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  1. So, I have a re imagined hyshian bretonnians I'm working on for a local campaign. I as a result need to make it a Order army using the generic abilities. I really wanted to do some crazy conversions (sadly can't use any of the new cities of sigmar battalions even as allies) and was looking through the rules and in the basic rules it says allies can be from a different grand alliance and my conversion loving mind went wild. I don't have most recent generals handbook but couldn't find a rules for a pitched battle profile for a just order army and am wondering could I take say a Chaos unit as an ally? I'd love to make crystaline creatures represented by Chaos spawns, or even build the PReyton i've had gathering dust since the world-that-was.
  2. I don't have it anymore, back in the old days I had a dream of making a bretonnian army themed after the golden age of Africa's Cavalry empires like Mali and Sokto and he was made based of childhood memories of mine seeing Dinka priests dancing with swords, It never got off the ground , and lack of skill on my part creativity and GW range now I fear it never will(though feel free to steal, the quilted heavy cavalry of Haus are amazing looking) I hit some very hard times hobby stuff went along with a lot of other things. Maybe make a comeback for my Cathar inspired Hysh bretonnians. Ifeel like I'm going to stick with running bretonnia for now and look for CoS, Unsure if do to theme or a string desire not to rebase my minis AGAIN
  3. If your using the old cavalry torsos with a little filing and putty the flagellants work great, their legs dynamic pose working well with the old bret cavalry poses. Bam poor fellows of the lady ready to guard her pilgrim ways and defend the road shrines.
  4. The whole wariness towards heavy cav feel GW has recently has made proxy hard(or at the very least somewhat byzantine). demi-gryph being battleline may be a boon but some minor conversions feel needed with the larger bases for me at least, but thats part of the fun. maybe some sort of heraldic beast like a bunch of unicorns or kelpie. I'm assuming Fenrisian wolves are too large for my WiP Hyshian tundra army even with an increase in base size,gryph hound bore me but iI highly doubt I can find the enough of the old mordheim hounds or at leas not at the cost of a new army. as far as the units kinda hard without the book but some guess reliquary can probably be some mounted hero, as GW may keep options for heroes that aren't in production Pegasus knight rebasing may be impossible take a city allegiance that allows Kharadron Overlords and take them as sky wardens or SC Prosecutors .....gyrocoptors with base size as is Grail knights- order of the blood drenched rose, mercenary rules representing the other world aspects of the grail knights treb- helstorm rocket or with some conversions, replace crew with damsels luminark of hysh or Celestial Hurricanum enchantress- add her to a unit of knights errant run as sisters of the thorn. the heroes on horses we just have to wait and see whats allowed otherwise add them to that order of the blood drenched rose idea. I need to sketch some conversion ideas if the new army book makes Proxy possible( I'm not a fan of the gun line look, desperate heavy knights and brave militia against Night haunt tide is my ideal)
  5. It somewhat makes sense, based on the initial announcement on the warhammer community page emphasized the Stormcast as part of the main force of cities of sigmar, to make up for purge units. With other cities would get other Order units in addition as part of their main force. The other Forces of Order were part of the inital announcements appeal attempt to consumers and it may be a key part of the mechanics of the army composition.
