was some insight here, but doubt it. unless seraphon get jungle producing items
  3. a heads upon the deus veult stuff, it can look really small compared to Heroic 28 scale stuff;especially the cavalry where a fully mounted knight is barely larger then a bretonnian warhorse . Planning out things if you want them to not look misshapen next to GW minis. the Cadian shock troop legs are defently separate from the torso though they have that tunic shirt. a Head and arm swap or a lot of converting should be all you need. when the kit first came out GW bragged about how easy it was to convert and kitbash units with it Here is Peachy's Ventrillian nobles using a head swap and a napolionic paint scheme while this is a 40k conversion using an AoS to make things look more old fashion it may give you an idea. some filing off aquilas adding fantasy bits and painting would grain and you could have a free guild with a similar build the model i have next to the stormcast is a frostgrave body with perry mini historic for the arms and some of the gear. the bulk of the gear helps it fit the scale but most historic models don't have layers of fur and leather. the last is a perry twin sculpt from when warhammer was closer to historic scale and it works by again the armour of the men at arms mini helps https://www.ozdestro.com/beardy-hammer-blog/kitbashing-frostgrave-perry-miniatures-the-mix-works is a fun blog on post on kitbashing the perry miniture war of the roses, mercenaries with frostgrave I did a similar thing for a morheim campaign and we got about 60 minis out of it with good planning of head to body ratio and some GW bits that helped them fit the setting, and scale, even standing next to GW AoS minis I havent worked with warlord minis but they fallow a similar historic scale instead of GWs heroic.
  4. the war of three emperors is a pretty long period in old world history and a pretty vague one open to interpretation and exploring so I wouldn't count out any factions just yet(plus the practical I dont think the development team has a solid plan yet). All said I am somewhat reserved on fleshing things out too much one of the things that personally drove me away from Warhammer lore was how Empire centered the stories became around 6th but more so 7th, combined with how much those parts of the world gained rigid backgrounds, though my club at the time running a lot of narrative campaigns didnt help. (GWs buisness plan of sellin models rather then a hobby at the time stopped me playing though) at least as someone who likes to be creative ideas with models my forces became more and more relegated to crusades in the chaos wastes, borderlands and fringes of the world rather then being able to thrive in the vagaries of the main story so to say. though this is more of a HH type game rather then a continual living game and AoS gives me a huge creative outlet(despite a needed look that some feel its models require without being able to explain it to me what it is)
  5. kitbashing is a pretty unlimited thing, more material,skill, ideas and theme are more limiting sometimes then the kit options(one day i'll be able to make Yan Lifida freeguild but not till my skulpting is better), with out ideas for what theme your leaning toward I'm gonna be broad and eclectic with my suggestions. the key is to make sure folks can tell what it is unmistakable as what it is and for some a little bit of extra to make sure its not just a proxy model(not required but frowned upon) for NOVA though I understand some ease and time may be of the essence. hot water to bend things, greenstuff to make fur,cloth and chain-mail over loose joints, plasticard for plate can also help if bodys seem too squat extending things a bit. A cheap set of jewelers files or a dremel are a god send all that said as someone whom loves to kitbash older kits tend to be easier to work with as more dynamic poses tend to make swapping parts harder. the tempest scions if i recall have separate flat arms(as oppose to ball or pin joints that others have) just like the great swords and definitely should be able to interact with each other with ease. same is true with most old plastic imperial guard kits, bretonnian heads and the like. the marauder pack I will warn came make some torsos look like they are squatting rather then moving or in formation. SKitarri and necrumunda kits may also work just clip and file off the hoses and more scifi stuff, add some fur or chainmail and a few broken watch parts for a clock work theme but i havent worked with those avoid space marine kits except for bits, even the tactical parts can seem like mutations on other gw minis keep in mind scale may all be the same but it doesnt always work model to model there are tricks you can do . here for scale ideas are some WiP free guild experiments of mine with the stormcast as a reference. on the left is a frostgrave body, perry historical and a sister of battle head(i think) and old empire bits giving an idea how bulk and placement can move historical 28mm into heroic scale, middle bretonnia bits unknown arms joints that were too short for the bretonnia body covered the awkwardness with filing and some greenstuff chainmail(i'm in no way a good sculptuure). last one 80s perry miniture empire head and sword, used plasticard for the shield and to extend the metal coif to the neck so the head fit the scale arm extended with a paperclip pin and greenstufff [ if your club and NOVA allow it perry minitures mixed with bulkier GW kits and Frostgrave bits also look great} https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/04/converting-your-own-free-city-oct-4gw-homepage-post-3/ is an interesting article on how army theme is important for making kitbashing work all the better.
  6. I'm about to start testing some synergies to try and squeeze in a better chance in the field. My first plan is to test out realm artifacts and endless spells. Now that their are less things that help ORDER keyword units, units from other armies are a bit harder to know what to choose. Does anyone have any thoughts, experience or desires of things to experiment with? mostly to save my self time if say we know that the Purple Sun is a must or i should take some witchunters for reasons.....
  7. at the very least i hope he can be magnatized/pined on. but the thin spot doesnt raise my confidence
  8. an Army of giants is looking like a throw back to the old sea folk army joke rumor that came up every new WHFB edition
  9. I would be conservative with my hopes; just look at other reveals like ossiarch and sisters, the first few announcements didn't show much solid
  10. It does look a lot like a recast of one of the old space amazons. who knows, not every miniature that gets down the line gets released nor have all the promotional stuff been well recorded
  11. possible gargants are sooner, however getting the cards printed and in warehouse early for distribution and avoiding a logistical problem. It may not be tied too closely to the kits as to my knowledge GW does all that themselves in the UK and if you want to do an international release you want to avoid as much variance as possible ; say a third party manufacturer making my paper goods.
  12. Weird would be good just to add to Hysh which has had little development, to give it some more dimmension. Stained glass angel constructs, winged lions, lobotomized god beasts bound to serve, chaff fast war grootslang.Ideal though enough stuff that most squatted elf units can be proxyied as something
  13. I can understand the anxiety, especially after the last few WHFB editions;however it seems that GW has an easier time producing new rules without a huge model release to go with it. free rules .pdfs and the GHB also tends to make updates somewhat easier as a FAQ and updating a few warscrolls can do what use to take WD articles and waiting for reprints to distribute. This means that a project team can spend a few months updating rules where and when needed without waiting on conventional distribution and release schedule. while this doesn't gurantee the neglect and power creep of the end of the old world wont return, but the tools to mitigate it are in place
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