  6. I definitely prefer low fantasy; but that said from a hobby perspective though i greatly loved the Old World still HATE how stormcasts look feel ect. the AOS setting and it's abstraction is better as a setting for the hobby's sake. My army can be a bunch of Gummy Orruks made by a sweet toothed goblin Shaman, Zulu inspired Madmax Kharadron overlords, Bronze Age Aelves whom use nothing but determination and faith to defend their homes, Cathar inspired Humans who believe all realms corrupt and seek to absolve all souls by combating the Gods with Steel and elan and more. This can have a lot of potential for creativity for a hobbyist, but something is needed otherwise I can just bring my Kalashnikov armed human minis and tanks somewhat undoing the fun side of things. I feel grounding the world on the lower fantasy side helps that more then on the head in the clouds of epic fantasy side. I feel some who played fantasy( a setting I love and whose blowing up was frustrating) may be too hard on the AoS setting forgetting how ridiculous it had become via distance from its development and it needing to be MOAR GRIMDARK each passing edition without the story developing. The old worlds self awareness had fallen apart in some regard and kinda been stuck in a rut for a decade(well all GW settings have we need only look at how unironically people go into 40k's imperium of man ignoring all evidence it as an admonishment of much of the horrors of western history with a Heavy Metal magazine coat of paint). the context of the world seemed to wane as fantasy got older and it lost a bit of the stuff that made it special for the same over top cinematic feels that many of the fantasy fans hate in AoS but forget about happening in the prior setting(the Grimgor Ex Machina ending of the storm of chaos campaign being a silly over the top peak example) . There was even a whole WD article on how to play a low-fantasy game as the army styles of the hobby structurally took the setting with them and left the Low fantasy elements behind, for an over the top world of angst, skulls and joyless guitar riffs. no more influence form cascading alliance or ambitious lords disrupting the good guys, skirmishes escalating to full blown wars. God like beings couldnt be undone more loosing to keep the story going as factions power was too great to loose but we still need to sell minis, everything an epic battle no more series of skirmishes and rival generals leading to a escalation into conflict. Another Mass Chaos invasion overruns everything, One great epic battle where a chosen one beats a dark lord evey Tuesday. cosmic horror of chaos fell to a almost too grimdark setting that it lost it's function and became stagnate (Bretionnia Peasant taxed eating nothing but mud, 350th this week imperial noble turns into a chaos spawn yet the empire is still a thing ect., Slave ship raids that capture 100,000 souls every year from a small rural agrarian community). I do prefer to have something more complex and down to earth in my Hobby as otherwise it becomes a bounce back of Macguffins, Kryptonite and dull over the top cinematic in what is not a actionable medium( we are in the end moving plastic based on pips on other pieces of plastic after all). It is almost frustrating how GW's epic fantasy setting seems to circles to avoid interesting topics in depth that may undo the "fun" parts of the settings aesthetic. Sormcasts instead of being looked at for the trauma and their inhuman nature of this compared to us the reader. The over the top aspect action is often the central point and if it's the constant it can become dull because its the norm. This somewhat could be used to make things more interesting when comparing how a more mundane force may make up for it's lacking macuffin through plans. Human militia holding back a nighthaunt flood able to out do Stormcast as their mortality and interpersonal connections allow their blades to strike with confidence and passion that the sigmar's scions unfeeling undying nature can not mimic. Orruck's over confidence in their individual martial skills leads to their destruction by a Necromancer and Her employment of Defeat in detail. .those Khorne froth mouthed lunatics may be terrifying in battle but you no what there terrible at logistics, a Story of commanders trying to maintain political backing on a Fabian campaign against a Daemon led horde can easily be filled with all of AoS over the top comic book style. It's mot that ou their because the setting is so grand but coming to limits of the consumers as people who cant connect to a fire infused suit of armour with tentacle's would greatly help.
  7. query anyone got experience with the new mercenaries and synergy with our compendium?
  8. Yes, but they(and nothing else about our units) haven't changed at all;compared to the warscroll compendium
  9. Could also vary on whats culturally important and may rely on different referents then magnetism or trade winds that our world uses or be more akin to how early civilizations referenced upstream/downstream, or towards sea towards mountains. Shyish referencing the Shyish NAdir, Hysh and Ulgu referencing each other respectivly; and with the dangers of the areas the further from the center of realms you get, that may also lead to a big part of how geography and trade are referenced.
  10. Thought I'd share my foray back into the hobby after a decade with my first mini, in that time. Interest started about a year our so ago with the whole dark age of Sigmar posts, but I really overplan and procrastinate There are more( this has quickly turned from a warband into an army) however I gotta practice my photo skills. Currently building skirmish warbands with their own character. Hopefully could get more soon I always loved low fantasy aspect of the old world and took cues from an old article to instill that feel( make all heroes using core troop choices avoid magic). I wont get into my opinions on the fluff but I don actually enjoy how open ended Age of Sigmar is for inspiration. I have a few projects ahead with the concept of Bretonnian inspired culture. Long campaigning from Lantearn Tundras Hysh that I feel represents a progress from the world that was. Keeping a low fantasy theme in a high fantasy setting my projects taking cues from the Cathars ( and a old short story I wrote) and viewing the entirety of the mortal realms as corrupted by dark power( even the Gods of Order). there is more but maybe I should just start a blog with short blurbs till I can get a more control of the story.I have about 45 pages i've written to help inspire my modeling and Push into my nightmares my failed attempt at a Rainbow tundra base
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